1. He’s not lying, the fact they literally just shot and killed him is fucked up and a war crime

    1. How do you know he is not lying?? You were there watching? Or this clown sounds persuasive enough?

    2. @Michael Ottway because we know how Russia is, plus it’s a journalist idk what he could even do to get shot besides him doing his job and Russian military forces just being ignorant

    3. @Michael Ottway actually the photographer was interviewed while he was in hospital.
      He said that as soon as he and Brent got over the checkpoint, the Russians shot at them. He said he seen that Brent got hit in the neck but he had to keep running because they wouldn’t stop shooting at him.
      He was shot somewhere on his lower back it looked like. They had a medical screen over his back so it was difficult to tell where it was

    4. Brent was a legend and also had balls of steel with a heart of gold.
      He is going to be greatly missed. It was only hours before he was shot that I was watching his coverage 😒

  2. Propaganda????? I don’t know anymore. For all I know, this “journalist” is in witness protection somewhere. The media lost my trust long ago

    1. @Psych Kingler It is war and millions of people have to flee their own homes. This is a sign that all politicians in this world have failed. You don’t have to be skeptical. If politicians haven’t learned to solve problems diplomatically and then threaten humanity with athombombs, that’s just weak. The world is lost.

    2. @Psych Kingler Yes and that’s why I said live in your Babbel. I live in mine too. It’s not our reality. I just feel sorry for all the innocent people who really can’t help it and have lost their homes. Which politician is to blame or who is lying will come out at some point anyway.

    3. Brent was shot in the neck and died while his photographer explained while he was in hospital and didn’t yet know he died yet.

  3. He reminds me of “I wear no motley in brain” which means comedian or joker is not foolish inside.. They are more serious than any serious inside, and this president is brave too.

  4. 🀣🀣🀣 the guy shot and dead in the crossfire, but the comedian thinks, this is an invitation for American to go to war.

    1. He keeps trying to bring other countries and make things even worse. People who don’t see that are BLIND!!!

  5. While he beats religious people and non party liners. What a joke. The average American algorithm is just SO set up for this stuff.

  6. He bit off more than he can chew, now he wants the United States to cover his back? He must still think he’s a comedian, because this is a joke. He’s asking us to engage in nuclear war. That’s not funny!

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