Zelenskyy pleads for Ukraine to become member of EU | USA TODAY


    1. You’ve just awarded a curse of death upon many European nations. This is what they’ve been trying to avoid

  1. Come on EU the clock is ticking and the world is watching. No more war and no more civilians lost their lives.
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 and peace to the world 🙏☮️🌍

    1. @Rym Djd Saddam Hussein is a threat to the whole. What do you wanna do dis armed the jew so that your people could destroy them. Muslim wants to wipe out the Jewish state and Israel is trying to protect themselves this is facts. Before your Quran is made there’s already a bible and Israel is land of the Jew. Jerusalem is Jewish.

    2. He really likes the spotlight…acts like he’s showing off. Sad what’s happening if most is true but wtf

    3. @Rym Djd
      First of all Ukrainians have been in war with Russia for the last 8 years. It’s Putin that can’t move on coz Ukraine has got its own freedom.
      If Ukraine happens to be in Europe then it doesn’t mean I stand for white people or non Muslims.
      We’re talking about European Union countries. Not about Middle Eastern countries. I think you should go and ask to the Middle East Union countries if there is one. They must protect and help their people (and others) just like Western countries do to all nations. Have you forgotten about the refugees who flee all the time to the Western countries from all over Middle East countries? Have you asked yourself why they don’t go to the countries in the Mid East where Muslims aka their brothers and sisters in faith live? Have you thought about these instead of whining? I’m sick of people telling the same thing every time I give my comment and I didn’t even say anything about racism! Grown up and talk to your muslim brothers and sisters about your problems. Or better yet, talk to Putin and his buddy. I’m not white and I came here to express my feeling towards the victims. Not the aggressor.

    4. @Eli Ko
      Let that be EU and Russia’s problems coz right now it’s Ukraine that must be protected.
      Slava Ukraini🇺🇦

  2. I just admire the fact that he was a comedian, and from what I could see from comments on other videos,he I considered one of the best presidents of Ukraine.
    If I’m wrong pls tell me .

    1. He really likes the spotlight…acts like he’s showing off. Sad what’s happening if most is true but wtf

    2. He just sold his country by joining NATO and now Ukranians will suffer more war how is this a good president??

    3. saying, that He is the best president of Ukraine? Good Leader never let the Civil War(8years) destroyed lives of thousands, and sad but fact, so-called UN and others ignored that. Big game!

  3. I wish both countries the best and hope that they (Russia & Ukraine) can help each other find other resolutions

  4. Su su mr president and all the people in Ukraine 🇺🇦 you all the fight back too get your own people and your country safe don’t give up keep stay strong all together and stay safe god’s bless you all safe 💯💯💯😘😘😘🇰🇭🇺🇸

  5. Dominican Republic, We are praying for our sisters and Ukrainians brothers. Our love and support in this trying times. By an evil maniac.
    God Bless Ukrainian…

    1. @Kevin Damarray You mean the democratically elected Ukranian president? No, he mean the disgusting dictator of Russia

  6. “Call on the Lord in the day of trouble,
    and He will deliver you”
              – Psalm  50 :15

  7. I’m Greek and I live in my second country (which now is my forever country) and I pleat please make it happen now!!!!!!!

  8. One guy is begging – One group is on the feet applauding – One group is killing the guy who’s begging.

  9. Glory is to God. Not any person, country, or anything. I pray for you all deeply as it is very very sad to see this destruction of life and cities. I pray that you Mr. Zelenskyy are a man of faith and believe that only Jesus Christ can win any war as He has in the past, present, and will again in the future. Glory to Jesus Christ, may He provide you all the power and support you need. God Bless all of you, Ukraine!

  10. Just as immigrants are required to follow & complete established steps to become United States citizen, why is Ukraine trying to become a member of the EU, while skipping the requirement step of becoming a NATO member FIRST, as all the current EU member countries have ???

  11. He has difficulty speaking in Ukrainian language and is often sliding to Russian pronunciation. You know why? Because he speaks Russian better and more fluently. He is the artist. He followed the play. Who is writing the script…..? Is not hard to guess) …

  12. Удачи Украину молодцы Украинсам Аллах помочь вам иншаллах

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