Zelenskyy: ‘From now on, Russia will only be a pawn’ | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. Zelensky: We are crushing the 2nd wave
    Russia: will just pull out another 10 waves*
    Rommel: First time?

    1. There’s one important difference between then and now. Russia is facing a major demographics collapse in the next few decades. Throwing wave after wave of disposable pawns into the meat grinder will only accelerate the process.

    2. Russia just outnumbers Ukraine too heavily.. we keep hearing about Russians being conscripted, this happens in Ukraine daily.. Ukraine has been using forced conscription since this started and most of them are just as unwilling to be involved. it’s ok we can ignore the numbers but at some point Ukraine will run out of soldiers and it will be long before Russia does…

  2. والله واجعني حال المدنيين في اوكرانيا، الأسباب ليست محل نقاش الآن زرعو الدم بينكم والثائر لاحولا ولاقوة الابالله العلي العظيم أنتم اخوه ماذا تفعلون هذا السلاح اولا يوجه لعدوكم الحقيقي لقد حاربتم وظحيتو معا في الحرب العالمية الثانية افيقو في اتحادكم قد تتصدرون العالم معا فقط من يريد حرمانكم من هذا النعيم لتدمرون بعضكم البعض لاحولا ولاقوة الا بالله العلي العظيم.

    1. NATO is obviously trying to provoke Putin into using nuclear weapons. Putting the whole world on edge, forcing other smaller country’s into joining NATO. Eliminating Russia and Belarus government will make NATO top dog

    2. Only nuclear weapon, do you think Russia new soldiers will change anything, when they don’t even have food and water and are equipped with rusted guns 😂😂

    3. it’s unlikely they will.. Russia will continue to maintain a large reserve army inside of Russia on the chance western nations escalate this into Russia… there is millions of Russians available to send to Ukraine, they outnumber Ukraine massively… it’s a war of attrition now

    1. Everythink zelensky is saying that russia is doing is what he is doing hes always begging and wanting nuke to be used zelensky is corrupt as they come

    2. @99alp99 FiLa We exploded a lot of atomic weapons in Nevada (USA) just north of Las Vegas. The fallout went all over the country, only issue was Kodak corporation film had to be stored in a shielded vault in New York at the factory until the fallout cooled off. It wouldn’t be such a big deal for a few nukes in Ukraine; Chernobyl fallout didn’t bother Europe much.

    3. @Gary Fredrickson yup always destroying North America the real foreign illegal aliens from other side of Earth that invaded

    4. @Prince Hamdan Real good. We have so much natural gas that a story said the producers are paying to have it taken away! Yes sir, plenty warm, cheap power and a whole continent of Europe 🇪🇺 making us rich buying our overpriced, price gouged gas; not to mention investing and fighting for our toilet paper dollars as “world reserve currency,” maybe our Federal Reserve central bank can put those dollars on a bathroom 🚻 toilet paper roll and box them up for you.

    1. I wish my country was ruled by such a comediant! But! My country is runned by incompetent corrupt scum bag! Slava Ukrainy!

    2. Pretty sure Russians illegal invasion is what caused the Ukrainian situation. Russian has even kidnapped hundreds of thousands of little kids from Ukraine. That’s genocide, and anyone who supports it is a monster

    3. Lol like zelensky had any control over whether Russia invaded or not when he took over it was already going towards war. He’s been an excellent war time leader anyone who says against are just salty or coping it’s that simple.

    1. Yes but with weapons they are beating the so called 2nd most powerful nation showing you how outdated Russian forces are

    2. @Media Don russians have 200 k troops in Ukraine and Ukrainian had 700 k troops..
      Russian military eleminated majority of ukrianian militry within 100 days..
      It is the endless supply of equipment by the west that still keep the UAF running..
      But soon this will be over..

  3. What Russia has done is just a taste 🤣 once they war starts on all fronts you will see because Ukraine will be ashes then not just a pile of rubble…. this clown needs to see and understand that!

  4. It’s your war, solve your problem yourself with the Americans. Impudence nor from Europe to demand money for the reconstruction. No one helped the Bosnians and Croats during the war, let alone reconstruction

  5. Send another batch of $32 billions….of tax payer money!!
    (As a tax payer i do not prefer spending money into Ukraine war, Biden)

    1. That’s just because you’re weak and worthless Every country has the right to defend themselves.

      And I’ll remind you that Joe Biden didn’t even want to get involved with this war at all. Joe Biden was working with Russia to work out an Iran nuclear deal.

      I’m guessing that you’re not part of the United States because you would have already known that. It was the outcry from the United States citizens that demanded the United States help out Ukraine.

      The United States citizens controls what the United States government does. Joe Biden was given absolutely 0 choice but to help Ukraine.

      Failing to obey the United States citizens Demand can get you removed by force.

      That being sad.

      As a United States Citizen I 100% support Ukraine but I don’t know if this is a very wise choice to be taunting Russia.

      That is threatening nuclear war this seems pretty stupid to me.

      Ukraine is only defeating Russia because of the United States’s help Financial and military hardware.

      Everything he said is the truth but it doesn’t really need be said.

    2. @Pamela Johnson Hey, yes iam a weak tax payer with no power or no say in how my tax money is being sent into war but you may keep the worthless aspect. Rest of your blabberings are returned back to you.
      World has awakened including US citizens.
      Looks like you are not a citizen of USA, may not be paying taxes either.

  6. Yes,
    You are breaking the 2nd strongest nation with the rest of the world helping you…

    Don’t be arrogant,
    Be grateful!



    1. @Christopher Christian VanLang small boxes? You have sent more military aid than the whole Russian military budget …

    2. agreed 100%

      As a United States Citizen I 100% support Ukraine but I don’t know if this is a very wise choice to be taunting Russia.

      That is threatening nuclear war this seems pretty stupid to me.

      Ukraine is only defeating Russia because of the United States’s help Financial and military hardware.

      Everything he said is the truth but doesn’t really need be said?

    3. ​​@Christopher Christian VanLang Do you know what wins wars ?

      Intelligence the 4000 United States satellites that can see What brand of cigarettes you have in your pocket.

      Ukraine is getting live updates From the United States letting them know where Russia’s troops are. Elon musk is spending 20 million dollars a month providing them with Startlink satellites

      The United States tax payers Has them $16.9 billion In Military aid.

      Smallboxes well if you don’t need our help we can just leave I mean you got this right I mean you got this right?

      You don’t need our help anymore right?

  7. This guy was asking for more anti-air missiles free of charge from Europe the other day, It would otherwise be a great speech if he didn’t let the others pay for his war.

  8. As a United States citizen I’ve been 100% supportive Of Ukraine’s war I think the country has the right to defend themselves however after this message I’m kind of rethinking that.

    It seems like they have this wrapped up. Instead of being grateful towards the people helping him hes being obnoxious and taunting Putin.

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