1. Right – the Democrat’s needs to get ahead of these lies and Mischaracterization of what the GOP is putting out there.

    1. Right let me just pretend Bill De-blazio, Marcia Fudge, Susan Rice, Gretchen Whitmer, and Bennie Thompson, as well as dozens more are not actual senior Democrats they just have over 20 years in office, and are in all the top end positions in the top ridings.

    1. @Rodney that would be a great ticket. Please help make it happen. I’d give the money I was going to give to the Desantis campaign to the primary campaign of those two .

  2. “How dismal it is to see present day Americans yearning for the very orthodoxy that their country was founded to escape.”

    Christopher Hitchens

  3. “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination” – Thomas Sowell

    1. @John D You’re clueless and proud of it. This isn’t about the “left vs right” its about historical facts. Something you wish to ignore.

    2. World’s smartest Conservative. It’s a shame he never got into politics, but I can see why.

  4. Corporate profit margins are at their highest point in 70 years. Corporations are trying to blame inflation on stimulus checks etc.. Meanwhile, they’re overcharging us for gas, medicine, and groceries, and pocketing the difference. It’s a racket.”

    1. You know, in my country when they try to jack up cooking oil price using Russia/Ukraine war as an excuse, we arrested the CEO.

      In US you reward them with tax break.

  5. Thank Manchin and Sinema for nothing getting through in the senate, including filibuster reform.

  6. *Why do we continue to show deference to a party that no longer respects the peaceful transfer of power?*

  7. I’m still trying to figure out how pissing people off… get’s them to vote for you😳 Because the part of the state where the people at… Hate his guts 🙄

  8. We live in a county where a random health emergency can financially destroy most average families. It seems like the GOP does everything they can to keep it that that way. I don’t understand why they never seem to pay much of a price for this.

    1. Most working people have health care coverage, retirees have medicare, ACA covers many with pre-conditions. The interesting trick was Trump promised pre-conditions would get coverage, while he did everything possible to get rid of it.

  9. We need to elect more Democrats so we can pass Bills to improve lives! We need 60 Senators to pass Bills.
    Voting is like driving.
    D to go forward.
    R to go backwards.

  10. Remember when Florida man was a good laugh? DeSantis and, trump moving to Florida has changed that. Suddenly Florida man is celebrated in our local government. I long for the days of when Florida man wrestled an alligator that was 2 foot long or sailed on a trash can lid during a hurricane. Didn’t harm anyone verses today’s Florida man. 😞

  11. *Raising on NFT has become real and simple. Video review can be viewed here* EVERYDAYS.ML

    Mr.Dunn – respect for you.

  12. So DeSantis sees everyone who’s not on his side as the enemy. Good to know. Finally everyone can choose a side and get prepared.

  13. An “authoritarian personality” is defined as “a complex of personality traits including rigid adherence to conventional values, submission to moral authority, aggressive attitudes towards social deviants, preoccupation with power and toughness, and a generalized hostility”. A perfect description of both Trump and DeSantis

    1. @De_Preaux I concur 100% that it is a trait of all humanity, and acceptable, but it should not be a trait displayed by our democratically elected officials who have sworn to protect democracy.

    2. @Gary Waggoner And Gary Waggoner, you are still following his comments. What does it say about you?? He must be doing something right.

  14. Democrats performance has gotten weak over the last couple of years. We need younger ones in office

  15. The largest reason for term limits. The problem leads back to big corporate money and political primaries. Too many bought and paid for politicians.

  16. 4:26 “and no one seems able to break-through and actually get things done.” That’s because everyone is more concerned about carving-out a piece of the pie for themselves, rather than trying to improve things. It’s no longer about improving our country – it’s about reaching in and grabbing as much of the pot as you can… until there’s nothing left to pay for the actual project. We’ve become a society where the only thing that matters, is how much money you get: “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how much cash you can stuff in your pockets.” I remember a time when that had a different ending.

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