Zelenskyy to Russian troops: ‘I’m offering you a chance to survive’ | USA TODAY


  1. Russia people please have mercy to us to live. Ukrainian people. I beg you with my God. Ukrainian President is a young man of age. Father and son why fighting?

  2. From what I’m hearing it seems he’s doing rather well, and I’m glad. Maybe he can stop asking for help.

    1. @Hamza Mahmood Ukraine is not US’ problem. Tho the oligarchy keep wanting to make them our problem.

  3. Mind Begs the Question:
    If in a World
    X oppose occupation – Heroes
    Y oppose occupation – Terrorists
    World ruled by – Righteous,Evil?

  4. But not those African students, seems like the olive branch went out more quickly to their”enemies” than those students paying for school.Let this be a lesson, that tribal infighting has nothing to do with a thing, they all come together when it comes to their stance on anti black racism.

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