1. 👋 i hope you’re safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness prosperity love and peace ❤️🕊️ all over the world 🙏🌍🌎
      I’m originally from California currently living in San Francisco and you where are you from if i may ask?…

  1. WTF, this is crazy and cruel!! How does one person getting infected force an entire building into lockdown!!👀👀👀

  2. And so many people here had hissy fits because they had to wear a mask. Glad you made out of there.

  3. This makes me happier than you can believe. I always felt bad for him being locked down like that! Glad you got out!!

    1. Hell Yes!!! I lived there for 8 years, left last August, this reporter is a Hero… I would’ve lost my mind!!!

  4. Collect human suffering matters too. You can’t only look at one metric ( deaths ) especially when the people often dying would be vulnerable to a number of other pathogens that we aren’t monitoring. By the CCP logic we should have a confined and controlled existence free of any pathological threat but absent of personal agency and freedom.

  5. I’m such an idiot stick! I just realized I AM in lockdown. It never occurred to me…well that’s not true…I simply didn’t connect the dots 🫣

  6. Happy for this guy, he got to fly my local KLM airlines 🙂 jokes aside, what an ordeal. Yes, that is not America, or Europe for that matter

  7. Yes if your neighbor has covid you should go into lockdown because there is no tell him what your neighbor has touched where he has been where he has coughed where he is speaking or laughing… it is common sense

  8. I’m literally crying. So glad that you finally got the chance to escape, but at the same time, I’m so sad to see my friends still suffering in hell. Thanks for all the reports to let the world know what’s happening in Shanghai.

    1. If only they avoided the bad habit of consuming bat-tang, Covid-19 would never have started in the first place..

  9. 5:41 is totally misrepresented. I have also been stuck in Shanghai during this whole debacle. The video has been viral for over a week on Wechat as well as Reddit, which obviously was censored right away on Chinese platforms. What happened in that particular incident (I am by no means justifying it) was that, that particular household tested positive and was caught to have left their apartment. CNN, I am normally a supporter of your reporting but please check your facts first….

  10. One person tests positive so the entire building of people that are isolating have to be taken to a giant open air “isolation” building. Perfectly logical??? That’s insane.

  11. we have to give them credit, the CCPies are getting incredibly good at carrying on massive nonsensical stuff

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