1. β€œCNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump.” – Ted Koppel

  2. You aren’t telling the loss of income for Americans and in turn be able to pay higher per hour.

    1. Lifting tariffs will reduce inflation and is just about the only thing a POTUS can do in the short term. You want less inflation or not?

    2. @Cactus Jack but the problem is not production, not wanting to produce, it is that there are no ressources in the first place. I don’t think tariffs will do anything…well, maybe for USA in the short run, but the product will just be missing somewhere else in the world, who will than experience higher inflation. In the end, the poor will suffer…as always.

    3. @Pyladin tariffs will do something to reduce inflation. That’s just a simple fact. There is very little else in the face of a pandemic, anthropogenic climate change and war that a POTUS can do about things that affect the entire world.

  3. The democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
    Instead of looking at polls go talk to people.

    1. @Cactus Jack Who is blocked from twitter? And what posts are throttled down, demonetized, etc? I’m not arguing for Trump, I’m arguing for honesty. Just call things a left-wing only forum if that is what you want…
      Don’t act like there is free and public debate…
      It’s like you people want to live like the russians, or the Chinese, where only ONE viewpoint is “acceptable”, and the rest must be stopped…

      You think anything that goes against your views is terrorism, trolling, or hate speech….

      While you do and argue for EVERYTHING hitler or stalin would have done….

    2. @Lane Atkinson talking to the people is way different than polling. You even explained why yourself in this comment section. Lol..

    3. @Brandon Burns Who has the time for that? An online poll can reach more people in a fraction of the time.

  4. *04:33* This! Right here… I forgot that CNN even has this guy. He is probably one of the few smart people left in news media.

  5. Why not work permits instead of immigration? Issue work permits to non-citizens when labor is needed; revoke them when it is not. That would satisfy our need for labor and placate those that fear our country being overrun by outsiders.

    1. You would either have to exclude pregnant women or pass a Constitutional bill that is way overdue. One that makes English officially the only language, outside of foreign language instruction or diplomatic purposes, our governments are allowed to use communicating with the public and a redefinition of what constitutes “citizenship”. Canada and the US are the ONLY two countries in the world that allow “place of birth” citizenship and before the warm and fuzzies start screaming racism, I invite you to study Mexico’s own common sense position on illegal immigration. The “anchor baby” problem needs to be addressed sooner than later. China has been caught offering “pregnancy tours” to the US so that their children are granted dual citizenship. This has all kinds of national security and sovereignty implications. We have to stop being the release valve for societies, cultures or countries that have no interest in controlling their birth rates. Foreign immigration needs to be left to bringing in the creme de la creme, not somebody’s cousin with zero professional skills. Further, we should open up guest worker opportunities to countries not exclusively from latin america. Knowing something of people and culture outside of North America can be a very positive thing.

    2. Makes it much less attractive for foreigners to come work – if you can be kicked out again any minute.

    3. @Rick Noyb Well, China has a very small birth rate of 1.3 births per family. The 10 top Countries with the highest birth rate is Africa and the average age of death is age five in Countries such as Cameroon, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. Mexico has an average amount of births and Central America has a relatively low birth rate.

    4. Because that will force all major companies who hire undocumented people , to provide all mandatory benefits to those employees,just like they provide to normal employees,as well as same pay scale, and thats what they are trying to avoid at all costs.
      Everyone keeps lobbying for stronger and harder immigration laws to reduce the amount of people who work legally…. but want to keep the same flow 9f undocumented workers showing up.
      Because that’s what benefits corporations.

    1. 1 Bill Kampouris Fuk what you saying it here 😠 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zrfSK6pnpQ

      Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 😠
      5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😠😠

      Saludos desde la Cd.. de world πŸŒΉπŸ˜‰πŸ’–
      los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

    2. Novembers gonna be a bloodbath for them…. The republicans might sweepπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    3. @Clinton Kildepsteen I think they’ll just use 4000 mules this time with a side of needing to vote by mail due to monkeypox but I hope I’m wrong.

  6. You seriously couldn’t have expected Biden to be suddenly politically savvy, when he has shown little sign of it in his career.

    1. Inflation was very tame throughout Trump’s 4 years and gas prices were between $2 and $2.75 through all 4 years; so obviously tariffs were not an issue under Trump and are not the main issue now. What Biden did reverse of Trump’s policies were Trump’s energy policies by hammering the American oil and gas companies with big increases in regulations and fees; as well as clamping down on exploration and shutting down pipelines. This combo of energy policy reversals is what led to the explosion of inflation which is why gas immediately began rising in Feb 2021 and hasn’t stopped. Gas was already near $4 when the war started so Putin added to the problem but wasn’t the cause. As gas began rising in Feb 2021; food and all products transported followed gas higher. If Biden goes back to Trump’s energy policies; then the world supply will be greatly lifted and the price will finally start to get lowered. Tariffs are MINOR compared to energy policy

    2. The Biden presidency can best be described by a line from the movie The Color of Money.
      “It’s like a nightmare, isn’t it. It just keeps getting worse and worse….”

    3. @ken cook / Listen to this video. It blames inflation on Trump’s policies, which Biden has fearfully maintained.

  7. America last can’t last. Everyone will be effected eventually. You want to help others but you need to work on your problems too

  8. So you’re saying the working class can’t win – it’s either globalization (which took away their jobs and good benefits) or inflation.

    1. And your ultimate recommendation seems to be globalization is better than inflation. Let’s ask the question from the point of view of the rich – which is better for the rich, globalization or inflation. Ah hah! We see where you (as a representative of the elite) are coming from.

    1. He ignores that , before Trump’s tariffs on cars, the American cars were manufactured in Mexico and other countries and GMC,Ford and Chevy started to reopen their factories in the US only when tariffs was on place.

    2. @The Masked Man Lol, this is going to be a long one. Inflation is a monetary phenomenon, it is effected by the supply and demand of money and goods, NOT tariffs. While removing tariffs, may reduce pricing it does not effect actual inflation.

      First: The tariffs may have no effect on the price of the goods, because demand is outstripping supply already. Why would a car importer lower prices, when the car lots are empty? You are selling out, why lower prices? Just take the lack of tariffs as additional profit. Supply and demand dictates pricing, not tariffs.

      Second: Lets assume, out of the goodness of their hearts, the manufacturers do lower pricing, thereby effecting the pool of goods pricing they are apart of, and thereby the number we call inflation. Does that effect anything else? Does that effect the price of gas, diesel, energy, food? No, because they are not an input to those things. The inflation number may look better but the result on the people is the same, unless you are out buying a new car.

      Third: We are still supply constrained. So lowering the cost of a good, say a car, in the short term would thereby increase demand into a constrained supply. Thereby causing more inflation. We might as well give out more free money, we would treating the symptom by increasing the cause.

      The only way this fights actual inflation is if people buy more foreign cars and less US cars, causing US manufactures to lay people off. This would result in less people being able to buy a car in the US, and thus decreases demand in the long term. Because we are all poor, and can’t afford new cars.

    3. @Rack’em You’re wasting your time. I not only know all this, but wrote about it in another comment on this video. Read there.

    4. @Rack’em If you understood this issue you’d understand both the micro/macro dimension along with the long term effects. It’s no big insight to say that the Fed offsets inflation by adjusting interest rates -that is their whole purpose for existing. It’s the long-term macro and geopolitical consequences of trade wars that are to be emphasized here.

  9. Fareed’s take would be valid if foreign countries were bound to the same environmental and labor practices the US demands. Are massive toxic releases in a river in China, or India, worth saving a few bucks when buying a product? Is slavery a cornerstone of a competitive free market? Should we be so dependent on potentially hostile nations for all of our manufacturing capabilities? I hate Trump to the very core of his existence and a dumber President we will never have (Oh, please Lord….I said the same thing about Dubya), but full dependency on foreign manufacturing is suicidal. I say, buck it up, live with less and find value in what you have more than what you want.

  10. One of the things I like about Fareed is that he’s found a way to remain intensely anti-Trump while at the same time open to criticizing the excesses and irrationality of Democrats. In some cases the two are one in the same -many Trump-era policies are still in place, particularly on the trade and immigration fronts.

  11. What needs to be made clear to the public (who struggles with basic economic concepts) is that the most destructive effects of trade protectionism happen on a macro level, not micro. In layman’s terms, what Fareed is saying about tariffs (and other trade barriers) being inflationary by nature is true, but the micro effects of that inflation are easily offset by macro policies, usually by the Federal Reserve contracting the money supply by raising interest rates. This similarly attracts foreign capital and reduces the impact of the tariffs to job loss and less consumer preferences (which are bad by themselves, but not in terms of inflation).

    The long-term consequences of trade wars, on the other hand, are far more devastating and can’t be offset or reversed. Namely, whenever there is a disruption to trade in a major center of global commerce, production and capital ultimately move away. Languages change. The geopolitical center of gravity reconfigures. Most of you wouldn’t even be in North America if the Ottoman Empire hadn’t disrupted Western European trade with the East (which in turn caused production, capital, people and goods to move from Western Europe’s center to the Atlantic fringe).

    If you think supply shortages are bad now, wait until you see what happens once America is officially “at the back of the trade queue”. Shortages and emergency military shipments, high prices, uncompetitive industries and diminished geopolitical influence will be the new norm for this country.

  12. Inflation is defined as too many monetary units changing too few goods. Trillions of dollars printed up is what did it. And, if we were more concerned about America, instead of sending so much money out of the country, that would have a grand impact on Inflation.

  13. It is not about DEM lessons.
    The voter has learned DEM policies do not work at local or national levels of GOV.

  14. “by reducing tariffs and easing immigration restrictions”

    This is sounding more and more like Biden might be doing the right thing! It’s also sounding less of a criticism of Biden and more of a push for more neoliberalism. Which is the root cause of most if not every single issue we’re currently facing. How strange that CNN would promote such a thing. Come to think of it, Biden, and by virtue Trump, might be doing something right.

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