1. Y’all need to turn your volume up, CNN. At full volume, I can barely hear you. I need to turn the sound DOWN on every other channel.

  2. I will see it when I believe it when talking about the Democrats but I do want to focus on one thing without this progressive movement none of this would be on the table.

  3. It’s so nice to hear someone explaining what’s really happening & comparing to our best guide for success for the future – the past.

    I don’t know if he should run – but I would like to see if we can return to a time where sides were not so divisive- when things got accomplished & people were elected based on achievement & plans instead of anger & name calling. Hopefully they’ll realize what a turn off this whole thing is. Fear works in the short term, but it eventually makes us exhausted

  4. The adage of compromise, that democracy is working when everyone gets something, but no one is happy might sound sensible with current extremes. Yet, like so much else that is transforming because of one overriding issue, compromise is woefully inadequate. That issue, climate change, is not a progressive priority, it is not even American. It is a geophysical outcome of growing industrial economies. Any ongoing emissions puts our collective wellbeing at ever increasing risk across a host of vectors, and those risks reverberate along 2nd and 3rd order levels. As long as we grow the economy, we undermine advancement in energy transition, as total demand increases. Simply, climate change is every thing, and it cannot be compromised. It demands no less than the total transformation of the global economy, along with laws, values, and politics. The political categories and methods of the 20th century are certain to produce failure.

  5. I once again stand by my long-held belief in hard work and compromise. It’s delivered exactly what I knew it would; Biden is the most productive president since Bill Clinton. This is why I vote for moderates.

    1. @Fat Man Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t know that was what you meant. Thank you for the clarification. I also erased my initial response to you, I thought you saw it before I erased it and thought that was the reason for your follow-up response.

  6. Well he did some stuff like the stimulus plan that was pretty good but the problem is what people don’t understand is getting things done take time Biden is only one man can’t do everything in one day🤔

  7. The irony is Biden was the one saying Obama didn’t do enough to let (or take credit for) administrations achievements. Whomever is in charge of messaging for administration (including Biden himself) REALLY needs to STEP UP!

  8. Fareed sees things more realistically than most other media talking heads.. He is less about keeping the horse race close and more about looking at what actually has been legislated ..

  9. Definite proof …you can please some of the people some time…😓 The rest are completely not satisfied with anything.

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