Yohan Blake ‘Public Announcement’ | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 9 2022

Yohan Blake 'Public Announcement' | TVJ Sports Commentary - July 9 2022 1


  1. Feel bad for Hudson, who knew he couldn’t make that tough US team; now he will miss the World’s after winning the JA 200m.

  2. His closing is still suspect. He needs to build on that end speed. His technique and breathing appear to fall apart in the last 25m.

    1. Rather not..YB still not in a good position to medal in 200m..because that guy won in a slow time n YB run a bad 2nd behind

  3. Great job again Maverick.. Hudson should haven not been allowed to run in the jamaica national trials as he is an American citizen..and the trials is for jamaicans only..bad job by the jamaican officials who allowed this to happen… applying for something is totally different from having it …so Blake is Jamaica 100 and 200 meter national Champion for 2022…

    1. If he has certificate of citizenship and Jamaican passport in hand is he still American just because the IAAF says so?


    1. @Hakuakua i mean, he was the real winner here. But OP is right…how was he able to run in the trials, and now he cant even run at Worlds. Would have been a great competitor at Worlds

    2. @Sandra Roberts Briana Williams is a Jamaican she got her Jamaican papers and that’s why she can run for Jamaica.
      The individual in question did not get his Jamaican papers and was therefore an American at the time of the race.

    1. He should medal for d relay event bcaz him prone to injuries he will not get an individual medal he won’t even be in a final

  5. It doesn’t matter he was beaten !!! however Blake must concern about qualifying for his race because there’s competition he should worry about I will see him at the games he is one of my favorite!!!

  6. At the end of the day it’s the time that he ran is important. Blake is going to have to run 19:: 6 or better to medal. Hmmm, I don’t know if he can do that.

  7. If unfortunate because che clearly won… technicalities is a b,,,, best wishes to young hope he brings his A game!

  8. The world know who won that race no matter what , deep down I dont even know how yohan feel comfortable accepting that title knowing he finished a distance second !

  9. Fred Kerly will come out victorious in that event. It will look like this. 1. Kelly 2. Blake 3. Lyles
    200. 1. Lyles 2. Knighton 3. Kerly/Blake will fight for that.
    Yes believe that….

    Yes be

  10. Maverick misunderstanding of the issue is glaring. The guy is a Jamaican by virtue of his dad being a Jamaican, that’s indisputable. So he did not lose to a Jamaican born athlete, but a Jamaican by heredity. The fact that his application to represent Jamaica is late is another issue. That issue is decided by the IAAF.. This is not a one off thing, plenty Jamaicans go off to America and procreate, these kids are Jamaicans and hold dual citizenship.

  11. CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship is based upon the Jamaican Nationality Act of 1962, amended March 2, 1993. (UKC-Commonwealth Nation)

    BY BIRTH: Child born in the territory of Jamaica, regardless of the nationality of the parents.

    BY DESCENT: Child born abroad, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of Jamaica

    1. I think though this is the case you’d have to work on your papers to show you’re a Jamaican citizen, if you weren’t born in Jamaica. Having Jamaican parents but not being born here only makes you eligible for citizenship.

  12. Good technical call Maverick, you were the first to make the observation 👏👏👏😎🏁

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