'You f**king did this': Cheney rips Jim Jordan after Capitol riot in new book 1

‘You f**king did this’: Cheney rips Jim Jordan after Capitol riot in new book


A new book titled 'I Alone Can Fix It' from Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker details a phone call between Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Gen. Mark Milley the day after the Capitol insurrection, in which Cheney told Milley what she experienced on the House floor on January 6, including a run-in with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a staunch Trump ally in the House who feverishly tried to overturn the election.
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  1. As long as the likes of Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Boebert are voted into the office, America is not safe.

    1. @Mike Camacho There is a distinct very few who just believe in conservatism and arent Trumpers who i vehemently disagree with but that’s normal politics. Its the crazy’s who are truly dangerous not normal conservatives. But i get your point overall.

    1. @Michael Harris the right has adopted fascist, extremist tenets. The left is just anti-fascist…not extremist, you dingus.

    2. Rs had two chances to clean out the ORANGE TOXIC MESS in WH. Could have had real IMPEACHMENT hearings. Could have had character and spine.

    3. @Rebecca RebeccaA That’s a disgraceful comment to write to me, especially as I suffer from PTSD and depression. Nearly as bad as the other people on here body shaming me. Disgusting excuse for a human that you are. Shameful

    4. @Broomball

      He wont be in August. That would be an answer to American’s prayers.

      But he will be back in 2024. I hope there’s enough left to save.

  2. We need to strip Federal aid from Insurrectionist Congressional Districts that send Traitors like Jordan to Congress.

    1. If you look up moron in the dictionary there’s a picture of Jim Jordan! He’s such a frickin idiot.

    1. Mitch McConnell voted to acquit Trump and then immediately after gave a speech to the Senate proclaiming Trump’s guilt

    2. They realized that their moronic voters wouldn’t give them their votes anymore. Republicans are a sect now, no free speech possible anymore. The spirits they called..

  3. And that’s why gym jordan and the GOP, don’t want to investigate, because they f**king did it

    1. @fah q Of course they want, but not by biased amateurs. And maybe also in some states Trump won with unrealistic results. Remember the rule of right wing propaganda: accuse your adversary of what you are doing.

    2. @fah q it’s been investigated.
      It’s gone to court all over the country over 60 times.
      No proof at all.no fraud.

    1. 45 was not really a dictator. He would have liked to have been so that he could give orders and people would just do anything he said. Luckily there were people with guts who planned to stop him before he ruined the US completely.

  4. It’s curious that there was a deliberate three hour delay to respond to desperate calls from capital police to the national guard for assistance in containing insurrection attempts by an unruly mob. It was in this same 3 hour delay that trump was missing in action from participating directly in the insurrection as he had promised the crowd he would as he incited them to act.

    1. @Starman Dx hmm I guess when the capital police asked for support who denied it democrats did. And as for the activation of troops. The governor has to agree to let his state funded military which is the national guard. So if the governor denied the support to capital police who’s fault is it. Hmm just wondering and if you call that a insurrection.thats the peoples house. Funny how democrats put a fence up. But stopped trump’s border wall. Democrats are backward people

    2. @Miguel G Again, the ‘democrats’ didn’t deny anything, because it didn’t happen. Just like Trump’s actions to defend the capitol…

      And are you still trying to explain how the activation of the national guard works after I posted exactly how it was activated?

      Are you even a person? Are you even reading words, or is it an algorithm detected certain phrases and responding to them?

      And excuse me, it is the People’s House, and the People spoke. The People voted to remove your god, and the people we, the People elected certified it.

      The people who stormed the Capitol Building were not the People.

      They were a bunch of butt hurt traitors directed to attempt an insurrection on behalf of the traitor himself, Donald Trump.

    3. @Starman Dx Trump didn’t thank the capital police because they were dong the right thing. He absolutely lied about being with them. He went home and watched the terror he unleashed on the Capital Building- and surrounding buildings.

    4. @Starman Dx I’ll save your name for when 2024 gets here and when trump is elected for the third time to be president how come biden had the most votes in history and he doesn’t even know where he is at y’all can have dementia joe and GoFundMe kamela who knowingly let criminals go

    5. @K Blake Eyup, he made sure to make a video expressing how much he loved the traitors that assaulted the capitol building and thanked them.
      But dead silent on the capitol police. Very telling.
      More so that all his supporters do the exact same thing too.

    1. @Soren Ingram And take some DNA samples from him. Run them through the FBI database.

    2. ​@doug purcell Competent prosecutors ask questions that they know and can prove are true. And work from there..
      Some Gymnasts parent’s may have other solutions.

  5. Now the minority house leader is meeting with the insurection chief, “ the orange menace “ himself, the conspiracy continues, The DOJ and security departments need to stop “the turd Reich” .

    1. Colbert used that in his monologue last night. Apparently, it’s his favorite term for the former guy. v

    2. @Engage360 , I read there’s approval for new voting machines; $3 million. The citizens of Arizona should sue that dumb a**! ninja whatever their name is. v

    3. @Engage360

      The only fraud is the fact that an unestablished, inexperienced fraudulent company called Cyber Ninjas was allowed to even touch the ballots. There was no fraud in the election, and getting your hopes up over whatever ridiculous assertions that they make in Maricopa County is going to be a huge letdown for all of the foaming at the mouth maga maggots across the country. Nobodys buying into this bullshit “audit” except for them.

  6. Every Retrumplican who voted against his 2nd impeachment and for supporting his big lie, should have been immediately removed from office and then arrested for treason.

    1. @B Bodziak Holy crap. I honestly didn’t know that! I’ma check it out, but it honestly sounds like a something a self-serving republicunt would do in the moment…. then go back on it when the danger has passed

  7. I can hear Cheney saying this, god bless her. She’s one of the few principled conservatives on capital hill.

    1. Did she say god bless the troops when she helped block them being pulled out of Afghanistan last year?

    2. I certainly don’t share most of her principles, but at least one of them is maintaining a representative form of government.

  8. The only time GYM Jordan has kept his mouth closed was when asked about what he knew of the sex abuse at Ohio State …

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