Zelenskyy says Ukraine needs financial support | USA TODAY


  1. People can donate directly to Ukraine through the Ukrainian National Bank. Just Google these terms to donate to the military or humanitarian site. Why give to an unknown third party?
    Humanitarian > NBU Opens Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians Affected by Russia’s Aggression
    Military > NBU Opens Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces (updated)

  2. Their annual GDP is of 155 billions!
    How can their deficit be of 1/2 of the country GDP, did they tax more than 50% all incomes?

  3. When they rebuild they need to become a Nuclear power or be given NATO EU membership at least if Putin is still next door,sad they gave up Nuclear arms maybe they would of held more cards in the War of defence.

    1. Sad that they publicly stated they would be a NATO state. That was poking the bear, and bear woke up 😳

  4. This American says… _”Zelensky needs to take RUSSIA’S PEACE DEAL NOW!!”_ and finely end this war O_o

  5. While America has been called ‘The Great Arsenal of Democracy’ The Ukrainians are currently its sword and shield, their sacrifice is for all freedom loving people, we should never forget what it cost them to defend us.
    We owe it to Ukraine to help them rebuild their nation into a vibrant modern and free society governed by their own law’s values and customs so that their people can live their ‘Ukrainian Dream’ in peace.

  6. Don’t give them NOTHING..they have to learn to stand on their feet..if half the people hadn’t left they could have fought for their country if they really cared😒

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