5 additional pages of classified material found at Biden’s Delaware home


  1. Dang, we need to redo the handling process of these documents. This is so sad. I would have been fired for mishandling one of these documents. Every politician who has handled classified documents need to have their residences searched.

    1. Gonna cry,complain and try to defend these facts snowflakes? 😘😂. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day, then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people.😜😘🤣😎

    2. @Trump is going to prison It doesn’t matter if Trump refused.
      Biden has had these documents for over 6 yrs at his house in his garage. He 100% knew they were their and has lied and also refused to give them back for 6 yrs 🤔🤦

    3. @joeymchavarti Heu monkey , they begged Trump for months to get the docs back . He lied and didn’t give them back . That’s why they went to his retirement home . Get your facts together.

    4. @joeymchavartibecause they are the only ones that fight it for months after saying they will turn them in and don’t

    5. @Brandan Ellis 🤣😂 fight it for months? Umm HOW ABOUT 6 YEARS. Trump has another 4 to not return the documents to even meet democrats

  2. Will you please report on the people who are supposed to keep track of classified material? Somebody in the government must keep track of classified material, so somebody should have a record of everything that people have in their possession.

    1. There is a difference between the two. Trump committed crimes to KEEP the documents. Biden just gave them over when found. Hell the National Archives didn’t even know they were missing documents. However I believe the BOTH need to be investigated. I am not on either team I am an independant and I am so sick of this partisian BS of “They have a D or a R so they should be left alone.
      I want these 85,000 IRS agents to audit EVERY MEMBER OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE!

    2. The Joke bidumb fall will take cnn, Clintons, Obamas, feminists, lgbt, Blm lesbians leaders with him.
      Am at the grocery, anyone fancy some pop corns??? 😂

    3. @Donna Brockbank so you didn’t read what democrats passed the law and ignored whole Americans? Why? You want to hurt us all?

    4. Because those classified documents were stolen! So the people who were in charge of them did not want to be embarrassed of fired for Losing those classified documents.
      The 2020 Biden campaign was funded by stolen money from FTX and the Beijing Biden crime family is refusing to return the stolen money to the victims.

    5. Gonna cry,complain and try to defend these facts snowflakes? 😘😂. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day, then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people.😜😘🤣😎

  3. There need to be a review of how classified documents are handled. Ensuring they are only used in a specific area in the white house and no one should be able to take it out.l wonder how many presidents and vice presidents have documents stashed all over the place.The process must be reviewed.

  4. How he had these documents since Obama was in office & no one at the archive never noticed? WTF? 😯

    1. @Major Lazor ???? Trump and his lawyers have been going back and forth on those documents for almost two years, so I don’t understand THE RAID by the DOJ. (and yes, he should hand them back.) But BIDEN DID NOT voluntarily give his documents back. He knew he and his son Hunter were being investigated by Republicans so he had his LAWYERS go in and start finding documents!!!!! My lawyer doesn’t clean my office closet or garage. just sayin’…… And Biden still tried to keep it quiet for over two months until the midterms were over. But CBS broke the story, and then NBC broke the second story, or else it would STILL be a secret!!! Hypocrisy at its finest!!

    2. @Jack Riddance I don’t care. YOu guys sent a mob boss there and our boss Big B gets protection. YOu want to act like little goombas, we can too.

      I don’t care what cockamamie story you tell about Hunter Biden.

      Give Trump up.

    3. @LotsOfFun we are the only industrialized nation that doesn’t have universal Healthcare and we’re not the best Healthcare

    1. @Willie Jones  And a pedophiles! I’ve seen that pick with all lil girls around 10 years old all over him. The Beijing Biden crime family is going down!

    2. Gonna cry,complain and try to defend these facts snowflakes? 😘😂. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day, then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people hahaha

  5. Clearly very few of them take the security of classified documents very seriously. Some of them get caught. Some of them don’t.

    1. @GiantMeteor2024 You about to learn a rough lesson about real life, the media etc only support opinions that are trending, because at the end of the day they are a business, businesses only care about profits n public reputation lol. They follow what’s trending, seeing how going against the radical left is rapidly becoming a trend in the mid 2020s if I was you I’d be worried your entire agenda is about to be replaced lol

      History repeats it self when the right goes to far like Bush did people will vote left, when the left goes to far like Biden is doing now people will vote right. The majority of voters are neutral, they aren’t loyal to any party they vote according to the times you about to learn this next year

    2. @GiantMeteor2024 CNN is already begining to clean house with radical left journalist n view points, they’re beginning to chill out on the far left reporting, why? Because CNN is a business n being a far left cultist is dying out as quick as it started, they are saving face while remaining liberal they know what’s gonna happen next year lol. You aren’t smart enough to figure it out, but you will be soon the masses are done with your over sensitive agenda were in hurting times we don’t care about your feelings

    3. @Dave Lamson Well that’s some really intelligent input you have there buddy. Thanks for absolutely zero thought in your response. Maga morons, I swear, it’s like having a conversation with a cinder block.

  6. I can’t believe how lazy the shock media has gotten. Regurgitating soundbites and headlines is not investigative journalism. Holding back on significant security info for a book is not responsible journalism.
    The use of attack and gotcha questions in order to build a story is not good journalism either, especially during a national security investigation! Real live people could be at risk or may already be dead! Outrageous, irresponsible and even aiding and abetting springs to my mind.

  7. The key here is the White House being able to stop answering questions. Now they legitimately can’t say anything.

    1. FBI Agents will be returning to Trump’s residence to make sure all of his stolen documents have been confiscated.

    2. They need to get this lifetime crook out of here.Hes not fit anyway to be president. Just look at the things this man has done.

    3. It has been noted that it IS COMMON to take classified documents home in the U.S government’s upper echelon. Let’s be real about this; I don’t expect my representatives to start and end their job when they walk in and out of the government door. Are these “off-site” classified documents properly secured? This is a legitimate question. Are documents properly stored off-site, and properly recorded and monitored? Another legitimate good question. I have to say, the attempt to equivicate what Trump and his team did with classified documents to what Biden and his team did with their classified documents is ridiculous. It is not the same.

      Biden and his team can rightly be accused of negligence, but so far, they cannot be accused of intent to deceive the public. On the other hand, Trump clearly attempted to deceive the public and the government by attempting to abscond and hide documents which could be used to incriminate him. These two situations are clearly not the same!

    4. @Daniel Saenz
      A lifetime crook? You must be talking about Donald Trump! He’s the only one going back and forth to federal court, having to sit in front of a judge to plead the Fifth Amendment over-and-over. President Biden hasn’t gone to court for anything!

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    1. Gonna cry,complain and try to defend these facts snowflakes? 😘😂. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day, then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people hahaha

    2. @chewitt obviously 😂 like who ever doing this did a good job. You know people get scammed so much like its so fd up

    3. unfortunately a lot of people who have their retirement through their employer don’t have the ability to direct their funds where they want them invested. so doing what you do is not possible.

  9. If I made a blunder by taking home classified documents while I was in the Air Force, I’m sure my commander would have totally understood.

    1. @Rosemarie Gross I hope you realize I wasn’t serious. If I had taken classified documents, I wouldn’t be commenting right now. I’d be doing 10 in Leavenworth, or eleven in Twelveworth.

    2. Gonna cry,complain and try to defend these facts snowflakes? 😘😂. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day, then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people hahaha

  10. When will FBI/DOJ be leaking fotos like in Trump’s case and showing models of where on the property the files were being kept?

  11. That there are Democrats close to those in power making these excuses is coup-worthy. Dangerous disregard for national security information is Jan 6-worthy, and lawfully so.

  12. Somehow, once again I knew this would turn out to be a case of “no excuse for Trump’s actions” and “nothing to see here” for Biden and the Democrats. Gotta love CNN!
    Let’s go Brandon!

    1. so the republican ex official who made those statements is now a Biden Democrat?? Wow! thats some twisted logic my friend.

    1. I don’t believe the docs found at bidens places have been released as to what counties were involved..

    2. @David Eby speak for yourself. Your thoughts and opinions DO NOT over rule FACTS or REALITY. Go crawl back into the Q would ya…

    1. Like with all Democrats. The FBI take their lawyers at their word. They didn’t even want to look at Hillary Clintons server personally because lawyers said they had been overly inclusive.

      This is the second High Level Democrat caught being negligent with classified information while Democrats defended them tooth and nail. Wake up people.

    2. @Daniel Shaw Did someone say that? Aside from Joe Biden? While we’re here, Bill Clinton had Presidential Recordings in his sock drawer from his time at the White House. So While I didn’t say it, he also had no interest in giving the Archives information that belonged to the American People let alone Congress.

      My point was mainly about Hillary however and her Server. As Secretary of State, a High ranking position in the US government she showed she was careless with Classified information on her server as stated by the FBI Director James Comey. People without clearance had access to those emails.

      Joe Biden is also President and while these Documents exist, they predate his time as President as he forgot they exist, which means he couldn’t even pretend he Declassified them.

  13. How do classified documents get scattered every where in the first place? Who is in charge of these documents?

  14. Classified docs rarely consist of 1 page so where are the boxes those 5 classified pages have been taken from?

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