1992 Video Shows Trump Hosting Jeffrey Epstein At Mar-A-Lago | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Brooks Orlando Trumps Taxres in 1992 claimed he had business losses of more than 200 million dollars!
      Where did Trump recieve his Money from if he was so Broke?
      The Same with Epstein?
      Money laundering, Blackmail, Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud?

  1. Can’t wait for Jeffrey epstein to start spilling the beans it is going to be very bad for people on both sides. He will talk and give up everyone involved or die in prison those are the only options no sweetheart deal this time

    1. too many people have association with Epstein and he knows it he knows their dirty laundry as much as they know his and he’s not going to Spill the Beans

    2. X it’s not about spilling the beans, although some beans will spill. It’s about striking fear in the hearts of those who are compromised. It’s all part of the game.

    3. @Ash Roskell Epstein can go to prison just on the fake passport. Isn’t that a Federal Document that was forged.? And Trump is going to be working overtime on distractions…there’s a boatload of sh*t coming His way.

    1. @Sean Bailey No. It’s important for people to know their so that they can fix it. Stupidity is fixable with a little bit of knowledge.

  2. 15 years in Trump years is rather like dog years so more like around 2 years.

    Nobody should be defending any of these guys, Trump, his good friend Clinton, Prince Andrew. This really shouldn’t be about politics, it’s about being held accountable and most importantly, justice for the victims.

    1. nobody should be lying or spinning either.
      Losers (betas) always snipe at alphas.
      MSNBC is the biggest loser – other than CNN.
      You need to get more info.
      Try this; lots of info on JE:
      Amazing Polly(you tube)

    2. @Cynical Sayonara We shouldn’t settle for either. Most people will accept corruption as long as it’s their side committing it. They are stealing from all of us and laughing at how we let them do it. People are taking political sides on this even now.

  3. Mar-A-Lago….What an exclusive venue. Such impeccable manners. Such understated class. What a shining example to the World of Trump’s unrivalled taste, style and good behaviour. Aaaah, you’ve either got it…..or you ain’t.

  4. Still trying to hide the fact that Bill Clinton was on many flight logs with multiple under age girls. Not working though.

    1. There is NO air space for old Clinton news. Trumps shitshow administration is taking up all the available hours. Plus Bill isn’t president anymore; It’s not the 90’s, despite the fact that you’re still wearing your acid wash jeans and neon T’s.

  5. Big nothing burger from 1992. His base won’t care about this. That is why this video has so many thumbs down.

    1. Holy crap..you mean billionaires, threw a party for themselves, littered with adult hotties?  OH THE HORROR of it all!!!!!!

  6. 99.9% of the people commenting on this video should never serve as jurors. They are narrow minded, suffer from tunnel vision, and are unable to recognize when a person is telling the truth. There are plenty of people from my past that I never cared for but put up with them for reasons that aren’t important to this conversation.

  7. 2019-15= 2004 so the timeline makes sense considering that the most resent time you have them together is 2002

  8. WOW 0:42 Trump needs some Critter Ridder for his forehead. Looks like there is plenty of ‘snow’ afoot in that room.

  9. MSNBC is a joke…….no matter what he does fake news will never stop being pushers of fake crappy news so what about everybody else who went to the island. Looking at you billy boy.

  10. Yeah but they all too old for Epstein. As far as Trump we all know Trump liked woman and just like woman today they will do anything to party with the rich and famous. Gold diggers been around forever.

  11. So that makes Trump complicit to crimes committed by Epstein. You guys mentioned Epstein’s private plane, but somehow you forgot to mention Bill Clinton who was on that plane with those under-aged girls at least 26 times.
    How many prominent people met Jeffrey Epstein, but it’s Donald Trump day, right?
    …it’s difficult to understand what they say but it appears Trump is saying to Epstein “look at her back there, she is hot”… Good detective work, Mika! WOW
    That’s why people don’t trust and don’t have have any respect for mainstream media.

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  12. Aah yes…the old “I didn’t know Him” throw them under the bus defence.Trump has an “app” for that.

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