Zelenskyy says Russian forces are boobytrapping homes in Ukraine | USA TODAY

Zelenskyy says Russian forces are boobytrapping homes in Ukraine | USA TODAY 1


  1. “As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. Ukraine “Cannot confirm or deny” The attack on the fuel depot which is completely different from denying that they attacked it.

    1. @Steve Seger Maybe they do. But as for as the majority…Those in the states live very selfish lives.

    2. @Ken Smith in what world do you think we live? I don’t remember it saying in the constitution you can own this gun but if you have a bad history you can’t. Do you? Or you can possess and bear arms but if you have a fully automatic that can’t be allowed…plenty of laws crammed into these bills like that.

  3. $300mil in additional military aid? We left $8bn worth of equipment behind when they fled Afghanistan. Maybe could have used some of that? Now the taliban has it.


  4. I wondered if this would happen. I’m surprised the equipment they’re leaving behind seems to be free of booby traps as well.

    1. From a terror point of view, mining roads houses and the dead is way more effective at demoralizing a populace. Its the sort of thing one does to render a town or village unlivable. It’s exactly the thing one would do if the original plan was to burn it all to the ground but you didn’t have time to finish the job

    2. @Brian Whedon that’s how the Nazis lost when they Invaded the Soviets. Russia destroyed all the shelters, and ways to achieve supplies. Making the Atyacking Nazi forces die out as they pushed on. Then the Soviets finished them off. They’re still using WW2 strats

    3. @Alex Kendall Correct.
      It is “scorched earth” military tactics. The Russian military has integrated them into their military doctrine since the Napoleonic wars.

  5. That’s insane not acceptable not now a day,😞 THE WHOLE WORLD 🌎 WANT PEACE ✌️ ✌️😻🙏👍👏❤️

  6. “Ukraine is accused of attacking a Russian fuel depot.”

    Yeah? So what? Given Russia’s actions , this is a defensible reaction. I don’t think there’s anything Russia could accuse Ukraine of that would cast them in a criminal light. It’s like a bully complaining that he got punched by the guy he picked a fight with.

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  8. The Russians accusing Ukraine of attacking them on Russian land. This has to be the joke of the century. No one can say the rooskies don’t have a sense of humor.

  9. That’s a “no flag” order if I’ve ever seen it from Moscow! Down with Putin!!! (~);} I’m so sorry you’re going through this Ukraine, your President seems great!!!

  10. If you challenged Putin to a friendly snowball fight, you would find that every one that was thrown at you had a rock in the center. He is a playground bully that never grew up.

  11. The Russian military also mined Afghanistan before leaving the country.
    They left hundreds of black die-cast metal, rockets (bomblets that looked like toys) the size of cigars for the kids to play with.
    It is well documented in the book I bought in 1987 titled “In Cold Blood”. This was years before the armed forces of the U.S.A. and N.A.T.O. entered Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the continental U.S.A. by Al Qaeda airplane hi-jackers.

  12. Something about President Zelenskyy NOT wearing a suit makes him a more believable and trustworthy person

  13. This reminds me of the booby trapped toys the Russians left behind for Afghan children to find. They have cruel methods of waging war.

  14. I have wondered about this almost since the beginning, as Ukrainian solders didn’t seem to be checking for boobytraps at all.

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