2 American Cities. 13 Hours. This Is A Country In Crisis. | Deadline | MSNBC

Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein, USA TODAY columnist Raul Reyes, and member of the Texas Board of Education Georgina Perez on how the nation is still reeling from the two mass shootings that took place over the weekend in El Paso and Dayton
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2 American Cities. 13 Hours. This Is A Country In Crisis. | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. … They already saying its fake news . they going to blame the democrats . the shooter was a registered democrat , so they say.

    2. The gunman’s name is Connor Betts. Go look at his Twitter account. He’s a self-described socialist democrat and Elizabeth Warren supporter. So please tell us how this is the republicans fault?

    3. Hector, Are the things the Dayton shooter had on his Twitter account spin? He was an Antifa supporter?

      Oh, and I didn’t vote for Trump.

  1. The media needs to start broadcasting the pictures of the dead. It changed the war in Vietnam. It could change the level of apathy in the US.

    1. photos of the dead will not affect law abiding citizens as you think, many say, “This will not happen to me I am getting a Gun…” banning guns will not stop it either.

    2. Media: Show all the dead bodies from gun violence in democratically controlled cities. Just like Vietnam it could be a real game changer. Be brave.

    3. @Comrade Cortez Civil war is only good for one group. The ChiComs that have saturated the DNC and Liberal Colleges.

  2. *Trump has the audacity to blame the media for inciting violence. Unbelievable. They show clips of Trump spewing and encouraging hatred and violence so it’s their fault? He is so despicable it’s beyond words.*

    1. Any examples of Trump “spewing and encouraging hated and violence?”
      I hope you actually do some research because then you’ll see how the media
      has twisted or omitted or taken out of context his words in every single case.

    2. Read my link, Daemon…your apology is already accepted, and ‘you’re welcome’, in advance. 😏

    3. @Willie The media doesn’t twist recordings of Trump rallies whereTrump encourages chants like “Send her back”

  3. “The change is coming”. Do NOT underestimate the evilness of right extremism. Republicans will resort to any criminal means necessary to keep their power and end democracy for good in the US. There’s a reason for Moscow Mitch to block any protection bill for fair elections.

    1. @texas thunder Not all people in Chicago are Democrats, dumbo! White Supremacist are killing people!

    2. @Kimberley McKay We’re with you Kimberly! Stay strong, vote and stay quiet. We’ve got to get the Republicans out of power and that time is right around the corner. Trump is Putin’s puppet and he has to go!

    3. No… Mitch was just offsetting all the illegal alien votes the Democrats are trying to help into the country.

    4. Michael – Ah, but *now* we know *why* … 📑
      Note that date…and *what* GOTPers did, just a few months ago. 💰
      Which gave McConnell… *this* in return. 💱
      Beyond shameful, *utterly* corrupted…and pretty d*mn ‘unpatriotic’, really. 🤔

    5. @Daemon Nine There have been no illegal aliens voting! Your full of BS! You’re a lying Trumpturd and just another bigot. Moscow Mitch has sold himself to the corporations

    1. @dru70292 he was a warren supporter….no one said he was a socialist . you are just trying to lump the two together. Nor did he have socialist agemda in mind during the shooting…..El paso was directly influenced by immigrant hate. do you see the difference.

    2. .idstup ingbe for , executed andoorfl on thetpu be ouldsh you thatelieveb I,that idsa ingHav .fight this in dog no haveI ,Canadiancan aI’m ,thKei

  4. The sad fat thing about it is that Trump does not have a heart he’s not going to be feeling guilty he doesn’t feel guilty for nothing no matter how bad it is

    1. Bryan – #45’s *a self-centered sociopath* who lies like he sniffles…as in *’frequently’* . 🤔
      We can just ask his two ex-wives and/or dozens of business associates that he’s, quite literally, *’screwed over’* in the past five decades. 👎😒👎

  5. The right wing supremacist that hear the whistle every time the orange blob spews his hatred towards color people,and go on a shooting spree against innocent people, men ,women and children, have no honor, bunch of yellow belly cowards.

    1. Theyve been suppressing the color vote for generations.

      Trumps just an enabler a fake racist

      His supporters are the racists

  6. Ms. Perez, we grieve for the dead and their families. The hateful rhetoric will never stop. The only way to defeat it is to vote them all out. His hate is spreading faster than a wildfire. I am ashamed to be an American.

  7. Nothing will change, guns laws won’t change, Republicans will push against any change, racism will continue, even a leader like Obama was powerless. The cause is the establishment, both democrat and republican. A revolution at the polls is needed to end the flow of all wealth to the top and break special interests by not taking their blood money. Progressives are the ones most authentic and least vulnerable to corruption.

  8. What do you need from us? You to get out from behind the desk and get in contact with the REAL America.

  9. I can’t even listen to #45 anymore. Didn’t watch his scripted, wooden response. What for. Just more blahblahblah blahblahblah

  10. He had to read a teleprompter to say something nice….he can’t manage it without help…the shootings are all on trump..the s–t is rolling back uphill this time.

    1. His stilted delivery of the teleprompter is a textbook notification to his base that he doesn’t mean it.

  11. There is no doubt in my mined that, the killer in Gilroy went knowing that, there would be many Hispanic families there. There is a very large percent of Hispanic in all the towns near by and in Gilroy.

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