'You Can't Group All Wars Together': Jason Kander 1

‘You Can’t Group All Wars Together’: Jason Kander

Afghanistan combat veteran and former  Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander joins MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle to discuss how he and other veterans are coping with the end of the war in Afghanistan. 
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  1. Nation Building
    A Nation Is Not Roads & Bridge or Even Schools & Hospitals
    It Is A People
    And Only They Can Free Themselves

    1. @Winston Smith Thank Trump, for releasing 5000 Taliban terrorists? Why would anyone “Thank Trump” for being a Taliban hugger? Except for the Talibans?

  2. For the recognition of the forever scars that war leaves behind, thank you President Biden, and those who have come together.. From an Aunt, who’s nephew did several tours in Afghanistan, and took his own life

    1. @SkyQuest2K8 I’m willing to forgive a typo from someone who had a death in the family. I’ve committed a few typos myself. Let he who is without sin …

    2. @Daniel Schaeffer One has nothing to do with the other. But thanks for playing. It’s a far too typical mistake in what should be a well educated population. How is that good, let alone great? No wonder we’re falling behind other countries.

    3. @Daniel Schaeffer So it’s sinful to point out a misspelling? Wow! Talk about lack of forgiveness. And you assumed I did not forgive it.

    4. @SkyQuest2K8 Oh, please, go pick a quarrel over nothing with somebody else if you have to. I haven’t got time for this. And in case you haven’t noticed, the typing system they use here sometimes “corrects” the text by putting in typos like that without the writer’s noticing it. So get off your high horse, please. This woman’s nephew committed suicide, and I don’t think she needs your opinions.

    5. @Daniel Schaeffer Nor yours. She chose to post in a public forum. And I’ll bet she wrote it just that way. No proofreading or editing of what you post publicly? Wow.

  3. Well there is corruption in every war. Prescott Bush laundered money for the Nazis. And plenty of drugs involved in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

    1. I had to Google Prescott Bush because I never heard of him & wasn’t taught on who he was when I was in high school.

  4. How about getting the VA to rehire all the people that where fired under Trump?! Good people – good veterans that were there to fulfill the mission.

  5. Im glad that Biden able to do what he said he will do even though “sabotage hurdles and booby trap” were laid out for him by the Orange Psyco Toad. Now Afghanistan will has it own future and destiny.

    1. @David Eby Dear David Eby, Since you are such an expert of getting out of a war, why don’t you tell the world just how you would have gotten this done. Be brief please, we don’t need a bunch of your moron behavior, just how you would have done it?

    2. @SMS Kinda do everything the opposite as Joe talibiden did. Do you think it was smart to tell Americans on July 8 the the Taliban won’t take the country? Wouldn’t it have been smarter to let the now hostages know there was some urgency? Don’t you think taking civilians out first might have worked better than pulling troops. Maybe used Bagram air base that was way more secure? Maybe not share intel with the taliban? Maybe not be the first President in history to leave Americans behind? Maybe get “Mohammed” one of Joe Talibidens rescuers in 2008 out? Not that hard really. Maybe if Joe Talibiden had more than two brain cells…….nah.

    3. @Dog Poo Fairy No. The view from the outside of America is not ‘absolute disaster’. I know because I am outside of America.

    4. @JLT Changeshifter really so people falling off landing gear while hundreds of feet in the air a bombing people handing there children to service members so they could get out thats not a complete disaster to yall cause that sounds like a complete disaster

  6. I thought the same thing. The only good that has come out of 20 years of our struggle in Afghanistan is the Taliban realize they cannot govern as the last time they were in power. Maybe good for Afghans, of little consolation to most Americans.

    1. Don’t hold your breath on that. I think so far it’s been pretty tame because there was an agreement between the Taliban and the US until we pulled out. Expect things to deteriorate rapidly now we are out. You saw the news broadcast where they forced the man to say not to fear the Taliban while they are sitting behind him with guns.

  7. Could you imagine the nightmare it would of been if Trump was in charge of the withdrawal? Instead of hearing ” the buck stops with me” we would be hearing a bunch of finger pointing and childish name calling of generals by Trump. And it would of gone far worse than what happened last week.

  8. What was it all for?
    The Taliban speak English better than they did 20 yrs ago…
    Social media is a thing in Afghanistan as well…

  9. Problem is most civilians don’t really care about the 1% who put on the military uniform.. not beyond lip service.

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 No they really aren’t. But you didn’t mention the tRump administration who invited the Taliban to camp david.

  10. The saddest thing I am hearing is that so many surviving veterans and bereaved family members are now feeling that their service or loss is pointless. This is just so wrong. You and your loved ones did their duty – remember all those who are alive today because you were there. By all means be angry at politicians who made the wrong choices, hold them to account for their passed (and future) actions BUT never think that YOUR sacrifice was pointless.

  11. Joe Biden delivering on his election promises. Withdrawal from Afghanistan, incredible job with the pandemic, and infrastructure that’s going to help create the biggest economy in 30 years. He’ll be re-elected.

    1. @AB Bush got re-elected on a 40% approval rating nationally. “It’s the economy stupid” Biden is going to create the biggest economy in 30 years or ever. He’ll be re-elected. And maybe even for a third term?

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