Zelensky fires top military commander

Ukraine’s commander of joint forces operation has been dismissed from his post, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced. Major Gen. Eduard Mykhailovich Moskalov had been appointed to the position last March when Lt. Gen. Oleksandr Pavliuk was appointed head of the Kyiv regional military administration. #CNN #News


  1. The Allies fired a TON of field marshalls and generals on the eves of major offensives in WW2 before the Axis weree defeated as well. This basically means nothing. Final Victory does.

    1. @Mac Reynand Matias General Petraeus said Ukraine had lost 45-40% of all senior officers including generals. A number of senior Ukrainian generals died trying to escape from Mariupol by helicopter and then by boats. Both ideas were bad .. real bad.

  2. Commanders can often only last so long in a war of attrition before they start losing their effectiveness. People seem to be looking for a personal reason for Zelensky to fire the commander.

    1. @Sus Kagusip Zelensky will never meet Putin. The CIA and MI6, who are holding him by the throat, and the Ukrainian radical nationalists, who are holding him by the balls, will not allow him to do this. The people of Ukraine voted for Zelensky because he promised peace. But he deceived the voters.

    2. @Gaming Antics No one cares what Vlad Karen wants. Lol. He isn’t keep anything now. Better get used to making stronger cope.

    3. @Rob New Here Kremlin troll! Source? “Trust me bro! They are heading to Moscow bro, I know the name bro”. Nobody wants Moscow, we know Russia and the people in Russia happily accept rumors without due process and treat it like a fact. But that’s not true anywhere outside Russia to it’s left. Cite your source , make sure it’s credible which means not in Russia or it’s allies. Putin wishes Ukraine wanted to march on Moscow, so he can make you accept that he’s going to mobilize again. No one wants to take Russia’s land. People don’t even take land they do want because it’s 2023. But if China tried to conquer Russia right now, I doubt anyone would stop him. lol We are burnt out with Putin. If we had to send troops anywhere it would be inside Ukraine to defend them like we promised in Budapest. Don’t forget that source.

    4. @Shen Tsu The USA didn’t do any of what you just wrote. LMFAO! Cite your sources for all of these, showing that the USA “overthrew” something. And it can’t be propaganda from Russia. I see 2 wars I was alive during, no governments though. I see the 2014 bs so I know you are probably getting all your knowledge from pooti. He invaded Ukraine in 2014, and they had nothing to do with Maidan. Putin is always undermining Ukraine’s people, even though Maidan was millions and millions of people, the biggest protest was 800k. That ain’t a coup. Cite your sources putrol. You can’t just put down every nation that has ever used social media or was democratic.

  3. Remember, MacArthur was dismissed also. Patton was demoted for slapping one of his troops in the hospital. Both considered the greatest American generals. Sometimes it happens

    1. That was when usa actually fought Nazis. Now the USA is supporting those same types in western Ukraine. USA war in Ukraine is a fraud

  4. Fight on Brave Ukrainian Soldiers and Civilians. Your cause is just and Honorable. Push Putin’s Invaders out of every square inch of Ukraine, that means Dunbus Region and all of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Nothing less than all of Ukraine’s land returned to its rightful owner. God Bless Ukrainians and Glory to Ukraine.

  5. I would be… ‘flabbergasted’ if indeed Ukrainian pilots are not in F-16 training already. Clearly the US won’t tell Russia and China that on TV

  6. I wonder whether they realize that the colored stripes in the background (light blue – dark blue – red) are actually the flag of the Luhansk “people’s republic” in the East of Ukraine that has been declared by Russia (note that the Russian flag is identical but with white instead of light blue), which was one of the reasons for the war. What a terribly insensitive and offensive choice.

  7. No jets now is just saying ‘It takes time to retrain pilots’ but making it sound like they aren’t going to do it.

    1. Ukraine can barely keep their roads in good condition without a time of war let alone the upkeep of newly built military runways. You can’t just throw 21st century technology into a badly corrupt outdated infrastructure, go ahead hand them 2000 modern fighter jets see what it does, zelensky will turn around and demand more money and then ships.

  8. Maybe his new commander will have being trained in combined arms manoeuvres, the old commander having being using soviet-esqu tactics.

  9. “It’s actually a good sign” to see this firing while the battle is heating up? That’s an insane statement. Pure propaganda.

  10. “Fired” and “relieved of duty” essentially mean different things, though when you’re firing someone, you’re also relieving them of duty.
    “Relieved of duty” means that person is no longer on the job. It can be for cause, for violating some kind of oath or regulation, or it can be routine, such as leaving a command after an assignment or even departing a guard post at the end of shift when the next guard takes over. During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the senior US General in the middle east was “relieved” nine times, generally (hah!) every 2-3 years.
    “Fired” has a negative connotation and means someone was removed from their position suddenly, abruptly, not as part of a scheduled rotation. You don’t “fire” someone who has been doing a good job but is starting to burn out, you “reassign” them. When a military officer is “fired,” that means the senior commander or authority has removed them because of something wrong, usually some kind of wrong-doing or serious accusation of wrong-doing on the part of the fired commander/officer. Said officer is usually replaced unceremoniously, whereas a normal rotation or reassignment generally has the incoming and outgoing officers doing a turnover and possibly a brief (or not) ceremony (called a “Change of Command”).

    1. Relived of duty is just a nicer way of saying you’re fired. He’s in the middle of a fxcking war, if the guy was doing a good job he’d keep him there

    2. My question is what did you say and do when Russia did the same with her general? For Ukraine doing the same thing you trying to show and explain many things to give reason why they changing general. The fact the Zelensky did it with out giving any reason show that Ukriane is losing the war or been defeated on the battle field

    3. Thanks for the useless text. One could briefly say: “Zelensky is purging the military command, which makes mistakes and does not cope with the tasks set”

    4. @Hunter Smith War Crimes, these things happen commonly in Eastern Europe, historically, in very recent history. Ukraine/Russia have a history of war crimes against each other already. The most likely thing is executing prisoners, and tolerating rape.

  11. Objectives of the Russian Special Operation
    1.- Demilitarization of Ukraine
    2.- Denazification of Ukraine
    3.- Protect Luhansk and Donetsk Regions

  12. Commanders suffer battle fatigue as easily as anyone else, he might also simply have needed to be relived of duty for no reason other than time in position.

    1. @True Fact, you don’t have to be a fanboy of NATO to know what typical NATO unit and command cycles are like.

    2. @Juan Escobedo, what corruption are you referring to? Or are you just imagining something you have no specific evidence for and tossing it out there as specious accusation?

    3. @Jason Born putin said he was removing them for being inefficient? Can u quote Mr Putin on that? Can you quote Mr Putin on why he removed General Surovikin?

    4. @Jason Born I assume you have a completely neutral, non biased, non western source for the “exponential deaths” of russia? Or are u just parroting whatever ukraine is saying?

  13. There are other airframes that would be better suited for Ukraine than F-16’s or anything in the U.S. inventory. The consensus of qualified experts points to the Swedish Gripen. It was designed from the beginning to operate under adverse conditions with a minimal support crew of personnel. It is able to operate from remote areas without dedicated runways.

    1. @SH DMD wont be forever, only will be until Russia leaves Ukrainian soil. You really know nothing of the west. USA alone spends over 800 billion a year. The military has to fly, ship goods, train, and test weapons no matter what. Yes big numbers get thrown around. But in reality it is only a drop in the bucket and mostly scrap yard equipment. 20 years in Afghanistan. Stay the course Ukraine freedom will will come. Shock and awe coming right up.

    2. @Eric Murphy
      Shock and awe? You think Russia is pathetic Iraq? They have thousands of hypersonic nukes in submarines all over the world…

      protests in Germany and France, and in US,polling now shows 50-50 support for Ukraine , another 3 months , with high inflation and economy getting worse, those numbers will even get worst and protests louder

      Just watch

    3. @Liberal Conservative I’m talking about their cutting edge ECM set. The US isn’t the only one that can develop them to spoof other nations target locks. The UK, France and Sweden all have their own version not-for-export electronic countermeasures exactly in case they ever get into a shooting war with Russia, China, etc.

      Im sorry, I thought I’d made that clear. As for “how much is recoverable” a much better question is “how much does an adversary need to recover to potentially counter it”? The only way to know for sure that it can’t be compromised is by making sure they never get the chance to examine *any* of the wreckage. Again, I’d thought that much would be obvious.

    4. @John Assal A little defensive about some reasonable questions aren’t we? And why would they give their highly sensitive ECM to Ukraine if that was a concern? The export versions of the F-16 don’t come with cutting edge ECM either. And the Abrams tanks sent to Ukraine didn’t come US ECM either. You need to slow your roll with the attitude, you DO NOT know more than me.

    5. @Liberal Conservative How is it defensive for me to point out that you appear to like to “explain” what I’ve just told you as if I wasn’t aware of exactly what I just told you? Given how sensitive you are on top of whatever that is I assume this will be good…

  14. Don’t loose your edge Mr. Zelensky. You have the world with you. We’ll at least the intellectual world. You have many idiots left to destroy. We love you and your country.

    1. Zelenskyy does not make any decisions. He is a US puppet.
      He does exactly what the CIA and US Military tells him to do.
      And like our puppets in Vietnam, he will not be alive when this quagmire is lost and the western terrorists flee with their tails between their legs.
      The citizens of Ukraine may take it in themselves to see that Zelenskyy meets the same fate as Benito Mussolini.

  15. From the beginning I have worried about Ukraine’s handling of the rampant Soviet-era corruption ALL the former Soviet countries were saddled with. When the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) were finally able to interact normally with the other Nordic nations (I am Icelandic and I consider them just as Nordic as Finland), the first “thing” they exported to the other Nordic countries was Soviet-era Organized Crime! It was certainly not their intention and they have made great progress in the last 33 years – but it will take AT LEAST 2 generations (50 years) to stamp it out – after all, they are still saddled with a large contingent of ethnic Russians – i.e. rampant corruption – within their borders.
    Ukraine naturally has the same problem, in spades! Yanukovich was just a Putin puppet and when the Ukrainian nation sent the rat scurrying to his master in Russia, Poroshenko was next but for some reason he could not or, would not handle the corruption problem. Then Zelenskyy came along, an “accidental leader” like Finland’s Sanna Marin, and he has proved to be a gold nugget, in league with notables like Roosevelt and Churchill – and will go down in history as such!
    Make no mistake, corruption is rampant within Ukraine, just as it is within EVERY former Soviet nation, and while Ukrainian military leaders have been very successful, there is bound to be A LOT of rot to excise. I fervently hope this action by Zelenskyy is just the first step in a carefully organized plan to divest Ukraine of as much of the Soviet corruption as possible. Gaining the upper hand in the war was an obvious priority, an hopefully now there is time and energy available to start dealing with the festering Russian-induced corruption.

  16. Tough times call for tough decisions. The Lord cannot be on Ukraine’s side if they are not on his. This is a bold decision but I trust it was made in good faith. 👏

  17. “Making a hard decision in wartime may be a good sign.” Thank you. Defeating NATO/U.S. #1 enemy for pennies on the dollar is a ridiculous bonus. Ukraine is wiping out fields of inventory, vehicles, and equipment.

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