12-Year-Old Writes Letter To School Board: ‘Masks Should Be Required’

12-year-old Lila Hartley wrote a letter to her school board pleading with them to require masks. Hartley joins MSNBC's Craig Melvin to discuss why she wrote the letter and why she believes the requirement is so important. 

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12-Year-Old Writes Letter To School Board: 'Masks Should Be Required'


  1. Duh santisss: Last year I asked you to give up your grandparents for the good of the country……NOW WE MUST TAKE THE KIDS…….it’s the only way I see getting nominated for potus

    1. To be honest, it was the lt. gov of Texas (Paxton?) that said to sacrifice gramps. He’s a gramp himself, so why didn’t he sacrifice himself yet?

    2. @J M M paid troll goes under many names: ie WILLIAM H, THE TWEATLES, REALITY, always homophobe comments

    3. @reality and? so? at least Democrats support children rather than the Republican politicians using children as cannon fodder to satisfy their incessant need to be an authoritarian dictator. A trans kid is a live kid.

    1. @J M M Doctor fauci lied to keep the supply of N95 masks for healthcare workers. If cloth and surgical masks are effective why did the good doctor lie?

    2. @Louis Tully
      Recycled troll
      At least use a different troll account goleeeboi chenkov lubomirov

  2. The girls writing looks better than mine. And I am 55. I can spell, but my writing is atrocious. LOL (I just hate writing and was glad computers & smart technology was invented.)

    1. It’s actually really sad. It reminds me of the communist regimes when they asked neighbors to rat on each other to the government

  3. Lila, to classmate: Why aren’t you wearing your mask properly?

    Marjorie Taylor Greene, interrupts: You don’t have to answer that cuz HIPPA! My body, my choice! This is a Holocaust!

  4. A child’s only worry should be attending school and doing well. They should not have to beg power craven officials and wannabe dictators to do the jobs they were elected to do!

    1. Exactly. So many anti maskers are angry but where is their anger when kids get killed while at school because of shootings? Kids shouldn’t have to worry about their safety anywhere but especially in schools.

    2. @RuBird there are more kids getting RSV then covid. Nobody talks about that. The reason why is because of wearing masks and lowering the immune system. If it wasn’t for democrat governors killing off the elderly in nursing homes the death toll would be next to nothing. The annual flu numbers is running right with covid. This is all about the government wanting more power.

    3. @Duane Thomas American Association of Pediatrics , since outbreak children represented 14.3% of reported cases . Week ending August 5th , children represented 15% of new cases . Mortality rates still remain low . It’s very simple to find reliable sources of info .

    4. @Duane Thomas And what does that have to do with the efficacy of wearing masks to reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19?

  5. LILA has more intelligence than republican governors. Good for her schooling these people and shame on them for not having the brains to listen to her.

    1. The weave on masks is way too big to stop the Covid virus from passing through it, as the fascist Fauci himself has said on multiple occasions.

  6. Kind of a role reversal when the children start acting more responsible than the “grown-up” politicians. Just saying 🤔

  7. Let the children speak. I have spoken with some of my friends children and these kids really can’t understand what the big deal is about wearing a mask. So they can’t understand what big the deal is. They have better and bigger things to do. So if you’re willing to take up arms for them take a moment to ask them how they feel about it. My view is simple if you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars for guns. Which also kills children. Take a moment and talk to your child about it. If (you are willing to listen). Just my opinion.

  8. What is it they say……out of the mouths of babes. Truly a wise young girl, and clearly raised by a wise and loving father. It’s very clear she has a wonderful career ahead of her.

    1. A lot of kids are understandably nervous about not wearing them. I think they might be listening to grandparents who remember polio victims and how it hit rich and poor alike. Kids can often see clearer than their parents.

  9. Listen to the young lady. Stop giving air time for people spreading misinformation and lies. The News is equally responsible to provide accurate information. Do your jobs.

  10. That young girl has more brains in her little head than the graduate of Harvard the great Gov DeSantis …. way to go LILA , God Bless & stay safe !!
    Zoe , Canada

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