You Might Not Believe Who Wants To Help Investigate the Capitol Attack

Marjorie Taylor Greene is showing interest in being involved in the House select committee that may be established to investigate the riot. Washington Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, democratic member of the House Judiciary and Budget Committees responds.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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You Might Not Believe Who Wants To Help Investigate the Capitol Attack


    1. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! Are you stupid ignorance? Puerto Rico is US territory. Learn the history

    2. For what? Using her right to freedom of speech? Hating what someone says is a far cry from hate speech!

    3. @Demond Kemp I support Trumps policies and I don’t know who Q is or stands for! I don’t need to! I love God, and support our constitution and American values! I’m against anything and anyone that doesn’t protect our rights and freedoms. Don’t judge others on beliefs you apparently know nothing about! If you like what dems are pushing, you don’t support America!

    1. We need political diversity on any investigative committee. MTG would help balance out the radical leftists.

  1. No way should MTG be on the Select Committee. She’s a liar, a hater of Jews a bully and hasn’t she already lost her committee roles within the Republican Party. Didn’t she actually help the insurrectionists. However I believe in Nancy Pelosi and know she is seeing through egotistical maniac MTGs publicity stunt.

    1. @Thomas De Quincey Elect the my pillow guy then with Jordan, Clyde and Boebert you could have the lunatic caucus. Lunatics should have representation, right?

    1. @Chris THE INSURRECTION BY A PACK OF LOSER TRAITORS TO THE CONSTITUTION, ya big dummy! Did you really think any other incident hasn’t been investigated and the perp brought to justice? Don’t YOU look stupid?!!

    2. @Wuhan Institute of Virology Too late, already investigated and nothing was found. Try another talking point.

    3. @Robin You Libs got four years to investigate Trump/Russia collusion, when does the four year investigation into Biden/China collusion start???

    4. @Robin I don’t recall any four year Special counsel investigation into Biden’s collusion with China… The fact you Dims don’t want one is VERY TELLING…💵🇨🇳🦠😷😷😷💀💀💀

  2. MTG will just be a waste of time. She’s even worse than jim Jordan the true GOP DRAMA QUEEN.

    1. Jim Jordan calling Dems out on their BS is him being a drama queen? LOL You guys are so full of c-rap its coming out of your ears.

    2. @DAVID That’s hilarious coming from a follower of the radical far right. You lot are still crying and trying to start drama over an election you lost in NOVEMBER.

  3. Greene wants to be part of the select committee investigation to hamper the investigation. NO WAY! NO HOW!

    1. We need political diversity on any investigative committee for it to be taken seriously. Love her or hate her, MTG would help balance out the radical leftists.

  4. Trivia question: Who files to Moscow for the 4th of July to celebrate America’s Day of Independence?

    Republicans that’s who.

    I wonder If republicans are flying to Moscow to celebrate the 4th of July again this year.

    1. If they’re gonna be owned. At least they should be owned by America. And their supporters have the nerve to call everybody else communists. How rich…..

    1. @Copper Harris the utter idiocy of your words. Get off the q websites/fox “news” and come back to reality. Ridiculous.

    2. @Brandon Smith Trump was sued and lost a court case for being racist in the 90’s, so no, he always was racist. Also Biden was never a segregationist. You’re just an uneducated moron. Please grow up and learn to read something that isn’t YouTube comments on conspiracy videos. I think you can find classes on media literacy online. Take one, you clearly need it.

    3. @mike briganti hilarious you think Marjorie is not mentally steroid induced….she is a bizarre human entity that really should not be a politician….big Conspiracy Theorist…twisted sister

  5. Green wants attention in the worst way! We let her have air time, The worst thing we could do! GOD HELP!

    1. @littleangel4780 Most people can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time, so yes, she could’ve planned it regardless of being sworn in, and FACTUALLY she did escort a team of proud boys through the building just prior to Jan. 6th..

    2. @Bryan What panic? By the GOP? What red wave? Your guys have been losing everything or haven’t you been paying any attention? I bet you are still waiting for Trump to return in August! LOL!!!

  6. She doesn’t want to help. She just wants to know what’s going on and report back to the autocrat.

    1. @June SC well good news is a bipartisan senate committee already completed its investigation and found that a security failure is to blame for Jan 6th. Any further investigation must be into Pelosi’s negligence and incompetence for mismanaging the Capitol Police.

  7. Anyone who thinks “Jewish space lasers” started forest fires shouldn’t be allowed anywhere but an insane asylum.

    1. @Al Jirou She absolutely did. She named several Jewish people, claimed they built a space laser, and that a space laser was shot at the area of the wildfire, and suggested that’s how the fires started.

      Facts crap on your feelings.

    2. @Crimdor so you saying it’s alright to believe in fact less nonsense and hold a position of authority? So it’s o.k. with you to let crazy people run the country?

    3. @DAVID
      Mea culpa.
      I understand. Any decent person would be insulted to be compared to a Dixiecrat.

    4. Don’t forget; she was *_voted_* into office. *_And_* she continues to bring in the largest contributions.
      This is what we’ve (D)evolved into; A society where we believe an election was stolen because of the My Pillow guy, as McConnell votes against his own legislature when it’s presented to him by the left. MTG had to recently announce she now believes the holocaust happened so her party can point at Ilhan Omar with a straight face, Donald Trump was just president for 4yrs, and the right embraces fascism in the name of democracy… I almost forgot the bamboo shards. 😐😑

  8. this is their agenda, these people know full well what they’re doing, the dems need to start playing hardball too!

    1. “Voting against welfare” just makes you an entitled sadist.
      I’ve been homeless before. Back when 2008/9 financial crisis happened, I lost everything. Welfare kept me from stealing to eat, all $180/Mo of it. And the job offer that got me off of welfare was a call answered on an Obama phone. If you don’t have a phone you’re not getting a job. The same is true if you’re starving or have a theft charge for stealing food.

    2. @Soulife Voting for welfare makes you an entitled communist. I’ve never been homeless because I’ve never refused to work…

    3. @Wuhan Institute of Virology that’s why you have to like your own comment there bud. You’re fortunate and privileged. Oh, account created Jun 25 2021. Your just a bad actor sock account. Hilariously ironic, you’re literally a POS. Lol

    1. Doubt she is bright enough to do anything which requires any thought.

      Without a doubt she would be a naturally petulant disruptor. She can be no other way.

    2. We need political diversity on any investigative committee. MTG would help balance out the radical leftists.

    3. @Bryan how about getting her started on an investigation, by herself, on what really started the California wild fires!?

    1. @William Royer Over her eyes too. Oh, she’s already wearing a mask over her eyes to avoid seeing the truths staring her in the face. People who don’t want to see something do a wonderful job of avoiding looking at it, so they can claim they never saw it and only saw the images they have conjured up in their overly creative minds. That’s MTG for you.

    1. @Wuhan Institute of Virology Why don’t you answer your own question first? What do you do, aside from troll online from mommy’s basement?

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