Zelensky adviser speaks about battle for Bakhmut and Wagner Group

CNN military analyst Ret. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling and Alexander Rodnyansky, an adviser to Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky, discuss the latest developments in the battle for Bakhmut between Russian and Ukrainian forces with CNN's Erin Burnett. #CNN #News


  1. Thanks for the TRUTH CNN in times like THIS we need you like Iraq citizen Baghdad Bob 😊

    1. In another report western media is claiming that Ukraine is surrounding Bakhmut in a counter offensive moving backwards 😑

  2. How long did it take for western media to admit mariupol had been liberated? And in the end they said ukraine “evacuated” I saw sky news calling bakhmut a draw, lol the cope is unreal

    1. Aw, do you still hate Zelensky because he didn’t do that favor for trump? I’m astonished at how much *_you people_* worship trump/putin.

  3. Can I have an interview to let my friend know the sugar in fruits are also sugar? It’s urgent and I can’t think of any other means of communication.

    1. I know how can this people being so brainwashed and also cold they don’t give a them of innocents dying in this war

  4. War is too damn expensive. It is time for good people of the world (who can still vote) to stop playing around and put a 500%+ tariff on ALL dictatorships and theocracies. Free trade should only be with free people. All democracies must join together in a free-trade union to finally make all governments accountable to their people by taking the profit out of oppression. Discounts can be given to encourage improvements, but we must be consistent. Domestic tax reductions and rebates will make this tariff cost the consumer nothing. In fact, this would eventually make all countries more prosperous as well as peaceful. No excuse not to start now.

  5. Ex convicts equipped with ‘Shovels’ and led by a restaurant operator defeats the most equipped NATO proxy Army, this is what it is sadly because a comedian listened to Boris Johnson who said Peace is not an option

  6. dont worry Bakmut will always be in Zelensky’s heart. Who needs reality when you can just imagine victory in your head.😏
    Tomorrow let’s just pretend Putin had decided to step down and surrender himself to the ICC. And we can all congratulate each other and living happily ever after. What a great fantasy!👍👍👍

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