You Don’t Get Credit For Being Wrong Than Any President In History Of The U.S | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Despite President Trump’s more somber tone as he resumed the coronavirus briefings, the president kept the administration’s medical experts out of sight and continued to re-write the timeline of his pandemic response. Aired on 7/22/2020.
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You Don’t Get Credit For Being Wrong Than Any President In History Of The U.S | Morning Joe | MSNBC



  2. That’s exactly what CONMEN do, they con people and some people do not have the capability to catch that!

  3. Lol this president has been lowering standards for himself for the past years so that one day people will be impressed when he makes a complete sentence.

    1. He doesn’t impress me at All!!! He is a bully….and AMERICA wants him OUT!!! 🙏💖🇺🇸

    2. @Norma Hernandez i found it funny hes a bigtime bully and melania came out with a anti bullying rally

  4. His campaign manager has managed to convince him to try a new tone. It never lasts long as he feels boxed in.

  5. There was a mantra during W’s presidency: “Nobody died when Bill Clinton lied.” This needs to be brought back NOW.

    1. @playwith G91 Hate speech? He lies about insults every time he opens his mouth..He wanted to excite innocent men even after they were proven innocent. And when some says the truth about him you call it hate speech. Every time a reporter asks him a question he doesn’t like he calls them a nasty person. You shouldn’t dish it out if you can’t take it.
      What you think you think being nicer would make a difference? The GOP are very nice to him look how well that worked out for the country.
      Remember if you do not agree with him on absolutely everything. It doesn’t matter how nice you are about it. He is going to lash out.

    2. @Lyn S I get what you’re saying however pick up a psychology book and read about dealing with people with psychotic tendencies the problem is if we keep spreading more hate and making him feel bad it’s not going to be positive he’s a psychopath he’s going to lash out in anger just like he’s doing to us in Portland right now

    3. @Lyn S so if you keep trying to make it political at this point you’re just going to this country I love my country I love by United States however I feel like the media and Donald Trump has been doing a fight against each other that is unnecessary and it’s completely wrong and unfounded however if we cannot impeach him all we can do right now is try not to make fun of it when he does something right I’m saying if he does something good please for it it will help I don’t care about his stupid decision right now right now he did something intelligent and I say we should back that love your country a self-respecting liberal and stop acting like a Republican what happened to us as a political party we were the party of love and care and we become a party of hate and nonsense just as bad as the Republican Jesus Christ

    4. @Lyn S this point it is bad for your mental health at your personal will be to try to worry about things that are out of your control you are causing more harm to your mental state and your well-being and so are these people on this TV show they’re doing the same thing what happened to being a liberal who loves what happened to peace what happened to make Love Not War it’s like we’re just as bad as Republicans is that really what you want you want to look just as bad as people who hate people that want to kick immigrants out of our country after they helped us build it seriously

  6. His “change of tone” is like the lawyer joke, defending a client: “You didn’t get bitten. My client’s dog didn’t bite you. My client’s dog doesn’t bite. My client doesn’t own a dog.” So now do we have a parade in the Orange Sphincter’s honor?

  7. It’s very easy to tell when a drug attic is either high or not high or on a different drug that downer Trump last night not upper Trump America needs to recognize trumps addiction to power is sickening and will end up killing us all

  8. Remember he said, I take no responsibility, he needs to go back to the white house and wait for Putin’s orders. 😁🇺🇸

  9. I agree with Joe the bar is so extremely low that when he reads we have to applaud.. please stop🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. My technical report on how how trump caused large number of deaths and infections in US by ignoring WHO’s multiple warnings
      (Link to the PDF format of my reports is also available in comments section of the videos – there are more reports on my channel on Trump’s corruption, propaganda & conspiracy theories, including WHO, HCQ, 5G, China, etc.)

  10. I wish Joe would just stop ranting and present the facts. I can even see Micha getting tired of it from her expressions

    1. Del Ranson – I don’t mind Joe’s ranting, but he does have an unpleasant habit of talking over her.

  11. It’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with a Narcissist. America, we need to break up with Donald Trump.

    1. As any emotionally/physically abused person knows, they’ll defend their abuser because his abuse feels familiar. To his supporters, Trump hurts so good . . .

  12. Joe, I may agree with your sentiments, however I do prefer Mika’s presentation. Unfortunately you keep repeating like the prez

  13. Roy Cohn rises from the grave and says: “Enough already, Donald. You’re giving me a bad name.”

    1. One World Lol. Just the other day I commented on a clip of just Mika that I loved watching her get fired up. I love Joe, but let her talk sometimes!

  14. I hope that when he’s voted out there is a line of Americans who hold up the largest sign with the loudest megaphone and say YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!

    1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! Make sure you are registered and vote Blue this November!! We can’t get complacent just because Trump has terrible approval ratings right now. He will try to slow USPS mail delivery to make sure people do not get mail in ballots! And if the election is close then he will claim fraud and incite his cult to go out and riot for him. Please vote! 🙏🏼

    2. Oh, I hope that too. He loves to fired people who don’t lie for him, this time, he’s FIRED.

  15. Dear God, i Hope and Pray, We, America
    Can get through this trump era of INSANITY.!!!..,,GOOD SHOW..!!!

    1. Pray for an end to childhood cancer and what happens? Pray for an end to childhood starvation and what happens? Prayer. Worthless. Hope and pray all you want it does nothing. Voting does something. Your god is worthless. Proven time and time again. Shove your prayer where the sun doesn’t shine. Voting does something. Prayer does nothing.

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