Zelenskyy: ‘Russia wants to erase any mention of our culture’ | USA TODAY


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  2. Kind of ironic from the guy who erased anything russian in Ukraine, even prohibiting russian natives to go to school, and any russian books/media…

    1. My understanding was that the Ukrainian language became the dominant language by early this year, (the one used officially in schools and workplaces) but that Russian wasn’t outright banned there until a couple months into this war.

    2. @Oracle Persephone was banded by law in 2018 and unforced/enhanced in 2019 refusing media, books, and school in Russian, after other legal rules since 2014, like making the Minsk2 agreements ilegal in 2015, then prohibiting minorities rights to organise referendum in 2016, and more.
      For your information, they also dismantled any russian speaking politicians, and only got pro USA politicians in parliament and government, removing any representatives of the eastern region when Zelensky took office.

      The subject is way more complicated than what our media politicians are trying to sell us .

    3. @John Muthan I know it’s complex, but the throughline is that Russia won’t leave them alone and they are battling for their sovereignty and very survival. Most countries choose an official language as part of establishing sovereignty.

    4. @Oracle Persephone
      As I say, it is complex:
      Ukraine as a country never had any borders and such were already questioned in 1954. Both sides (West and Russia, were already in discussions, even a joint consortium of Russia and EU helping the country to establish proper democracy, negociate with independentists regions and clean corruption was proposed twice in the UN and to USA, in 2004 and 2007. But USA vetoed it, seeing with bad eyes the joint venture between EU (service based economy with a rising€) and Russia (a commodity and raw materials economy) both making an economical group of 700 millions people that would have surpassed the USD.
      USA started interfering in the region (Ukraine, neighboring countries and Baltic countries) and fomented a revolution and then a coup in 2013/14, however, this resulted in the Minsk and Minsk2 agreements, agreements NATO allies France and Germany were in charge of making sure it would be fulfilled. 3 independent regions. But it never happened, hence Crimea issue, and then Russia asking repetidly to respect the agreement for Donetsk and Longansk, but we closed our eyes and continue interfering with the Kiev government untill USA managed to install their puppet Zelensky in 2019.
      Since 2015, UK, USA and NATO allies have been interfering through military partnership with private militia, training and giving equipment for Kiev to eradicate the Russian minorities in those independentists regions, resulting in a min of 14k civilians casualties…
      Gas transit from Russia to Germany/Europe, is done through Ukraine pipeline, a pipeline managed by a consortium based in the UK with Ukrainian oligarchs and some Americans let say it politicians and oligarchs. Ukraine receives free gaz for 97% of their households and $1.3 billions per year that they share in the above mentioned consortium. Everything was fine until Russia with their own Investments decided to build a pipeline in the North sea in order to bypass these transit fees extortion. That’s when USA decided Europe should not be dependent from Russia. As of today, even during this war, Russia continue to respect this transit deal.
      I am European/French and have been following this very closely because of work since the 2006, I can tell you we are far from clean on the subject. And what we are told is far from being the full thruth, they carefully say fraction of the story.

    5. @John Muthan The way my computer is set up it’s hard to read a long response like this on here. Could you email this to me? Thank you. I do want to read it.

  3. Zelensky doesn’t have a way out… Sorry for Ukrainians, I feel that they made wrong choice voting for Zelensky. The Guy is not smart enough to handle the situation there. Day by day things are going to be worst. Ukrainians need to stop Zelensky.

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