1. We pray for your victory and defeat of the most cruel monster to save Ukraine, Europe and humanity. You will be victorious. Long live Ukraine. Salute Ukraine for standing up to this most cruel dictator.

  2. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1953

    1. The Ukrainian flag is essentially the Biden version of the Trump flag. It’s a little disturbing.

  3. Incredibly sad..It must be so bitter for him to be passed over all these years when they were the most in need …He is not wrong. Russia is decimating his country. So. Damned. Wrong.

  4. i agree with his position . we should have given Ukraine a nato membership with all the protections and benefits
    The nato countries can still do this and should. I am a norwegian-canadian living in canada.
    He looks like he’s aged 10 years

  5. Some people say that Wolf Blitzer is Zelenskyy’s dad. I wish they’d appear on Maury Povich Show to announce the paternity results.

    1. You again Rus bot? You change names like Trump changes his diaper…here ya go boy, here’s your ruble. Good boy.

  6. He is right ! it was a bad decision to simply not add them when the Z trucks were parked for months !!!! Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes !!! Ukraine showed many years ago they were democratic !!!! GLORY TO Mr Zelensky !! and UKRAINE !!!!

  7. *Trump made a statement! Watch the video you will be shocked* EVERYDAYS.ML

    Mr.Dunn – respect for you.

  8. He looks exhausted and broken….and yet there he is. I have the upmost respect for this man!

    1. @Thinker so it’s zelensky’s fault? What do you think Putin did in this situation?

    2. Im exhausted too, i work hard for my legal money. Thanks for your upmost respect hypocrite

  9. Wolf without his “HAPPENING NOW BREAKING NEWS”? It might be the end of times after all….lol

  10. After the invasion, it’ll be smart for Ukraine and the small nations around the Zoo (russia) to form a military alliance like NATO.

  11. 1: Sweden and Finland have been nato allies for nearly 20 years.
    2: Atleast sweden (dont know about Fin) answererd the call when the us triggered artiicle 5 even tho we werent in nato.
    3: Neither Sweden and Finland have any border disputes.
    4: I hope Ukraine will be able to join when this war is over, but for that to happen ukraine must win. Which means we should help them even more

    1. Finland has Been partner of NATO from 94 or 95. But it dosen’t matter If you have Been NATO partner 30 years or just 1 year or If you are corrupt country or not corrupt country. Example Bulgaria has Been long time on NATO member Bulgaria is messed corrupt country like Ukraine but Ukraine has no hope joining NATO. Here on Finland we have no broblems with corruption etc.. but we are neighbour of Russia and our position its not same like Ireland or Austria. Finland politacans thought If we want apply NATO nembership we have to do this know becouse NATO Window could Be closed again in next 5 or 10 years. Ukraine has Been gift from heaven for Finnish NATO supporters becouse Ukraina ressitance opened ja opportunity what hapoens mapy once in 100 years.

  12. This is sad to watch. Heartbreaking. It didn’t have to be this way and we all will suffer for making the wrong decision. Happy for Sweden and Finland.

    1. @club4ghz trump would of been on Russias side. Ukraine would of ended in 3 days. US would of ended soon after. Do you have common sense or do you just put words together?

  13. I got to admit this man is a courageous man he’s doing the best for what he’s got🤔

  14. Damn Zelensky….i can tell that youre sad …my heart feels heavy looking at you on the internet and hearing your words as they are translated….

    1. @Jim Larson no we dont. Negotiations could be had and it could end but with all this aid he doesnt want to.

  15. I laugh at this as a United States citizen. My country stole tax dollars which is illegal for this lie. And Russia played us. That’s what we get because we think we’re so smart.

  16. I’m in two minds about Ukraine joining NATO. Initially, I was against their membership, because it would escalate tensions between Ukraine and Russia. However, this changed when Russia decided to invade Ukraine, threaten nuclear war, bomb and shoot numerous civilians and do dastardly deeds to some of the women. Finland and Sweden see it in a similar way too, hence their new desire to join NATO.

  17. Ukraine *most wrong decision* was to listen to USA that they could win a war against an enemy that has 200 times more manpower, 50 times more financial power, possess the most modern technology, as well as mounting high soviet inheritance equipments; *by weapon aids and motivational words.*

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