1. He’s very ignorant the analogy the flu to coronavirus is not even close.
    142, 000 Americans deaths with almost 4 million Americans infected

    1. This is with years of knowledge of the flue yet each year up to hundreds if thousands of people die each year not to mention the huge influenza pandemics which killed millions! So I do not think the corona pandemic is nearly as bad as some of the past influenza pandemics

    2. TJ why don’t u think about how to fight it like all of the G7 countries in containing, testing and being vigilant. Did the other countries get some help from China to fight it? Do they have 140,000+ dead?

    1. @Hildebeast Clinton Nice cut & paste, Ivan. Vlad will be happy. There’ll be a few extra rubles in your check this month.

    2. @Poseidon It’s really simple. A hundred other countries dealt with the pandemic, why can’t America? The answer is not because CNN journalists won’t let politicians answer questions…

    3. Kern Albert it’s because Democrats shut the economy Down and are using scare tactics to keep everyone under lockdown and vote by mail election! They’re scared once the order is lifted trump rallies will be at max capacity and people will have to get paid like the protesters to attend Biden rallies !

    1. @Poseidon and when he says it’s not bad starts trying to get everyone to go back to work / school, that’s even worse! Can’t believe you’re defending this clown

    2. Poseidon I hope that’s not actually true and sorry if it is but generally, it’s not at all credible to accuse “liberals” of advocating for denying health coverage, that’s something the republicans WANT to be known for, and are… all about at present.

    3. His voice is wavering with emotion and he keeps licking his lips and talking over her. He tried to blame Mexico. He’s got nothing and he knows it.

    1. @TJ, your comment is so profoundly stupid it leaves me shocked. You are lucky we have autonomic functions or you could be brushing your teeth and forget to breathe.

    2. @TJ if the Russians did not interfere with the last election then how come 44 closed 2 Russian embassies and kick 47 Russians out of the country? google it

  2. Not taking this seriously is why we are in this position. Why is it that every other country is doing much better than us? Probably because they are all on the same page unlike the hard headed people here that refuse to believe this virus is dangerous.

    1. It is actually quite simple why other countries are doing better. In other countries ppl are wearing masks, they’ve bought in for sake of public safety. We’re the only country having this issue of ppl refusing to wear them, claiming their rights are being violated. Bad leadership trickling down and it has cost lives!. Rhetorical question: Where would we be if off the jump our President just set a nation wide mask mandate? REQUIRED BY LAW. A LOT less deaths if is where! I’m PRO ticketing ppl, then they’ll wear em. If we can get on board with seatbelts, if we wear life vests when boating, if we wear harnesses to skydive, if we understand to ride the rollercoaster you have to be behind the bar, then why can’t we get on board with wearing masks? In my state, our numbers were huge 4 months ago, now we’re seeing results because we have (for the most part) bought in. Please wear masks! Praying for all in TX, FL and any where else where the virus is raging hard. Stay strong! Stay safe! Remember we’re all Americans, let’s stay alive! PLEASE VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!

    2. Because the United States have a illegitimate president that did nothing in January and February, called the virus a hoax and told his ignorant supporters not to wear a mask . Months later we have 143,000 Americans died, millions unemployed, thousands in the hospital sick and dying.

    3. @David J So true, we had been doing well in Aussie, but sadly we got some of the American ideallogical virus, the whole “you can’t tell me what I can do, I’m 16 and I’ll do what I want, I’ve got rights!” attitude!! Unsurprisingly, that’s now seen a couple of our states soar with the virus and soon we’ll be back in the thick of it no doubt, thanks to a few selfish people who don’t understand the Aussie way of “in it together”!!!

      That’s, I think, the greater virus in the US right now, and I’m by no means suggesting covids a minor either, I think it’s just really brought out some of the deeper issues of nations and people. Those that don’t have arrogance issues, that don’t view all of life as a conspiracy, those that can trust and work together for a greater good and cause, those will be the people who are least affected by covid.

    4. Our government is the equivalent of middle school lunch tables with all the cliques and acting childish.

  3. She’s been killing it lately calling these muppets out for the BS.

    1. @TheTruth It’s ‘could have’. Well, maybe a President that didn’t call it a hoax for the first 3 months might have done a better job. But since Trump is President, we’ll never know.
      Lucky for me, I don’t live in a country run by fools, so we haven’t been hit as hard as you have. In fact, we have less than 2 cases a week now.
      Sucks to live in a shithole country huh?

    2. @TJ I don’t know where to begin with your bullshit post.
      It started with poor grammar and went downhill from there.

    3. @Ral Deform you sure do have alot to say about people you have never met nor do you even live in this country, Keep your nose where it belongs and dont put yourself in matters that have 0 to do with you. Nothing you have to say at this point even matters.

    1. @JTBlaze if he’s stating facts then explain how Texas is being hits so hard that just the other day they had to bring in refrigerated trucks Bc the morgues were filling up.

    2. @JTBlaze You call someone out for not having facts and yet your initial comment had no facts but to call others sheep. Really? Recently, you people keep calling yourselves the silent majority yet you’re missing the point of that term. Do yourself a favor and please do what the silent majority is supposed to do, STFU.

    3. Rahim Majid I’m good because until someone can make me STFU I’m going to keep calling out the bullshit

    1. “Incompetent” suggest they’re not capable of doing their job… These demons are willfully negligent. Their negligence, by the time this thing is actually over, will probably have reached criminal proportions.

  4. I’m really really scared this people speak like trump even the words the hand gesture the lies God! gracious

    1. It’s sad that these politicians think all ppl are ignorant and stupid as they are and that they can tell us anything

    2. Brianna always gets her people that she interviews ver flustard an excited till they wet themselfs lol

  5. Why does every republican interviewed speak in a very argumentative, loud abrasive manner. Could it be because they are trying to spew as many rehearsed lies in the least amount of time.

    1. @Venesta Green: The discipline to pack several lies in a single sentence is already driven to perfection by another human speciality: Religion.

  6. This man is a liar! He’s is confusing everyone , on purpose!
    He is part of the problem, causing excess deaths.142,350 DIED in six months.
    A Trump lackey, licky?

    1. @Erick Borling On 20 January, the first known case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington. That makes it six months and two days, Domkop!!! 💩💩 You get double. You should know better. Oh, you don’t!!!

    2. Only problem is that number is bogus. The first 2 months there was no tests. When they became available they still would not test the dead because they needed the tests for the living. If you died of anything respiratory related they called it a Covid-19 death.

      This reporter is lying. The death rate is declining every week with the exception of the week ending July 4th. That week was up 46 deaths.

    3. @Jpkrao On 20 January, the first known case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington. That makes it six months and two days, Domkop!!! 💩💩 You get double. You should know better. Oh, you don’t!!!

    1. @Synecdoche you are absolutely right….however, I think the Republicans are worse than the democrats because of the amount of bullshit they are blatantly stating every minute of every day and they have no qualms about being blatant outright liars to get what they want which is ultimately total power and control politically at the expense of the lives of the very people that were stupid enough to believe in them.. it is sickening, and scary as hell to know that these sick people have even a chance at destroying America as a democratic nation and making her lose her democracy to become just like any other communist country. I can’t stand around and watch it anymore and I am not about to be a part of those who no longer have a choice of whether they want to be there or leave….when they lose that choice….I have already left the country while I still have the choice. I am broken hearted at what I am seeing happen to my country.

  7. Jesus H. Christ, this guy is so rattled by this interview. Sounds like he’s on the verge of having a heart attack. Zero grace under pressure, just like our president.


    2. He seemed to be on the same page as her saying the government hadn’t done a good job, but then touting they’re flattening the curve,,,that’s not a flat curve

  8. Honestly? Stop giving air time to people who can’t differentiate between political and medical

    1. Don’t you think its better to expose them, so atleast people are better informed who they vote for? I can imagine getting sick of these people spewing nonsense though.

    1. Who can forget those depressing summer breaks that just dragged on and on while we cried for school to start! (sarcasm)

    2. I remember everyone being happy to be out of school. Children must have changed a lot in 30 years.

    3. Sorry Mom and Dad, it’s not easy raising children…especially at this time. But, it’s time to put your adult pants on and be the parent. Teachers are not your therapists, or babysitters….

    4. @MK Mitchell I have a nearly 3 year old and an almost 3 month old. I was also an ESL teacher before kids. Your statement cannot be truer! I really feel for the parents who can’t stay home and don’t have family to help. Perhaps if we had better leadership…

  9. Conservatives: “we need our guns in case the government becomes tyrannical!”
    The government: *becomes tyrannical*
    Conservatives: “yes! Go government! Throw protestors in unmarked vans with your secret police! Protect my right to not wear a mask!”

    This is why America is going extinct.

  10. The “idiot of the day”. Unbelievable. I don’t know how she doesn’t lose it! He has all of the numbers WRONG! OMG!

    1. right now just based on the numbers you see right there on the screen….the death rate is approx 3.6 to 3.7 percent of the total cases….how in the hell does he stand there and say it is like .0003 percent? He is a blatant liar!
      And this idiot saying the problem in the Rio Grande valley is high because of Mexico’s contribution to it is plain false and of course it is, all republicans stand there and lie to your face blatantly and think it is perfectly fine to do so. I don’t know how any of them sleep restfully at night and I hope every one of them rots in hell over the crap they are trying to pull on America when all is said and done.

    2. seems you have the premise that reps also would try to talk about facts when they aren’t in favor for them. the louder they get, the more false they know they are.

    3. @Gray Shus Thank you! I really don’t know how these people sleep at night.They earn a living by lying to people.Incredible.

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