1. Everyone knows Trump is a paragon of honesty and virtue! Just ask Soros and Hugo Chavez’s ghost!

    1. @Say My Name Does Trump’s base believe Trump will be running against Hunter Biden in 2024? Just asking because you guys are constantly raising the specter of Hunter Biden hoping it will make Trump look less of an idiot. (It doesn’t.)

    2. @B W you mean by winning by over 10 million with a stolen election and big tech duplicating ballots and putting and a billion dollars into illegal drop boxes while blocking windows and keeping republicans out. Wow your dumb

    3. @Kate F Yes, first place in the ‘worst president of the last 150 yr’ competition. Greetings from the Netherlands .

    4. @Kate F You’re brainwashed but you don’t know because you’re brainwashed. Greetings from the Netherlands .

    1. @Me Yo you were told not to believe what you see and hear so you stopped using your eyes and ears and critical thinking skills. That’s the definition of a parroting sheep.

    2. @Me Yo The movie title “Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running In A Van From An Asteroid And All Sorts Of Things The Movie”?
      Hold on, there’s more! Old women are coming, and they’re also in the movie, and they’re gonna come, and cross attack these two brothers. But let’s get back to the brothers, because they’re– they have a strong bond. You don’t want to know about it here, but I’ll tell you one thing: The moon it comes crashing into Earth. And what do you do then? It’s two brothers and–and th-they’re It’s called Two brothers. Two brothers! [starts laughing] It’s just called Two Brothers.

    1. @David Macaroni Bender why are snowflakes so mean and evil? where is the god that should be in your life?

    2. @casper191985 That’s rich coming from the party that supported a totalitarian using henchmen to clear a park of peaceful protesters for a photo op.

      Freedom of speech doesn’t cover lies racist.

    3. Prison time AND heavy fines. For top bananas, I suggest $300 million each. After paying damages, the funds could be used to create a new DC museum titled, ‘Center For Study of Democracy.’

  2. chyron writer: “AGAIN!? You gotta be effin’ kidding me.Right?”
    title writer: “WTF’s you’re problem NOW man?”

    1. @matt leberman So when is your sex reassignment complete, Matt? What are you going to go by? Maddie?

    2. @Teutonic Nordwinds because I support facts and democracy and not racism and conspiracy theories, that means I’m a women? So you’re sexist and racist ? Interesting

    3. @Kyle Gross nothing I said was a lie. Democrats are working every day in Congress to protect voters rights , and every day republicans in Congress are trying to make it harder to vote . Also trump raised the us deficit by billions , far more than Obama . Clinton had America at a surplus but you may be too young for that.

    4. @matt leberman No. Your viewpoint just sounded like you couldn’t possibly have any manliness or an oz of testosterone in you.

    5. @Teutonic Nordwinds so in your view , “manliness” whatever that means , is being racist , homophobic, sexist , and anti democracy? Last I checked , men wrote our constitution, and Republicans tried to destroy it on January 6th.

  3. When Cyber Ninja’s searching for Bamboo Ballots are all you have left…take a long hard look in the mirror Trumpers.

    1. @Dennis George some people were wondering why biden would send his very best lawyers to stop a BIG LIE .. dosen’t make much sense ..or maybe there is SOME TRUTH in it after all ..and there is big $$ money to be made especially from child sex trafficking through the open borders ..so never call it crap. ..and the only person that can benefit from a civil war is the current sitting president who then can impose martial law , dessolve the american constitution , jail and kill anybody he wants as the country becomes full communist ,he and his family can rule the american people forever…. Hope you learn something from all this .

    2. @seohuyllakcuf Those Republican Nincompoops don’t believe they will lose if there’s a civil war bc in their delusional mind they believe most in the military will defect and support them instead.The border crisis is overblown by Republicans bc they really have nothing else to criticize this administration of.

  4. Trump since 2016-“I can’t release my taxes because I’m being audited.”
    SDNY-“We have your taxes & they show you’ve been a liar, a fraud & a cheat your whole life!”

    1. @David Macaroni Bender I’m more excited about things like Az audit upcoming audits in Ga, Pa, Hunters lap top. You know things like that Trumps tax stuff nahhh.

    2. @joyce roberts I did miss out on that Joyce send me a link to that . Second part of your statement I will fill with you knowing about Trumps taxes. In the trash.

    3. @Nadine Zachary Don’t need much platform when you have Southern Border, food/gas prices, Crime, Biden’s constant gaffs, who needs a platform.

    4. @Zennbubba Google the latest CPAC convention on the weekend.
      Why was Trump.org, accountant to Donald and his father, Alan Weiselberg, under more investigation, hauled into court in handcuffs, fired from his job as overseer to the Scotland golf course and then, just fired, from handling 40 Trump companies in Florida? I would be interested to know your answer, before you “throw it in the trash”

    1. I love that the title is your complaint! Lmao it says it all! Lololololol Does that finally mean you have accepted the truth?! Saints be praised the fever is broken!

    2. @David Macaroni Bender is the truth that a little fraud is ok, as long as it isn’t massive fraud? thats what I got from it.

    3. @David Macaroni Bender I’ve long accepted the fact that some people suck at grammar. I think you might be reading too much into this. But then, that’s business as usual for you, isn’t it?

  5. I didn’t realize I was a definitive guide to debunking Trump’s big lie. Doesn’t anyone check the titles of these things?

  6. A famous conman once said this about an American POW who suffered in captivity for years standing for America… “I like the ones who don’t get caught”
    Ironically those who still support this conman call themselves patriots…

  7. But since these supporters are NOT listening or watching CNN, they will never truly get the truth. It’s glossed over and totally omitted by FOX, OAN, Newsmax, etc.

    1. @Edward Riley Nicholas Sandmann for starters… he made out like a bandit($278 million lawsuit)

    2. @Dane Pudik it’s a private settlement. You don’t know what he won. They didn’t lie about sandman. Tell me some real lies. I’ll save you some time, there’s 5 Senate intel reports 2 IG reports and the intelligence agencies that say the Mueller investigation was not a WITCH HUNT. The IG reports said there was no spying on t that there was mistakes made with the FISA warrants but they would have been granted anyway.
      T gave Russians classified intel in the oval office.
      The email header jr released said Russia gave dirt on Hillary to show support for t winning the election. Russia was real. If not for the insurection investigation we’d see more about the 100 documented contacts between t’s campaign and Russians. It was over 100. 140 I think. It’s in the Mueller report.

    3. @Anthony Italiano Fox News is also MSM. Check out Yuri Bezmenov, it will help understand how powerful the media and it’s lies can be to a society.

    4. @Dane Pudik interesting. More proof that Reagan was the granddaddy of the RUSSIANpubliCON party. He met with Gorbachev alone. Then he put on a big tough guy front when talking about Russia.
      I didn’t see this coming until 15 or 16 when t announced. Shortly after that it was obvious.

  8. This stuff presented to federal judges may be “bogus” but it doesn’t matter to the GOP.
    All they’re after is spreading the big lie and raising money.

    1. The new poster girl for Trumpism: the airline passenger who became so rowdy, she had to be duct taped to her seat. She unseats Jr’s g.f shouting, “THE BEST IS YET TO COME !!!”

    2. @Ken Albertsen Mental illness in America has grown exponentially in the last 5 years! The AMA is considering two new diagnoses to add to the list 1. Trumpism and 2. Foxitis!!

    3. @Paula Gray In that case Paula. I sure hope the AMA is considering hiring, a huge number of Psychologists and Psychiatrists, to handle the influx

    4. @joyce roberts there’s a huge shortage! It’s a great career choice right now, if you can handle that type of work.

    5. @Paula Gray Oh I wish I could Paula, but I’m retired and not American, but I sure can see the need, when things start getting straightened around. I see a 12 step deprogramming method needed.

    1. He just admitted at CPAC on live tv that he lies to his supporters. Spread the word. That video is the only campaign videos democrats need

  9. And in other news Trump has stripped the duties of his CEO of Trump ORG. and put cocaine Donnie Jr. and Eric Trump in charge more at 11.

  10. Making all these false claims is the logical conclusion of the Republican party.
    1. Republicans made false claims about the economy with their endorsement of supply side, trickle down (voodoo economics), & tax cuts for the rich economics theories.
    2. False claim about education with the “No Child Left Behind” program that left every child behind. Cutting public schools in favor of vouchers to charter “private” schools.
    3. False claims about giving people the opportunity to choose from medical insurance programs none of which they could afford in lieu of Medicaid.
    4. False claims of weapons of mass destruction as an excuse for a war for oil.
    5. Now they’re making false claims of election fraud (dead people voting, illegal aliens voting, democrats paying people to vote, etc ).
    Republicans want to ignore the health and welfare of the majority of the population in favor of the wealthy minority population.

  11. The GQP party just doesn’t want to admit, that a majority of America doesn’t like them anymore.
    BUT, mostly because JABBA THE GUT doesn’t want to admit he lost to Joe Biden.

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