1. So what you do in public is in private when you try to become a public figure your information and what you do in life no longer remains private if you don’t want to be in the public spotlight don’t be a public figure. Have a simple job that doesn’t bring you Fame and popularity and then you won’t be a public figure when you’re a public figure you have very little privacy just as Hollywood

  2. Actually this is a nuisance account. Don’t let your politics get in the way of this. People have a right to some privacy when offline.

  3. Musk has become a bloated caricature of himself believing in his own legend. The other bloated legend would probably just say “sad”.

  4. Good grief! Any father’s patience would be tested by being stalked during the Christmas holiday season. His whole family from toddlers to adults could be on that jet. I get it, Elon. Stalkers could be grateful they’re not being stalked by YOUR I.T. staff. Wait. Maybe you do know something we don’t. Hmmm.

    1. He’s already releasing all the information about Twitter’s shady dealings.
      Something left-wingers still won’t do about Epstein.

  5. Lol

    “Twitter is a private company. Free speech doesn’t apply to private companies. If you don’t like it, build your own.”

    Remember that ??


    1. Another favorite.

      “Freedom of Speech isn’t freedom from consequences.”

      I’m sure those words taste awfully bitter for them right now.

    2. This wouldn’t even be a story if Musk had not spent SO MUCH time going on & on about how he is going to make this a town hall of free speech FOR ALL.
      He is doing exactly what the right has been bitching about for a while, cancel culture for those he doesn’t like.
      The main point in all of this that clearly some don’t get is just how F’ing hypocritical it all is!

    3. It is a private company. He can ban whoever he wants from the platform now that he owns it. Its his platform.

  6. 3:50 “There are no easy answers.” I would not want my car trips to be made public; would you? So Ro, what if they made public every trip you made to the bank, or every trip you made to the bathroom, or to the doctor? Kind of weird stuff to do to someone else. Leave people alone; get a life.

  7. People hate Elon and they hate Twitter yet they’re clicking on every video about Elon and Twitter 😂

    Trump and Elon are Democrats favorite obsession 😂

  8. And yet this kid in the interview says if Musk gave in a job, he will accept it as he still think Musk is a “hero” 🙄

  9. Remember when it was considered to be honorable to do as you say & follow through with your promises?

    Those were the good old days!

    1. @Nicholas Gallanis “All” doesn’t include doxxers and disinformationalists working for the corporate media, apparently. I’m sorry you’re for the propagation of harmful speech, but maybe it’s best you don’t have access to someone else’s platform if that’s what “entertains” you.

    2. @clemtoe you can keep twisting yourself in knots over it all, it’s kind of fun watching you justify him being a hypocrite.

    3. @Nicholas Gallanis Oh, dear! I had no idea it was so serious. Musk should worry about being arrested by the Hypocrisy Police. Maybe the anti-Hypocrisy Squad can bust him for hypocrisy!

    4. He has a psyco stalker who blocked off a car his baby son was in and jumped on the bonnet. I think he is rascting to that.

  10. “publicly available is different than easily accessible” — yeah things that are public but not easily accessible are worse because they give you a false sense of security and still allow all the grifters and snake oil salesmen (or worse) get at you. Obfuscation is not a good policy. It just means that the people with the most to gain and the biggest resources get to know, and no one else.

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