You Have Echoed Lies & Defended Demagoguery. It Must Sting To Still Be Defending Trump | MSNBC


    1. @jeff mcgowan
      I’m not sure if you did proper research.
      There was hella collusion with Russia found.
      How many of trumps peeps went to prison? 5? Plus a bunch of russians found guilty but they fled back to russia, except that russian/NRA chick and rudy and trumps two russian pals. And another gaggle of russians indicted.
      Muller stated that he could not accuse a sitting president of criminal conspiracy with a foreign power due to policy, but did have the power to exonerate him.
      But he didn’t, instead stating that he could not exonerate the president of wrong doing.
      Also, presented overwhelming evidence of 10 incidents of obstruction of justice regarding russian interactions.
      And clearly proven russian interference, invited, encouraged and allowed by trump, in the election on behalf of trump and russian responsibility of hacking the DNC and RNC servers and leaking negative data about Hillary.
      Corrupt AG barr deliberately misstated the reports findings to intentionally mislead the public and then redacted all incriminating findings about trump as national security sensitive and refused to release the report to the public.
      Eventually the entire report was released but redacted to uselessness.
      It has since been unredacted for the federal court and most of the incriminating information about trump was found to not be national security sensitive and only redacted because it was incriminating. But still not released for the public until trump leaves office.
      He was also impeached but the republican senate refused to perform their Constitutional duties, betrayed their oaths of office by not allowing witnesses or evidence to be presented in the hearing and corruptly exonerated trump knowing he was guilty.
      Republican corruption is the only reason he hasn’t been found guilty.
      Not because he’s innocent.
      Pushing already debunked conspiracy “theories” about Obama spying on trump, uranium 1, and the bidens nonexistent Ukrainian and chinese corruption.
      You’re either a corrupt POS person without honor, integrity or self respect, knowingly complicit to treason.
      Or you’re a witless gullible SpEd being okeydoked by OAN and easily duped by the obviously corrupt and fuckwitted buffoon in chief.

    2. @jeff mcgowan
      Muller didn’t even mention collusion.
      That’s because collusion isn’t a thing.
      Barr said there was no collusion.
      Because collusion was never a subject of investigation.
      Muller found tons of contacts with Russians in regard to criminal conspiracy. Criminal conspiracy is a thing, but Muller said he couldn’t accuse a sitting president due to policy, he could exonerate by policy, but said he couldn’t exonerate the president of wrongdoing in regard to criminal conspiracy.

    3. @jeff mcgowan
      That is a type of logical fallacy known as a strawman.
      Again, you know it’s BS and your being dishonest.
      Or you’re just cluelessly parroting nonsense.

    4. @Chuck Nelson mueller did say collusion..we all know that.. we seen him live in the oversight com..

    1. The Media has betrayed us!

      It is all so one sided,
      It is Propaganda!
      And it is an Election Campaign
      Not News

      I hate politics, and hate watching it
      But the mainstream media can’t do a story without dragging politics into it any more

      We used to get nasty advertising during elections,
      Which began several decades ago,
      Instead of each candidate advertising what he would do for America,
      It became just swear campaigns

      The media and Democrats have turn it into a 4 year Smear Campaign

      I don’t like Trump but this isn’t news. It is free campaign advertising
      (Though I doubt it is totally free, the media lives for ratings and making money, and reporters make outrageous amounts yearly)

      This has been the Nastiest
      Most Divisive
      Election campaign

      Instead of just Nasty ads
      We the People of America have had our lives dragged into this campaign.

      Neither Republicans nor Democrats can hold their heads high after this horrible year.
      They have both failed and Used America for their own greedy power hungry selfish reasons.

      Democrats didn’t worry about the spread of COVID-19 when they were encouraging the RIOTS.
      Now Democrats are shutting down our businesses again!
      Shut down the businesses
      Vandalize the businesses
      Burn down the businesses
      Shut them down again
      Awful for all Americans as jobs are permanently destroyed!

      Both parties refuse to work together for the wellbeing of Americans!!

    1. @12345 678 I have no problems with numbers. I do however have a problem with your chosen leader Trump allowing 150 000 people to die, while still not ever getting on board to try and stop all the dying.

  1. “Russiagate” never ended, and the investigations were never completed, thanks to stonewalling and lying and destruction of evidence.
    These crooks all belong in prison.

    1. If you had paid attention to the hearings, read the report, and were aware that Barr is trumps “personal fixer” you’d know, there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that trump did EVERY CRIME he’s been accused of. TREASON, first and foremost. NO QUESTION.

    2. @Dragon1717 Then why is Trump allowing Puttin to put bounties on American soldiers lives? …. Why is he afraid to even speak to Puttin?…… I can tell ya… He wants Puttins help cheating AGAIN

    3. @Dragon1717 Trump – Russia connection:
      A} Carter Page: Working with Russians since 2013. Hired by Trump as an advisor (Charged and under exposed FISA warrant)

      B} Michael Flynn: Working with Russians and Ukraine.
      – Appointed by Trump as Nat. Security Advisor. (Plead Guilty to lying)

      C} Paul Manaford: Working for Russians and connections with Russian Intelligence.
      Adopted by Trump as his Campaign Manager (Found Guilty to 10 charges 2 for conspiracy)

      D} Rick Gates: Connections with Russian Intelligence. Adopted by Trump as a senior official on his campaign. (Plead Guilty to lying)

      E} George Popadopalous: meetings with Russians for Clinton’s emails. Adopted by Trump as campaign Foreign Policy Advisor (Plead Guilty)

      F} Rex Tillerson: Awarded medal by Putin for Russia/Exxon dealings. Appointed by Trump as State Sec.

      G} Jeff Sessions: Forgot meetings with Russian ambassador had to recuse himself for lying. Appointed by Trump as US Att. General.

      H} Jared Kushner: Lied meeting with Russians then tried to create secret back channel to them. Trump’s son-in-law Appointed as WH adviser.

      I} Felix Sater – Russian Mobster “I will get Putin in on this, we will get Donald elected”. Election liaison to Trump campaign.

      K} Sally Yates – Fired after warning Trump about Flynn & Russia

      L} Jim Comey – FBI Director, fired by Trump for not dropping the Russian investigation (said so in TV interview).

      M} Andrew McCabe – Deputy FBI Director fired working with Comey on the Russian investigation.

      N} Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort meeting with Russians to obtain info against Clinton at Trump Tower.

      O} Trump in Helsinky exonerates Putin of election meddling while excoriating his own country’s intelligence which has been verified.

      P} Refusing to pass sanctions to Russia until his own Congress had to pass a non-veto one. Still it sat on his desk for months until embarrassed into signing it, and now lifted.

      Q} Despite being a disastrous credit risk, Getting loans for 100’s of Millions from Deutsche Bank which was found guilty of Russian money-laundering.

      R} Live on TV “Russia, if you’re listening,” inviting Russians to hack Clinton’s campaign.

      S} Disclosing highly classified information to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak(suspected Russian spy) in WH meeting where he also kicked out ALL U.S. press.

      T} 17 Russians indicted by Mueller. Some have already pleaded guilty and headed to jail.

      V} Lobbying to reinstate Russia to the G8.

      W} Pulling troops from Syria and handing the region on a platter to Putin while stabbing the Kurds who have fought with us against ISIS and lost many lives doing so.

      X} Saying that it was Ukraine who meddled in our election and not Russia in opposition to all the U.S. Intelligent agencies.

      Y} Pulling the troops out of Germany. Something that Putin has been lobbying for.

      And of course, “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump Jr. on their family business.

      ….but naahh there is no Russian collusion.

  2. Anyone who continues to defend the rancid ball of butter who calls himself the president is either a complete fool, or just plain evil.

    1. @Cleon P. Aren’t you Cleon Peterson, the Marxist who paints Trump as a monster? “Cleon Peterson is an LA based artist whose chaotic and violent paintings show clashing figures symbolizing a struggle between power and submission in the fluctuating architecture of contemporary society.” Do you know what freedom and democracy is? It is freedom to throw poo toward a president, and nothing bad happens to you. When Marxists rule, you may get into a death camp being even 100% loyal to the power. Needles to say, they erase you, if you oppose to something. The Left manipulate with minds and paint everything upside down. You are brainwashed and hostile. You are enemy for freedom and the country, you are a citizen of. HMR music are made by demons and make people evil. Look for Jesus, you are in trouble

    2. @Aedammair Orn贸ra Aww,what cute but expected retort from an asshat supporter. Nothing of substance…..Keeeeeep it coming before I drag you! Whatcha got?

  3. The Russians didn’t just hack the DNC, they hacked the RNC also. Is this what the Republicans are so afraid of? I think it just may be.

    1. Karrie Hansberry Whatever Russians found on RNC servers must be horrific, since the GOP has sold the soul of the country to save themselves. Trump鈥檚 financial debts to Russians are keeping him in line and Trump and Russia are both blackmailing the rest of the sycophants to keep them in line. The saddest thing for all of us is the dirt will all be revealed anyway, once the GOP has been kicked out, and all this gaslighting will have been for nothing.

    2. I was beginning to think I was the only person who remembered that and could see what it meant. They found things at the DNC that could be awkward and embarrassing…what they found at the RNC was enough for Putin to say, “We own you, and you will do as we say.”

  4. Insightful article except he missed the obvious. Trump Republicans didn鈥檛 turn a blind eye to his deeds, they think and act the same way Trump does. That who they truly are, traitors, plain and simple.

  5. You want know the response of any who supports trump still…”fake news” that is all they will say…. all of this will just go over their heads.

  6. “I love uneducated people!” — Donald Trump
    The current GOP is a greedy, criminal organization.

    1. @NARSREEN JOHNSON If Trump has his way he would deport you! So that you would never get a chance to vote for anyone! Good luck getting citizenship if he is reelected!

    2. @FREEDOM FORCE that’s really getting old… a vote for a democratic might mean they actually care about all of us. Even your sorry self.

    3. That’s where the bulk of his votes came from. We’ll see if they really are dumb this November. Only those incapable if learning from their.mistskes will vote for him again.

    4. @Higgs Boson That’s right. Trump did tell you not to believe what you were seeing or hearing . A perfect example of the problem.

    5. @Great Course Hub I’m so tired if trying to straighten out your misconceptions about history. SOUTHERN DRMOCRATS=-DIXIEcrats.
      Always voted with the Republicans. The 2 most influential modern Dixiecrats actually switched parties and became Republicans… Strom Thurmond snd Jessie Helms. The 3rd most influential Dixiecrat was George Wallace who ran for prez in 68 as an Independent.
      Of course you don’t know any of this.
      Just like you don’t know that Obams did not literally start ISIS.
      You should be embarrassed by your ignorance instead of flaunting it.

  7. “If you still support Donald Trump, you do not support the United States.” – Beau of the Fifth Column

    1. @J. Lo suposed you have a brain, can you use it and take your conclusion by yourself? but by the tonne of your post i dont believe you can do it based in FACTS, you want base this in party colours, so whatever, you are just another sheep untill you wake up to consider all the picture.

    2. @J. Lo You can’t vote for socialists in your country. But voting GOP means voting fascist. If you prefer that then vote for them, but don’t complain afterwards.

    3. @J. Lo Last time I checked, the community doesn’t own everything as a collective here in the United States. You might want to look up the meaning of socialism.

  8. Remember what he said about John McCain, ” I like people who weren’t captured”
    People, this was right before he was elected.
    THAT, is the most UN American statement I have ever heard uttered by a presidential candidate, nor ANY American that I have ever heard.
    Does not matter how you felt about McCain, it was a direct , and total disrespect to all prisoners if war.
    A pathetic, as Un American , lowly , disgraceful sentiment towards people who have put the United States Uniform on .
    ” I like people who weren’t captured”
    – Donald J Trump

    1. @Jimmy Jazz man I’ll never forget my 1st night on “the island” Semper Fi” Devil Dog!!!! 1st Marine speaking out!!!!

    2. @Satya Richburg Ju if you didn’t get a reply, 3m more people voted for Hillary Clinton. It was the Electoral College that put Trump in the White House.

  9. I dare you not to call this treason. History will remember his supporters like we remember those that eneabled the Nazis

    1. That is totally true. You’d think the United States would be the last country on earth to be in this situation!

  10. Or, how ’bout when Jared Kushner went to the Russian Embassy in Washington to see if he could set up some kind of back channel so trump and Putin could communicate without those pesky American intelligence agencies listening in? That was a good one. Crickets from the republicans.

  11. trump is a figure of contempt and ridicule. He鈥檚 wrecked the economy, killed Americans with his bungled handling of the pandemic, put incompetent, greedy pals in powerful government positions, alienated US allies around the world, locked up children at the border and other crimes too numerous to mention. Trump鈥檚 attitude is 鈥淚f you鈥檙e rich, white, and powerful, you can get away with anything.鈥 The reality TV star needs to go.

  12. Had to hear Jim Jordan鈥檚 trash response today to Faucis hearing. Because trump allows and encourages rants of ridiculousness

  13. If Donald Trump was the Captain of the Titanic: “There isn’t any iceberg.鈥 / 鈥淭here was an iceberg but it’s in a totally different ocean.鈥/ 鈥淭he iceberg is in this ocean but it will melt very soon.鈥 / 鈥淭here is an iceberg but we didn’t hit the iceberg.鈥/ 鈥淲e hit the iceberg, but the damage will be repaired very shortly.鈥/ 鈥淭he iceberg is a Chinese iceberg.鈥濃淲e are taking on water but every passenger who wants a lifeboat can get a lifeboat, and they are beautiful lifeboats.鈥/ 鈥淟ook, passengers need to ask nicely for the lifeboats if they want them.鈥 / 鈥淲e don’t have any lifeboats, we’re not lifeboat distributors.鈥/ 鈥淧assengers should have planned for icebergs and brought their own lifeboats.鈥 / 鈥淚 really don’t think we need that many lifeboats.鈥/ 鈥淲e have lifeboats and they’re supposed to be our lifeboats, not the passengers’ lifeboats.鈥 / 鈥淭he lifeboats were left onshore by the last captain of this ship.鈥/ 鈥淣obody could have foreseen the iceberg. ” / 鈥淚 don鈥檛 take responsibility at all.鈥濃opied comment鈥hank you!

    1. you forgot “Never before has a captain of a ship been treated this unfairly by the passengers of a sinking ship!”


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