Young Activist On The Fight Against Climate Change | MSNBC 1

Young Activist On The Fight Against Climate Change | MSNBC


Climate change may be a global issue, but its effects are not felt equally. A new study found that people of color were 61% more likely to live in a county with unhealthy air than white people. Jamie Margolin, a 19 year old climate activist and co-founder of Zero Hour, joins NBC’s Zerlina Maxwell to talk about the need for environmental justice.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Young Activist On The Fight Against Climate Change | MSNBC


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    2. @Nixon Sutton Hmmm. That doesn’t seem like an enjoyable activity. I’d rather garden, or go for a walk in the woods..

    1. I wish I could say that in a few years you will, but I doubt you possess the capacity to realize how ignorant you are.

  1. The way peer review works is you don’t say “the science says”. You have to name the study, and explain specifically what it says and if there are any disputes. It damages climate discussions not to do so.

    1. Not when speaking to the general public, whose eyes would just glaze over. Of course it is all backed up by good science, but people have to either trust it or not. some people are not capable of understanding the greenhouse effect.

    2. @Jock Young the exact date is not backed up by indisputable science. I’ve seen the ice core science, I’ve seen the coral reef science, I’ve seen the sea rising science, and I’ve seen 10 different variations of statistical science attempting to predict dates of temperature rise cause by carbon, but there are so many of those that it’s not universally accepted by the scientific community. Go back and watch Al Gore’s old documentary with Leonardo DiCaprio. He predicted we would already be boiling frogs. These types of statistical sciences are damaging to the issue. Using science for political gain against another political party is damaging to the study of science.

    3. @Pat C
      Of course we can’t know exactly how fast the temperature will rise. We don’t have to. We know that it will be too much too fast unless we do something about it. I don’t care about the politics. We need solutions, and we need action.

    4. @Jock Young the best solution is to start inventing alternative energies capable of putting fossil fuels in the past. Keep in mind if we were to use government to shut down fossil fuels it would put millions out of jobs and possibly make America less powerful than China, thus endangering all of us. Technology needs to replace fossil fuels so we don’t have economic armegeddon.

    5. @Pat C
      What do you think scientists have been doing the last 30 years? We already have the technology, and more economical versions are being developed all the time. We know what to do. We just need to DO it.

  2. People don’t get that the United States doesn’t have the infrastructure to go full electric by 2030. It’s going to take a lot longer to build an infrastructure that will be able to fully support 100% electric vehicles. The current grid is the main issue that needs to be looked at.

    1. Why don’t we just keep burning coal and put an end to the myth that we are putting too much Co2 into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is most essential to life on earth second only to water. If you removed Co2 from the atmosphere, everything on earth would die. Human beings don’t even come close to the carbon output from volcanic activity, wild fires and other natural occurrences. If you really cared, you would shut your phone off and stop wasting energy.

    2. @The Epstein Diaries
      Nobody is talking about removing all CO2, so what’s your point?
      Human emissions account for 100 times as much CO2 as volcanoes.
      CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so adding it to the atmosphere MUST warm the climate.

    3. @Jock Young the earth is in an endless cycle of heating to the point of catastrophe, after which it freezes over and begins to thaw again. An ice age is a period of time where polar ice caps exist on earth. Technically we are still in what is considered to be the 4th ice age. Just as the flowers die and bloom again in the spring, so is the climate cycle of the earth, just on a much longer scale. So in the meantime, clever businessmen and politicians have devised a plan to further enrich themselves on the futile prospect of saving the earth. Even if you wanted to try and slow the process, the green energy plan of sweeping it under the rug is not your answer. In fact it is far less efficient.

  3. Imagine the epiphany she’s gonna have when ( if ) she grows up and realizes what a sham she was involved with.

    1. @Jock Young The Termanology change had everything in the world to do with “the pause “. The name change came from President Obama’s science advisor. It was considered foolish to continue with CAGW because the earth was not warming. Global warming began to fall way down on the worldwide list of concerns published by the United Nations. There was a pressing need to change the terminology. President Obamas science advisor was the one who presented the name change. As it turned out, it was a stroke of brilliance because now any weather event could be attributed to “climate change “.
      As a joke I have proposed that the song ‘Oh Susanna’ be the climate change natural anthem.
      Oh….It rained all day the night the day I left weather it was dry,
      The sun so hot I froze to death Susanna don’t you cry,
      Oh Susanna don’t you cry for me….
      The terminology of climate change now allows any weather event, to be attributed to climate change. The name change was a stroke of brilliance.

    2. @Jock Young That is absolutely wrong. New scientific evidence shows that CO2 follows natural climate change and is not a driver of such. Here again jock you are relying on political science rather than actual science.

    3. @Jock Young You might recall that during the Trump administration suddenly the claimant authorities were beginning to look at methane as the evil guest. That follow the research about CO2 being a follower rather than a driver of climate change. So it was necessary to find another evil gas and nothing was being bounced around. Now all of a sudden we are back to CO2 being the evil gas.
      I was one time a strong believer in CAGW but then I noticed a lot of problems with the science or lack there of and I began to study this and do scholarly research for over 20 years.

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    5. @Joseph Robinette O’Biden Jr. Show me one scientist that can prove all the Global warming is BS, and who is also not connected to the fossil fuel industry?

  4. I have to say I kind of feel sorry for people these days, the ones that believe Fake news, the ones that believe Dems are there salvation. I had hope humanity was better then this in 2020’s yet it seems like there well always be sheeple even in this day of age.

    1. l feel sorry for suckers who are so biased that any news other than FOX is fake & that Republicans are interested in helping anyone other than themselves. Hope you do the right thing by humanity & don’t breed!

      This IS the ABSOLUTE truth
      IT’S SO IMPORTANT we FINALLY! began teaching it in 1st through 3rd grades!

    3. @warpedjaffas1 Benny is a newbie tryin to sound so “ oh trumps gonna have 200 indictments on the deep state pizza baby eaters . He should study up on Murdoch and The Koch family they own people like Ben Brew brew still not woke

  5. Methane is not a new issue. Scientists have recognized it’s important for decades. The press might not talk about it as much, but then they don’t usually understand it at that level .

    1. The Press however do understand that when politicians don’t want to talk about LPG storage leaking Methane there’s something that needs talking about.

    1. @Jock Young We think your a “scientist” is the same field as “doctor” Jill Biden. Both fake as CNN. But if dinosaurs did not burn fossil fuels why is their “carbon footprint” larger than ours by millions of percentages? For millions of years? Could it be they weren’t going green? Or was it trumps fault? Moron.

    2. @warpedjaffas1 You warped into the pentagon from climate change pseudo-science? I think it’s time for your ADHD pill. Or don’t do drugs. Drugs are bad.

    3. @Tony Pitsacota
      How would you know if I am a scientist or not? If you NEED to believe I am not in order to justify not listening to anybody, then you are
      not being very objective, are you? And I have no idea what you mean by the “carbon footprint” of dinosaurs, and I doubt you do either.
      Adding greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect. What part of this do you not understand?

    4. @Jock Young Everybody knows your not a scientist. No scientists needs to broadcast it. But I am someone here on the net that’s got to call you out on your BS and fake credentials. Sorry, the truth hurts. Have you done your homework tonight?

    5. @Ro G Hahahahaha Yeah Trump is the ultimate proof that age doesn’t confer wisdom on people. He’s older than dirt and a Bigger fool than people a quarter of his age.

  6. Climate change is a hobby for some people. It’s fun and costs money. But in the end it doesn’t really change anything

    1. What doesn’t change what? The climate has always changed, and CO2 has always been an important factor in that. If you mean will activism change our behavior, that remains to be seen.

  7. Science teacher: “The surface of the sun is about 10,000 degrees. Pretty hot! I guess we’re never going to land a ship there, right?”
    Maga supporter: “What if we landed there at night though?” **smiles proudly**
    Science teacher: **Quits job**

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  8. Thankfully the younger generations are willing to listen to science. Unlike far too many of their elders.

  9. I love the way that this interviewer at the end said yep yep that’s a great comment after this young activist called out mainstream media . I feel the same way when people of my own age tell me thank you for your service after they didn’t even bother to serve this country. In case you don’t get it that is completely patronizing.

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  10. Mr Biden needs to ban all gasoline vehilcles. American people should be allowed only one eleectric vehhicle per house hold. This environment has been destroyed by gasoline cars.

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