You will have to be vaccinated to go to certain places in France | New COVID-19 rules in Europe 1

You will have to be vaccinated to go to certain places in France | New COVID-19 rules in Europe

Freelance reporter Lisa Louis reports from Paris where a new vaccine pass has been introduced for residents to attend certain attractions.

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    1. canada is doing the same thing right now. college just made the v mandatory in my city. thunder bay ontario

    2. Has nothing to do with the charter of rights. Private business can ask for that. It’s not your right to go into private businesses.

    3. @Jumbo Me The report also mentioned state run areas such as museums…not just private industry.

    4. @Jumbo Me Why does a private business have the right to ask for my medical information?

      Can they ask to see my down syndrome status before serving me too?

    5. @Mark Great nope and you know they wouldn’t ask for it. It’s their business it’s not a right to go onto private property

  1. They can have the bread and circus…and given the way things are going you’ll need stamps for the passport well into the future…sign up for two fine but if you don’t get the third, fourth etc. no bread or circus for you! Slippery slope fellow citizens…

    1. @Jumbo Me…more important things in life than the movies…only those of shallow characters will trade their souls for fleeting and meaningless desires…

  2. Confederation college Is requiring full Vax to attend the school.thunder bay Ontario.look it up

    1. @gnr forever I’m not an anti vaxxer. In fact, this is a very stupid policy because it will lead to lot of resistance against future vaccinations and other health policies.

  3. I’m sure that will go down well, hope you have lots of fire insurance or just lots of insurance in general.. might want to top it up a bit if you want to discriminate.

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