1. He didn’t fall out of the plane window?? That seems to be the leading cause of death in Russia.

    1. @Cdn. Let’s see… the Russian economy is tanking . Troop morale is low. Russia is out of munitions and missals. The troop training is very bad . The world is turning against Russia. Now … the people are rising up ! Thanks ! I believe you !

    2. @shane. Oh. Forgot. Putin is dying and the troops are dying by the hundreds of thousands. Ukraine is winning !! Triumphalism is back !

    3. @Diego Santos I don’t think anyone wants that. Just return the borders to their normal lines and respect other sovereign countries.

  2. Are we seeing a replay of WW1? When Putin loses the army, revolution and a regime change are inevitable. Time for a “Battleship Potemkin” moment…

    1. Many people attribute the failure in Afghanistan (and genocide against non-russians) for the collapse of the Soviet Union, but this quagmire in Ukraine and crippling sanctions makes it look like child’s play.

    2. This is more similar to Soviet – Afghan war, USA got Afghans to switch sides, and Soviets invaded, then USA started to train and equip terrorists like Taliban and Al-Qaeda to fight Soviets, till they left Afghanistan.
      There are a few differences tho.
      1) USA did it very secretly through Pakistan, and not brag about it every day on every USA news.
      2) Soviets didn’t say they are at war with USA or NATO.
      3) Afghans didn’t try to take territory that Soviet Union considered to be part of Soviet Union territory.

  3. Whoever gave Putin the Game Of Thrones box set for last Christmas, has a lot to answer for.😡

    1. @K dawg GoT is where people use a lot of brain power and cunning to get what they want, something that Putin failed at


  4. Being a senior adviser to Vlad seems to have a high mortality rate.
    Personally I’m betting on a Russian Civil War.

    1. Hopefully, it takes place on the March 8th, 2024. The anniversary of the Russian Revolution that happened in 1917.

  5. A Russian soldier ran up to a nun, out of breath, he asked, Please may I hide under your skirt, I’ll explain later he said. The nun agreed. A moment later two military police ran up and asked. “Sister have you seen a soldier” The nun replied, he went that way. After the military police ran off, the soldier crawled out from under her skirt and said, “I can’t thank you enough, Sister, you see I don’t want to go to Ukraine. The nun said “I understand completely” The soldier added, “I hope I’m not rude but you have a great pair of legs! The nun replied, “if you looked a little higher, you would’ve seen a great pair of balls too. I don’t want to go to Ukraine either.

  6. Historically Belgorod has been a part of Ukraine, there are ukranian speaking people there who need liberated from Putin’s control. Referendums need to be done!!

    1. Agreed! Those armored cars can be bought at any military surplus store, the Ukrainian peoples republic of Belgorod is just defending itself from Russian aggression. Just like Crimea there should be Referendums, two options Join Ukraine or become an “independent republic” just like the Crimea Referendum. Joking of course but I love that Russia’s propaganda is being turned back on them.

  7. So weird that I’m going to see the soviet union collapse twice in my lifetime. But in fairness, Russia.

    1. Navalny got poisened on the airport on his way home to Ruzzia and was dying on the plane but got to a German hospital and barely survivee. Why he went home to Putins rotten country I do not understand.

    2. @BeaMIn hopes of showing the Russian people a cause to fight for and hopes for the people to try and end all the corruption, I’d guess.

  8. Hopefully this will bring more Russians to protest against this crazy regime. No one wants Russia gone but Putin is trying his best to make this happen. The Russian people have to unite, you’re not alone

    1. Putin was elected by the majority of Russians. This includes me. If we decide to replace him, all we need is to vote for another candidate on the next elections in 2024.

  9. These men deserve a place in history. I was just following orders did NOT enter their minds.

  10. Ukraine pulling a reverse Crimea by using unofficial Russian forces to walk into Belgorod has to be the absolute funniest case of karmic retribution in human history.

  11. Everyone who values their lives, protect your fragile hearts. They have their cruel ways of crippling it

  12. I dread to even slightly imagine what Putin will experience when he have his life review once his time on earth is over.

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