Zelenskyy promises to bring Russians ‘to justice’ for invasion | USA TODAY


  1. Always has time to get on TV . He is in a war and had time to make a video for Hollywood and the Oscars. I don’t stand with Ukraine or Russia.

    1. @Vladimir Chertok no, we shouldn’t take sides at all and instead should focus on our own country and lives.

    2. Welcome to the future. Pretty much this is how we communicate now. I remember when Ronald Regan, who had been a movie star, and was now president, began to use television for communication . . . . and JFK who was a wonderful speaker, used his ability on TV to get himself heard. So TV appearances have a lot of power, it has been proven. It does not matter where any of us stand, communication is a powerful thing. Have a bright sunny day.

  2. In the hood, they call zelensky a buster. When he talks to different parties, hes what they called a “flip floper”. Wake up UK. Hes playing in character, a hero that stands up to Russia. Dont arm civilians and expect them to not get shot.

    1. No, that’s just good business communication. You have to appeal to what interests the person you are negotiating with and make the message something they can relate to. Unlike Putin this man is able to think beyond a script.

    2. Do you think those civilians don’t know that.
      Their country is being invaded and they are standing up for it.
      Would you stand up for your?

    1. The two-party illusion is just that there’s a new name for it called Dumb and Dumber guess who’s the Dumber

  3. Where are the sanctions or the west publicly speaking condemning Israels War Crimes and occupation of Palestine?
    ” The land used to belong to the Jews 1000 years ago”
    Ukraine also used to belong to Russia in the past. Taiwan also used to belong to China in the past. I guess its ok for them to go ahead invade and occupy the land. Italy should also invade Europe and take occupy the lands they once had over 500 years ago. Follow Israels footsteps. 😉

  4. He also promised to stop the fighting in the Donbas before he was elected and we know how that turned out. Ukrainian military shells civilians

    1. @SpeakerPhones Apparently Putin doesn’t need help like crying Zelensky going on tv all the time.

  5. Clown, you’re a dreamer!! This was most likely a recorder prior to the war. He’s now singing different songs, which isn’t as brave.

  6. You guys should watch the interview he did on 60 minutes… then come back and comment your opinion

  7. He makes it sound like he’s found some long range missiles.
    And I think he’d hesitate to launch on Moscow about as much as Putin hesitated

  8. Seen where russian state tv just stated trump is their friend and they should try and help him get reelected.

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