Zuckerberg Says He’s Disgusted By Trump’s Rhetoric, But It’s Just Crocodile Tears | MSNBC


    1. nathan mckenzie you’re so smart!! That’s exactly the problem, ignorant people will believe it, that’s the problem. Smart people like all here on this replies are safe from the ignorance but many others are not

    2. @Natster Jam You’d also have to include WhatsApp and Instagram in that, as well, since he owns them as well. And though they aren’t owned by Zuckerberg, Twitter isn’t great, either. And Snapchat or TikTok are basically useless.

    1. @00 setsuna I believe he was the director of communications, not sure if that’s different to a press secretary like here in the UK – either way he too came and went like a fart in the wind

    2. Christine She is a younger version of Kellyanne Conway, and as much a Liar as Suckabee Saunders. 🤮

  1. I left Facebook a while back and other than missing out on friends and my family’s news; I am greatful I did especially after seeing this.

  2. I have never been so disgusted in my entire 62 years old. I have never felt fear about my own country but I’m terrified
    What happened to our republic?

    1. An interested Aussie here, who has very closely followed all of this since November 2016. History has shown that disaffected masses can be manipulated by usually evil people who have been lurking in wait for such an opportunity. Trump is an effective puppet….but a puppet nonetheless for such evil people. Ironically one major example of such an evil entity is Rupert Murdoch. He understands that it is much easier to profit from division and hate than from unity and love.

    2. Archers Arrow Yes, another Aussie here and you are right about Murdoch, an evil man, through and through. My Dad worked for him here in Oz a while back and he told me then that Murdoch was a little man evil to the bone.

    1. ​@dryhumor foe The winner DOES get to rewrite history, which is why the more simple minded folk, such as yourself, look at him as an honorable man. Read his book “My African Journey” and tell me he wasn’t bigoted, simpleton. I came across that book by accident in high school and even then it left a bad taste in my mouth young as I was. And, fortuitously, he just happens to have been in the news recently, so that idiots like you who can’t be bothered to pick up a book and read for themselves can get the abridged version of the man:
      This should go without saying, but anything is possible where your intellectual capacity is concerned, so for your edification, the rewritten history history that I refer to is specifically about Winston and how he is made out to be a noble man. Read up on your history lest you be the one being a dufus, simpleton. I dare you to defend him.

    2. @Kaizaro123 The very fact that you could get hold of this book proves that history wasn´t rewritten

    3. @Kaizaro123

      ONLY Communist Country’s Government’s
      rewrite history !

      Chinese Communist Party
      Tianermen Square Massacre
      from their history books.

    4. @Paavo Bergmann Obviously you’re too dense to understand that Churchill is not the noble man he’s made out to be in the history books.

      Fact: Churchill was a bigot.

  3. Mark, we have some “Kool AID” for you, meet us at the Tulsa Rally – OH yea bring your wife too!

  4. Zuckerberg had even put in new batteries and taken classes on human outrage before his statement.

    1. They’re all lizards, and playing you like a fiddle. It is called the hegelian dialect. Look it up

    1. Didn’t he steal the idea for facebook from two school mates, Olympic rowers who were in training and Zuckerberg released the facebook information without their approval?

  5. Never been on Fakebook or Twitstorm.
    Human race is pathetically shameless. “Look at me, look at me!”, but don’t look at the real me.

    1. LIAR! I have seen your more than 2k posts! You are addicted to FB and Trump’s “great and unmatched wisdom,” you berger eater! You have rancid chicken gravy down the from of your dirty, stained t-shirt! 🤪🤪🤪

    2. Bull Durham ….🤣 “Come on Rook, show us that million dollar arm, cuz I got a good idea about that 5 cent head of yours.”

  6. I’ve boycotted Facebook for the last 4 years. I haven’t missed it.

    The whole Facebook brand is FUBAR as far as I’m concerned.

    YouTube is starting to have similar issues.

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