1. @Golden Eagle American Eagle keep taking the rubles for trolling they wont be worth much for long !

  1. This noble man deserves all the fire power and help the west can give him and his brave people. This is so important not only for Ukraine, but for the democratic nations everywhere.

    1. @Justice forall The better question is if you know right from wrong, or choose to believe what you do not see.

  2. What a man. What a story. What a moment. This is one of those very few times where we understand we’re watching events unfold before our eyes that will be a major moment recorded in the annals of world history.

  3. There are times when military men and women during times of war go above and beyond the call of duty to defend their country. The defenders of Mariupol and all those Ukrainian soldiers are those kind of heroes.
    Even in the face of overwhelming odds they have and are continuing to hold back the invading forces of Russia and Putin’s illegal war on Ukraine. This is the stuff of legends that will never be forgotten and a level of bravery that can not be put into words to do them justice.
    The UN and NATO have to show this kind of courage as do all of the nations that are and want to be part of NATO to stand firm and defeat tyrannical war mongers like Putin that threaten the free world and sovereignty of free nations and will not bow or break and let true evil prevail in today’s world.
    God bless Ukraine and all of its people and soldiers that inspire the rest of the world to do what is right no matter the cost.

    1. @Sander Kan chris evans did you would like us future how power of God that you need me soon com back now new day good luck we back

    2. @Eric Sneary he’s actually right but you can keep laughing with such ignorance instead of actually doing a bit of proper research. Peace.

  4. This man is amazing, you can see how exhausted he is but he keeps going in to plead for help for his people. Let’s hope he gets the help he needs in time.

    1. @J B it definitely isn’t perfect but the alternative is disastrous. I don’t remember people running away from democratic countries to autocratic ones, that should give us a hint.

    1. And he calls himself a journalist.. oh I just puked a little my mouth.. got to go take a Jake …

  5. God Bless the courageous Ukrainian people and their Army. Prayers for all our the Ukrainian people. I pray that the war is over soon! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. @Sander Kan chris evans be back now right nothing you need me soon com back now day good luck we in the morning and see this one and the best so you guys can make me happy now that right after the first time in the world of us future

    2. @Peace and Love, Ya’ll! Hhhh
      C’mon it’s four days ago hhh 🤡
      AMERICA IS A GREAT PLACE FOR CLOWNS hhhhh ok we are afraid plz don’t shake hands with 👻👻👻👻
      hhhhhh 🤡

    3. @Marvin Westmaas I checked them out. Mass media publishers of general content. Nice information, but not much historical analysis specific to the “Great Powers” theory.

    1. @Bab Blo Not so. Russia is not looking for a solution atm, it’s stalling for time to win militarily.
      Only upon Russia’s military defeat will they actually look for political solutions.

      Anyone following their politics & their mindset will come to see that.

    2. @Bab Blo peace talks with a partner you can not trust because he is lying all the time will be impossible…

  6. Just heartbreaking. In spite of President Zelenskyy’s resolve, and compassion, or maybe moreso because of how obvious it is. Good interview Jake, sensitive and respectful. 🙏

    1. @Liz Anderson думаю вы ошибаетесь – миллиарды триллионов

    1. But they retaliated and bombed the factory they say, “Makes the missiles that sank our ship.”

  7. “Be as courageous as you can. If none of us is prepared to die for freedom, then all of us will die under tyranny.” 🙏🏼✊🏽
    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. Peace be unto you…
      Interesting that 80% of gas deposits are located in Donbas-Donetsk region and is why Ukraine’s largest, strongest military is focused in that area and are willing to fight till the end of Ukranian people…

      Interesting how President Biden’s son, Hunter, has personal interests in that same industry and why the American Government is willing to provoke WWlll…

      Take care and be true to your heart
      With Peace and Divine Loving Consciousness

  8. The Ukrainians are amidst of all this still caring about helping the evacuations and removing landmines and boobytraps. They’re a very caring people, that’s obvious.

    1. Not fully true. You should really take a look at what’s been reported by Ukrainian citizens who are right now hiding and living underground in old bomb shelters because the Ukrainian army didn’t want to let them out and evacuate from the eastern parts and Mariupol. Not Ukrainian speaking citizens. Russian speaking citizens. They make big difference between them you see because these Ukrainian military battalions there are the radical nationalists, the neo nazi battalion Azov for example. You just need to listen to the people and war witnesses themselves who live there. Go to Patrick Lancaster’s channel and check one of the latest video reports directly from the war grounds and his interviews with people- Think it’s called something like “Citizens of Mariupol are blaming the Ukrainian military for using them as human shields”. Unfortunately you won’t be told the whole truth by only watching mainstream media. It’s all one sided. This war has been going on since 2014. People in the eastern parts of Ukraine have been living in fear, shelling, attacks and torture for many years. Ukrainian citizens that speak Russian, Not the Ukrainian people who speak Ukrainian. There’s a massive difference you see. And the military there in those parts ( that are funded and supported by Zelensky and his government) are committing war crimes and atrocities for a long time without anyone reacting. The people of the world who are only believing what their western propaganda governments and media tells them will be up for a shock when they one day find out the truth. Sadly not all Ukrainians are caring. Especially these military groups which Zelensky actually doesn’t have control over. They are brutal and evil. They haven’t helped anyone evacuate from these areas that are mostly Russian speaking. And you have to understand that these eastern parts of Ukraine, the majority of the citizens there voted many many years ago that they wanted to belong to Russia as an independent republic but the Ukrainian government didn’t let them and they never followed the Minsk agreement that they signed to keep peace in those areas. So people should not get surprised to find out that the people in DPR have been begging for help from the Russians for years now, because of these horrible attacking and living conditions they have been forced to live under for more than 8 years. The Russians haven’t intervened. Until now. Imagine that. I bet you haven’t heard about this truth from your television or newsmedia.

  9. My heart bleeds for this man, his people and his country. He tells it as it is. He doesn’t dress it up in any way. An amazing leader emerged from this terrible war to lead a country of extraordinarily courageous people to we all hope victory. The alternative is unthinkable.

    1. @lisar915 R and? He is a president for 3 years and started election campaign even earlier. Had enough time to end the war, had all resources lawmaking and administrative to end the war, had peoples support, and he lied. He signed the treaty the same way Poroshenko signed it, and then broke the oath.

  10. The Russians have retaliated for the sinking of their ship….even though it apparently sank due to a “fire that broke out”….but they’re angry at the Ukrainians for this “accident” 😂😂

    1. @Jack Links Ukranians claimed to have done it as a strike but as always in Russia they spun it around saying it was an “accident” just like the say that this invasion is just a “Special Military Operation”. I personally believe the Ukranian goverment way more and just feel it is kind of sad and pathetic that the Russan Goverment is practicaly in denial at the fact they are loosing and now have lost their largest ship, and if it wasnt so tragic it would be halarious that their cover up to the sinking of their largest battle ship is a fire🤣😂

  11. Jake stay safe..Glory be to Ukraine, the homeland of my parents and ancestors We will fight to to the last person.You can’t break our will to be free

    1. Yet he speaks perfect English. I’m fascinated by the way he switches between languages depending on the audience he’s appealing to.

  12. Unless we start to fight and defeat the enemies in our own country, poverty and racism, and make our talk of equality and opportunity ring true, we are exposed in the eyes of the world as hypocrites when we talk about making people free.
    -Shirley Chisholm

  13. When he switched to english, you know he was extremely serious about getting his point across to the rest of the world.

    1. Agreed. Here is a man who knows how powerful it is to try and relate to people in their language. But when he wanted to explain sensitive things he wanted to do justice to the correct info given he switched back to Ukranian. I do the same with Zulu and English.

    2. @Jean-michel Delvaux oh, if you knew how well he can lie… half of ukrainians here can’t stand his performances any more

    3. @Mila Sandt talented man is talented in everything, as we say in Ukraine. Ronald Reagan was also an actor ✌️ Zelensky stand for people and does his best now, don’t even dare to say bad things about him.

    4. @Mila Sandt не нужно так нагло врать. говорю как украинец.

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