Zelensky’s adviser breaks down Ukraine’s number 1 objective

Russian missile strikes on Kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities killed at least 14 people and wounded dozens, the Ukrainian State Emergency Service said. US President Joe Biden spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to condemn Russia’s recent missile strikes and pledge continued US security assistance, according to a White House readout of the call. Ukraine’s Chief Diplomatic Adviser Ihor Zhovkva joins CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to discuss. #CNN #News


  1. For too long the world community has looked the other way at oppression and aggression because it is good for business. We must join with other nations and link international trade directly to human rights in a positive and consistent way. Never too late to change our selfish ways. The profit must be taken out of oppression or nothing will really change. In fact, only crooked corporations and oligarchs profit from the current world order.

    1. Absolutely right. No trading with abusers of the basic human rights and despisers of the Word of God. 🍷✌️💘

  2. I will start watching CNN again if they do this one stop talking about Trump you did it for 6 years and this is what you did I can get them on this I can get them on that 6 years I really hope CNN gives up on Donald Trump news and just reports the real news

    1. Yeah that’s nuts , that’s the point, keep pushing them back, until they are chased all the way home…!!! Then see ya !!

  3. Ukraine if you had the systems you are begging for Russia would have removed them with nonstop hell fire so quick question………………how fast you want lights out across Ukraine, it’s your decision. 😂😂😂

  4. Why did Ukrainians attack their bridge first? lol you can’t cry for help and be victim and saying your tough and winning at same time pick a story and stick to it

  5. Best to have negotiated settlement for world peace, low inflation, lower poverty level. 4 regions of Annexed Russia is not worth the risk for WW3!

  6. Where is the real journalism? Enough with the one-sided coverage! Why don’t you show what kind of damage the other side endures!

  7. Hey CNN where was your condemnation language when Ukraine Nazis were bombing and shelling the Donbas for eight years murdering over 14,000 Russian speaking Ukrainians civilians? Or the burning alive of the 87 civilians in Odessa, or the Maidan massacre by Ukraine Nazis? By the way where is your condemnation of the U.S. bombing of the NS 1&2 pipelines that have crippled Europe/Germany energy source harming the lives of civilians in Europe? Where is your condemnation of the Ukraine bombing of the Crimea bridge? Seems your entire propaganda narrative is to vilify Russia and turn a blind eye to the U.S. and Ukraine war crimes. More a propaganda state media than an actual news source.

  8. Did you advise Zelensky to make fun of the Crimean bridge ?? “The weather is nice in Ukraine, but unfortunately it’s cloudy in Crimea”? Did you advise people to take selfies in front of the painted Crimean bridge that is burning??

  9. Mind boggling how anyone has balls accusung anyone for destroying the illegally built Crimea bridge 🤣
    Condolences for the victims of the russian mafia terrorist attacks 🙏

  10. Russian brutalitay and inhumanity is expected, and that is why we have to fight unil the end of war as we have to strongly safeguard what we value and belive. they think this could frighten and weaken us by atrocity and massive greif to Ukraine, then EU, but Ukrainian showed us what is true bravery and toughness!

  11. US will send advance anti aircraft system.The same system which fails to shoot down houthi missile in Yemen 😂😂

  12. An outrageous reponse to Ukraine trying to protect itself and taking out a military target! Why doesn’t any of the news broadcasters say this??? They speak as if Putin had a right to hit civilian targets as retaliation!! Ukraine must persevere!! And Russia should be made to pay for this war!

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