‘You Can’t Be A Country Where A President Is Above The Law’: Trump Faces Multiple Lawsuits


  1. Officers, security and staff of both parties should have a sense of what their employers think about their life in a political state. One side wanted accountability the other chose ‘their’ meaning of constitutional.

  2. For all their posturing as the “party of law and order” it’s funny how their leader turned out to be so anti-our Constitution, that he’d incite an attack on our own Capitol in a feeble effort to overturn the election. All because he is too much of a baby to admit that he LOST!
    Looking good there, republicans! 😅😂🤣

    1. For the four years he was in office he proved he was neither capable nor interested in doing the job. The only thing that interests him in the position is the 1973 office of legal council opinion which opines that a sitting president cannot be indicted. He knows there are a laundry list of lawsuits working their way towards him and he no longer has his “get out of jail free” card. Hopefully they ensnare the likes of Cruz, Hawley, Jordan, Graham and McConnell as well. If the impeachment vote showed us anything it was just how unaccountable they think they are for trying to destroy American democracy.

    1. Well right now there is an unresolved sexual assault allegations against Joe made by a female staffer that is several years old that has never been resolved.

    2. @T. R. Campbell If that’s the case then how about the nearly 30 women who have accused Trump? Some of these women go far back in Trump’s history.

  3. Just one charge Trump should face is felony murder; many others include being a criminal co-conspirator with Michael Cohen.

  4. Unfortunately we ARE in a county were a REPUBLICAN president can get away with anything. A democratic can’t lie about an affair without being impeached,. A republican can pay off someone to cover up an affair, and nothing happened…

    1. Yes & his whole family should be prevented from running again. Ive heard that he only wants to run s the can keep collecting money from his “people”.

  5. Trump needs to be arrested and held accountable by the people. The Senate was too corrupt to up hold the oaths they swore to.

  6. I think of John gotta with trump. But Capone too, absolutely. Gotti was in my day I watched him win case after case & it was infuriating. The tephlon don, but his day came & trumps better come too.

  7. Well, I for one hope the Supreme Court rules against trump once and for all. Let the NY DA have trump’s tax returns finally, let’s get this show on the road. Drag trump into court to “defend” himself, no more hiding behind his “lawyers”. LOCK HIM UP!

  8. Although I would have loved to see justice served, it would have been a waste of time, no matter what additional evidence they showed. if any human being could look at all the media evidence that was presented and still vote for him to be acquitted. Then nothing would change their mind, and they have sold their soul to their god Trumpism. Those that voted were more than likely just as guilty as he was. It´s times like these when I wish the world couldn´t see how stupid and hypercritical and double standard America is, it´s embarrassing…

  9. Trump having Al Capone’s fate would truly be fitting, part of me thinks he’s showing signs of paralytic dementia, and him also having syphilis doesn’t seem a stretch.

  10. That’s ok you guys still do a very good job wait for the New York ,D.C., state of Georgia and the DOJ job to convict the clown justice matters

    1. Louise Rose : Democrats have been doing that since the night he was elected, over 4yrs ago now. NOTHING worked. Now, he’s out of office and they are still doing it ? THAT’S now just being politically vindictive.

  11. This is the time where the federal govt shows it’s moral outrage and show it’s power by making sure that everobody that’s involved in the capitol riot goes to jail. Make it happen.

  12. “We can’t, we can’t, we can’t.”
    I’ll believe that when it actually happens.
    Justice matters, yes, but ONLY if it actually HAPPENS!!!!

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