Zelenskyy rejects Kissinger plan to concede parts of Ukraine to Russia | USA TODAY

Henry Kissinger urged Ukraine to concede occupied territory, telling the West not to pursue a defeat of Russia to facilitate an end to the conflict.

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Zelenskyy spoke hours after Henry Kissinger, a former U.S. secretary of state, suggested capitulation of some land would be needed to end the war that has raged since the Russians launched their invasion Feb. 24.

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    1. @dark knight Zelensky crossed that line on 2/24 when he challenged the massive Russian military with Ukraine’s very limited resources. And has been kicking Russia’s butt ever since.

    2. That was Russian teritory, Ucraina enter in SSSR without it, why shoud they gain teritory ?!

    3. I know man Russia should just let Ukraine go!! Ukraine doesn’t want you! No means no LOL take a hint broski

    4. You’re wrong, Ukraine is currently making a counterattack pushing back Russians on most front, if not, all. Lol

  1. Mr Realpolitik. Dropping more bombs on Cambodia than the entirety of bombs dropped in the Pacific during WW2. (5/5/2022 Cambodians remove and diffuse US one ton bomb)…Orchestrating the CIA Chilean coup of 9/11/73.

  2. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله اوكرانيا في حاجة للمساعدة صراحة ♥️🌹♥️🌹

  3. “Those who would give up liberty to purchase safety will have neither liberty nor safety”.
    Ben Franklin

  4. Zelensky was all for ceding land when it came to Palestinians giving away their land. His hypocrisy makes is funny and sad.

    1. I googled it and cannot find a single source stating that he said Palestine should give up land, can you show me an article?

  5. Kissinger: Sir, I must inform you that the roof is on fire.
    Zelensky: Far out, man. 😄😆🤪
    Kissinger: With all due respect, I believe it is your roof that is on fire.
    Zelensky: (Rolls up a dollar bill and snorts some more)
    I dig it… Uhhhhh, rainbow colors… 🤪🥴🤯

    1. Kissinger: Sir, a drunkard who can’t build proper tanks and is poor has set your roof on fire
      Zelensky: Really? Well he’s very poor, very uneducated, his life is awful. We will put the fire out and pretend he didn’t do it
      Kissinger: Sir, he’s now looting your home of all your valuables because he knows how to make nothing but oils that destroy the Earth, you should let him take your entire home
      Zelensky: I felt bad for him and tried to let it go. But I will not give up my home, my family lives here.

  6. Henry Kissinger is the best lobbyist money can buy, and he’s been bought and sold many times.

  7. Kissinger has already advised Israel once to sign a peace treaty with the Arab aggressors during the Yom Kippur War so that nothing would remain of Israel.
    Kissinger lost all the 70s to the USSR and the USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1980.
    Kissinger is a friend of Putin indeed, but Ukraine needs modern multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), the Patriots, and aircrafts to help blunt Russia’s Donbas offensive instead.

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