Zelenskyy condemns Russian army as Mariupol future remains unknown | USA TODAY

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy calls the Russian army "absolute evil" as the war continues and the future of Mariupol remains unknown.

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Moscow's attacks on Mariupol are part of its new wartime strategy: pivoting to a heavy offensive in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas, parts of which were controlled by Russian-backed forces prior to the invasion.

Reuters and the BBC reported there were no signs of Ukrainian forces giving in, and Oleksiy Arestovych, a senior adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said in a social media post Mariupol was being held as fighting continued.

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  1. Why was Zelensky explicitly told Ukraine would never join nato or EU, yet publicly they act like it has potential? Hmm…

    1. @Eli Levine His point might be that Zelensky’s actions look like he was just setting up the perfect backdrop for nato to drive regime change against Putin…. throwing both the Ukrainian and Russian people under the bus. The pressure that the Ukraine would join nato had to be there to accomplish that.

  2. Russia is kicking Ukraines arse! Why does msm act other wise? LOLOL! Godspeed RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say tomorrow! How much more money do you want? How many of our kids do you want to sacrifice for nothing?

    1. That’s a new one. How many American troops are we sending to Ukraine? Unless you are talking about Mexican troops, which I would find kinda funny. Zelensky would get on the news, “I asked for a army, not landscapers.”

    2. @That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick! lol Mexican special forces is actually good they became the cartel

  4. You can’t even see dislikes on youtube anymore why even have it there? this has turned into a lefty propaganda machine

  5. All he said would be true if he’s talking about his own Azov Nazis/racists troops. The Russians have given these Nazis multiple chances to surrender but Zelinsky said they’d rather fight to the death even though he knew they had civilians with them (which might be a lie). Let the civilian human shields go without threatening to shoot them in the back. Then surrender or be bombed. I really don’t care which one these Nazis pick.

  6. I am sorry for what those folks are going through, but we got our own problems here, and I do not believe we need to be the referee for anyone. The fact that we just have magic money to give Ukraine upsets me. Why can’t other countries take the lead on this Ukraine business? We got Covid deaths, inflation, housing crisis, and food scarcity. I am sorry but America first before we help anyone else.

  7. Zelenskyy should come build our border wall with all the money he’s getting from American taxpayers.

  8. Why does he just piss and moan every day and not save his countrymen’s lives by negotiating a settlement? If it’s ‘fight to the death’ he wants, then do it without US aid. This whole thing STINKS to high heaven from all the crap that’s buried that we’re not being told.

  9. Zelensky for New World Order Dictator 👍🏽
    He’s corrupt
    He’s mega rich
    He’s an actor…what more can you ask for?😜

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