1. The war between Ukraine and Russia did not see the Ukrainian counterattack using missiles to return to Moscow, the Russian capital, and the houses of their people were not destroyed by the missiles. Ukraine must quickly establish and destroy Russian missile bases, airports, ammunition depots, oil depots, and important towns. ability. Counterattack in self-defense is the only way to stop the enemy from attacking. Bringing the war back to Moscow is the only way to end the war. Fighting for freedom and peace, Ukrainian warriors cheer, pleading with the almighty Lord Jesus, protect Ukraine, and unite the world against Russian Putin.

  2. This amazing President has been begging and pleading for 3 weeks for help. It is PAST TIME for the USA to step up and show Putin and every other evil, corrupt country exactly what the United States is about! Bring this attack on Ukraine to a end and show all of them what will happen if they ever choose to follow in Putins footsteps.

    1. @Seb DeWitt we are gonna be in a war anyways! Have you not heard all the speeches from Putin?? He has made it VERY CLEAR that the United States is on his “list” of “unfriendly countries”, do you not know what that means? It sure as hell doesn’t mean hes gonna give us a good talking to. You can continue to live under Putins thumb if you want, and keep coddling him but that’s on you. ANYONE that can see what is happening to innocent people in Ukraine and be ok with it while you sit on your damn couch nice and safe and crawl into a comfy bed every damn night and get a good night’s sleep while those people are being SLAUGHTERED has got to be ONE COLD HEARTED SOB. Open a Bible and tell me where it says that Jesus Christ only died on that cross for citizens of the United States or others that belong to NATO before you talk your BS to me!! Smh

  3. Lost is not a tall man, 40-45 years old. He calls himself Volodymyr and the President of Ukraine (if he is not called that, he gets very upset). Don’t argue. He left Kyiv and did not return. If you meet, please call the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

    1. HaShem says when the true MaShiach, a military man, comes here the whole world will know peace and wars will end, everyone Will know God and return to HIS WAYS found in Holy Scripture, Tanack. So many more signs. Hint: not found in NT. Found in Tanach. Holy Word.

    2. no disrespect but im pretty sure they had peace b4 the war started …. life with covid fucked us worldy but there was a minimum kind of peace .. no missles no bombs

  4. It is you to provoke Russian attacking you. You should behave yourself in the very beginning. Now you should sit down negotiating with Russia seriously and sincerely.

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