Zelensky slams Kissinger’s peace proposals that ‘appease’ Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky made a blistering attack on Henry Kissinger, after the former US Secretary of State appeared to suggest that Ukraine should cede territory to Russia in peace negotiations. Zelensky compared Kissinger's views to the appeasement of Nazi Germany in 1938. #CNN #News


  1. I salute the Brave Ukrainian soldiers and to all Ukrainians in their fight for the freedom of the world because I don’t believe Russia will stop at Ukraine. Slava Ukraine.

  2. Putin doesn’t need an off ramp. He needs a barricade to slam into.

    If this is going to be a highway analogy, let’s give him some road rage.

    1. @Tele Bubba we should turn it to a brewery celebrating Octoberfest. Has all the right colors.

  3. Kissinger’s thinking and diplomacy was always out of touch with reality. Here’s a guy who spoke in the slowest pace and droned on forever incoherently, never saying anything comprehensible. But what was most appalling is that media pundits applauded and praised him, not having the slightest idea of what he was saying either, but very relieved that he finally ended whatever it was that he was saying.

    1. @Michael King He’s a realist. That’s what realists believe. Great Powers should be accommodated so that stability could be maintained. In the 70s he was the apostle of détente, which looked to reach an understanding with the Soviet Union, and to a lesser degree, China. Countries like Ukraine are pawns to be shifted around by Great Powers at their pleasure and for their benefit. Dude hasn’t changed a bit. In the 70s he had no problems with Pinochet’s coup or the Argentinian junta’s Dirty War, so he would have absolutely no problem with Russia’s current dirty war in Ukraine. In fact, I bet he’s the kind of guy who in private says “THE Ukraine”.

    2. @Deborah Freedman back in the days Kissinger even wrote a book about how he has got things wrong in the war with Vietnam, he is almost 100 years old, he needs subtitles, because he can hardly speak any more, it is time he gives up on politics

  4. surrendering or seeking peace with evil has totally never went wrong has it?
    did we forget every single lesson of ww2?

    1. It is very clear you forgot every single lesson of WW1 that lead to WW2. You can’t try to destroy a country entirely with costs, or you get a much worse leader that leads to a much worse war.

  5. It’s well past Kissinger’s time to move on to the next world; he’s caused enough damage here on earth for 10 lifetimes.

  6. Henry is generous with other people’s land. Odd, he had a quite different stance back when his opinion mattered

  7. I’d wonder if he would be willing to give up a US state if the US is ever put in the same position.

  8. It’s a pity that Henry, “The Portrait of a Serial Killer” has the guts to comment on world affairs. The world would always be a better place without these guys.


  9. Right on Zelensky! If our leaders had listened to Kissinger years ago…we’d all be speaking Russian here in the US.

  10. “An appeaser is someone who feeds crocodiles, hoping to be the last to be eaten.” Winston Churchill

    1. If you appease it gives more tyrant to run amok, unchained and these dictators are watching. These clown Russian apologist, love to point fingers.

  11. Just give me a single example of appeasement that worked and I might consider Kissinger’s advice 😳

  12. Why would Russia try to get sanctions relief when they claim the sanctions haven’t worked?

  13. Kissinger is a political has-been who never really was. 
    I don’t understand why anyone takes any note of what he thinks. 
    I’ll take any Ukrainian’s word for the truth over dear foggy old Henry’s attempts to be relevant again.

  14. “Give me Victory or give me Death”
    Patrick Henry, March 23
    “I have not yet begun to fight!”
    John Paul Jones in Battle, 1779
    Both men would be right at home in Ukraine 🇺🇦

  15. Kissinger should be speaking to a tribuneral in the Hague, not at international forums. Aside for being a war criminal, his solution to every conflict was to have small nations yield to the demands of bigger ones.

  16. The winter war and continuation war is something to look at. Stalin tried to do this to Finland, and because Finland resisted so much and so well against the USSR the Russians were essentially forced to only take a partial deal and only got like 15% of the land they actually wanted or something like that.

    Don’t give into demands for territory. Make them bleed and eventually they’ll be forced to take a lesser deal

  17. Wasn’t Kissinger responsible for suggesting that “sometimes genocide may be necessary”? This fossil has already harmed the world. How is he still relevent, and why isn’t his thinking examined more closely. It has often been disturbed.

    1. His souless body has clinged on to life until the big show that is coming.

  18. I’m not the first one to say this, but Henry Kissinger is living proof that the good die young.

    1. Kissenger has never had to risk his life for anything. Others, like young soldiers protected him and gave their lives doing it. Sometimes Kissenger you have to fight and risk it all, because to give in, is to lose it all, with a country like Russia under Putin’s control!

  19. General Wesley Clark on Henry Kissinger’s shameful appeasing remarks: “They are premature and improper.”

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