1. Condolences to the families who lost a loved ones defending Ukraine 🇺🇦
    Prayers for the people of Ukraine.

    1. @john kline – President of Ukraine is Jewish as many of his top aides . Is your ignorance drug induced or do you just lactate ignorance naturally for a living?

  2. The face of a true Hero. Fighting for freedom with his life. For what most of us have taken for granted.

  3. I can feel your pain Ukrainian people , I hope you stand strong and take back your home land. Long Live Ukraine.. 🇺🇦

    1. @Earthly Civilian LOL….sure…that’s why there is so much resistance in the war, and that’s why they didn’t agree to the anex of Crimea, and have elected zelensky by a huge margin, and that’s why they have also voted 94% the get out of Russia after the Berlin wall has fallen….Putin has the biggest country in the world and has lower GDP than Italy, protest is a crime in Russia and his political opponents are all killed or in prison – gee, I wonder why the Ukrainians want to be free of Russia, after all Putin has created such a paradise there 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Big Boss Just say what you want to say, because person like you only have negative thoughts and hatreds towards other people. You don’t have such empathy at all to people who suffering. Shame on you…!

  4. My mother’s tongue is Russian, my relatives are from the Donbas region I’m living in Ukraine at the moment. My friends speak Russian too, we are the relics of the Soviet Union. Of course, I understand and speak Ukrainian, but it’s not my primary language. No one oppressed me, I am free to express myself in any language in my homeland Ukraine. Even when I receive a call from the bank and they hear me expressing myself in Russian they often switch to the Russian language. I am proud to be Ukrainian.

    1. @Cembe Roche Why? .. the Ukrainians will hate the Russians now that they have invaded. Many Russians are protesting, but are being oppressed by a DICKtator. Stop Adolf Putins war!

    2. @Cembe Roche We don’t want russian to spill our blood anymore. Stop your bloody talks!!!! Ukrainians can speak as many languages as they like. We have no problems with languages but we have big problem with old Russian dictator who clearly has mental problems.
      In fact whole world should take notice that it’s never good to support economy of totalitarian country full of nuclear weapons with leader who is formed KGB agent who has no regards for human life.
      No one should be in title to change constitution to suit their needs. There is reason why President shouldn’t be allowed to be president for forever.
      Russian monarch is now out of control, thinking he can rule whole world one day.
      He has dreams to take Alaska back and East German, and not only Baltic countries, Poland and other Eastern European countries.
      Be sure he wants revenge for losing cold war. He wants west to suffer.
      He will use nuclear weapons so I pray that russia still has good people who won’t let him.
      There is nothing wrong with tough leader but everything is wrong with this old, ugly man who possess shortness thinking he is all that. Disgusting!
      Play for Putin to be killed because he has no courage to commit suicide.
      There is no place for people like that in 21 century!

  5. This made me start crying. I wanted to hug the translator…and Zelenskyy. He’s stood with his people as a non-transactional, true leader. I can see the emotion in his face and hear the passion in his voice. I can’t imagine the sheer amount of energy it takes to sustain that level of courage. THIS is speaking truth to power. This is finding humanity in atrocity. This is true leadership. Bless you, President Zelenskyy, and all the people who are fighting for their lives. Ukraine is in my prayers, sincerely and fervently. Putin is a MONSTER.

    1. I was an interpreter/translator.
      I had to hear and give very bad news to families of pacients.
      Believe me when I tell you that the interpreter was CRYING. Listen from the beginning. At 01:00 he heard what Zelensky said. At 01:11 he started crying. Because he found out how dozens of people died in a ballistic missile strike. Forgive the interpreter . He did his job but it’s to much sometimes. He doesn’t give this news every day. Even for me it was so difficult to do that job. And I would say day after day the bad news. We are also humans even if only our voices are used not what we think, feel . That’s forbidden..but we are humans

    2. @TRUTH KILLA You’re just high on instagram/facebook “joker motivational quotes”. Start reasoning yourself out kid.

  6. I worked as a translator for years…translators work from paper copies and can take time to get the meaning right. This man is an interpreter and is translating Zelensky’s words in real time; I know how difficult this is and the emotional content makes it even more difficult. I have nothing but the utmost respect for both men. Slava Ukraine!

    1. @Earthly Civilian Regardless of your opinion..The 🌎 is behind the brave men, women and children of Ukraine and against barbaric Putin…

    1. @William Jones what about operation cyclone with us funding militant islamic groups tied to al qaeda for decade+ during soviet occupation of afghanistan? whataboutisms. lul.

    2. @Peace is the way! taliban and al qaeda friends, kekw. Al Qaeda could only dream of having the power the taliban has over afghanistan. Talibs are pashtunwali, pakistan and afghan regional groups. Al Qaeda are wahhabi/salafi extremists originating from Saudi Arabia, the US petrol dollar ally, and where 15 of 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from. 0 were taliban or afghans on 9/11. Osama himself was saudi arabian foreigner who immigrated to afganistan to fight the soviet invasion with support of US carter/reagan docrtrines and operation cyclone.

    3. @William Jones Also who said the 9/11 victims were innocent? They were complacently supporting militant extremists for decades via their government. Thus, it was a justified attack, albeit not by afghans but us ally saudi arabians.

    4. @Sundering Loki How do you know Silvana Klaric Boricic heart hasn’t gone out for people suffering from other conflicts? Just because we’re showing compassion for Ukraine doesn’t mean we haven’t shown compassion for other nations. The news being discussed in this forum is the invasion of Ukraine. Are we supposed to express our sympathies for every single country that has suffered when we are talking about one particular country?

  7. I knew this situation was bad. Everyone did.
    But this was the first time it hit me on an emotional level. Translator crying, this man alone possibly already resigning himself to the fact that him and his country are on their own. But he’s there, being an inspiration and leader to his people nonetheless. A president to be proud of.
    Godspeed Ukraine

    1. Fill ur head wirh western media thatll make u gravitate towards em, u will not only know them, you will feel them

    2. @Bertie Yt I wasn’t calling you uneducated. I like you, I was dealing with that other idiot you were up against defending you. I agree with everything you said. 🙂 You have a heart of gold, I love you and want the best for you!

      # World for Ukraine

    3. Zelensky the traitor and american puppet will soon be brought to justice for sacrificing his country and his people for pushing american agenda. If you are ukranians fighting this war, wake up, bring peace to your country and your people, bring zelensky to justice

  8. People here in the USA take a hard look at a REAL fight for freedom. We could learn a few things from this man. We take way too much for granted and I hope we can pull together and denounce this evil. God bless Ukraine!

    1. What? US History is literally RIDDLED with “real” fights for freedom. Let’s not compare conflicts, but instead simply offer support.

  9. Our hearts go all out with all the Ukraine’s people. We stand solidly with Ukrainians fighting for freedom, and will support you all the way!!

    1. nobody wants to take his freedom. this war for defending people from Donbass from Ukrainian neonazi. You people don’t even know the truth.

  10. My heart goes out to this man, so brave and determined not to give up.. May GOD continue to guide him and all of his people to safety and freedom from this monster 👹.

  11. Who can possibly listen to this without getting choked up. Prayers for Ukraine! 🇺🇲🙏🇺🇦

    1. I can think of a family who’s last name starts with the letter “T” that would not be phased by this at all. 🤷🏻‍♂️ When you’re not capable of basic human emotions other than anger and fear, you’re just not, your brain isn’t built that way.

    2. Trump wouldn’t choke up because he tried to force Zelensky to do something before, and Zelensky stood up to him and said… no.
      So Zelensky has one toe-to-toe with Trump and Putin… awesome!!

    3. It sad to say this ure leader foget how he is listen Russia is a mother land of Ukraine and why u want to be American even not Russia America is deferent remember Russian blood and Ukraine is one you’re brother and sister do not fight agains you’re family American is you’re true enemy not you’re blood line….

  12. A powerful hero! May God Bless him and Protect him and all Ukrainian people! He is the light rising above the darkness. He is the Goodness overcoming evil. Pray 🙏 with all of your heart and soul, and Help Ukraine!

    1. @billy tan obviously it is so clear now as daylight the European Union is a band of racists , the double standards whom to feel sorry for and whom to turn a blind eye

  13. Zelensky you’re a man of heart , a man of his word , a man who is determined- Major respect 0311

  14. Zelenskyy is one of the biggest heroes of our time. This man is an inspiration to the world and deserves a Nobel prize.

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