Yukon dads fly to Vancouver for baby's premature birth 1

Yukon dads fly to Vancouver for baby’s premature birth


It's going to be a very happy Father's Day this weekend for the new parents of a baby boy who needed some high-level care.

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    1. Tradition of either being negligent or abusive? Or Tradition of giving your kids up for adoption? Or is it Tradition of the church lol which is it. Your Tradition hasn’t exactly encouraged healthy parenting lol

    2. @Armen Med why can’t both exist peacefully? Why does one have to be right and one wrong…

  1. Not news… if it as a traditional couple with a mother & a father it would not make the news.

    Thanks way this is news is due to the intended parents being same sex couple.

    Please also promote the traditional family with a mother & father & their children.

  2. I absolutely love this!!! Yukon is so blessed to have two amazing dads in his new life!!! Smiles and love all around!!!

  3. Yukon is going to miss the loving careing touch and voice of his real mother, this is not progress its a shame.

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