Zelenskyy cautious about peace talks with Russia | USA TODAY


  1. If I was him, I’d wear gloves and a gas mask. It would make a statement about the trustworthiness of the Russians, while also avoiding the very real possibility of being poisoned.

    1. @lesmo whomever lmao. I live in America and I find it very easy to stay out of prison. Everyone in prison in the US made choices to get there. Never has it even crossed my mind that jail is a possibility, because I don’t commit crimes. It’s that simple.

    1. Yes, it was Russia that violated the terms. Russia had agreed to fixed borders for Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine giving up their nukes. It turns out it was a bad deal for Ukraine.

    2. @James S. Kardon If Ukraine survives this, their best option is to join NATO and beef up their military for the next try by Russia.

  2. They warned their people not to eat or drink while meeting the Russians. Good advice considering their past history!

  3. Why don’t you go and talk to the Russians On the Border president zelensky make sure you take a white flag so the rest of us can tell that it is actually you. Go ahead president zelensky

    1. Не все, там лагерь разделяется, многие не верят как и в Европе, просто не дают сказать правду, я сам с ЕС, родился и живу 30 лет тут, за любое положительное высказывание в сторону РФ, тебя власть ЕС будет наказывать, по этому люди молчат, но это до поры до времени.

  4. 1st week of war, clown’s said ,they will fight to the very end, 2nd week asking for more weapons, at 3rd & 4th week the clown is now asking for peace talk, (the point is , this clown has dragged his people to die and then what?)

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