A day of chaos brings Twitter closer to the brink

Two weeks after Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter, the future of the company has never looked less certain. In the past week alone, one of the world’s most influential social networks has laid off half its workforce; alienated powerful advertisers; blown up key aspects of its product, then repeatedly launched and un-launched other features aimed at compensating for it; and witnessed an exodus of senior executives. #CNN #News


  1. Twitter being gone isn’t something to feel sad about….in fact….all social media (except YouTube of course😀) I can do without!

    1. I agree, except I do use Facebook to participate in a couple of special interest groups, but not all of this ‘friending’ BS. I’d rather have real friends.

    2. Love em or hate em but these social media offer competition to youtube in a way, keeping their monopoly at least a little under control.

    3. There are two twitters, The one described on media (especially right wing media) and the one where people from around the world can give live updates of protests, hurricanes, etc. It is no different than the invention of the printing press and pony express (on steroids). If you mock twitter, I am sure you mock tik-tok, but let’s not forget that tik-tok is going to cause regime change in Iran and Twitter was vital during Arab spring that saw human rights explode in many countries. In fact, Musk is the worst part of Twitter, nothing but trolling and snide comments. He barely even uses Twitter to promote starlink or spaceX anymore. He has 10x’s as many tweets about owning the libs than he has informative tweets.

  2. More proof that billionaires are not the smart ones it’s the people that work around them that are the smart ones

    1. Yeah this may be a good time for Musk to hire a financial advisor.
      Although anyone in their right mind could have told him this
      was an amazing waste of 44 billion.
      WRZ 2022-11-11

    2. @Michael Morningstar JK Rowling took plenty from authors who preceded her. Unless you are knowledgeable on British children’s literature, you can’t argue this point. Elon didn’t invent electric vehicles and rockets and Rowling did not create wizards and witches and academies in which they study. Check out the Worst Witch series by Jill Murphy: a girl discovers she’s a witch and goes to witch school with other magicians and has adventures. 1974. I could go on all day about the big stuff and little details, that Rowling lifted. I like Harry Potter though, it’s all good.

    3. @Michael Morningstar I think you are missing the point. I saw the movies I never read one of the books. My point is that nobody does it alone. If she had no fans, no people working, at all, she would not be a billionaire. To say that none of those people made a difference is foolish and illogical. I think the idea that if people just stopped working, scares people like you because you might never reach a dream of being in power or wealthy.

    4. Not true. It seems to be a mix – there are billionaires who inherit their money or otherwise unjustly get Rrrrrrrich. Then there are others; self-made billionaires who cleverly worked their way to wealth.

      But there aren’t many Chuck Feeneys about – the now elderly Irishman who, with a partner, worked his way to becoming a multi-billionaire, but Chuck then spent decades giving away almost his entire 9bn fortune (largely anonymously) to help millions of people, as he believed that his great (and self-made) wealth brought great responsibility. Cue him quietly, discreetly setting up charities and NGOs to give away virtually all of his staggering fortune, finally finishing a few years back.

      Compare decent Chuck to the likes of Elon – what, exactly, is he doing to help other people? Compare Chuck to the likes of Trump, who seems endlessly content to try to hustle and grab as much money from his cultists as he can.

      Some billionaires are good people.

      Most aren’t.

  3. It would be so great if all social media (besides YouTube if that’s even social media) became non-existent. A wonderful thing for the world.

    1. @No More Of course Twitter was up for sale. Since 2016. The only thing was no one was crazy enough to purchase a waaaay over valued company… until now. lol

    2. @FEAR No More “Of course Twitter was up for sale. Since 2016” – Do you have any evidence to support that claim? I’ve been searching, trying to validate your claim, but I cannot find any evidence to support it.

  4. I urge them to call back the fired staff, and create their own company. Period. They are the ones doing the job at Twitter, not Musk.

    1. @David Hodkinson musk and Co silicon 2.0 here we go ! That sounds unbelievabley pathetic. Good luck you’ll need it !

    2. @aaron singer To be fair what I said was common sense lol. Doesn’t really require any programmatic knowledge to see back end developers make twitter. Not comment nazi’s.

    3. @RizonGaming oh we aren’t talking about reality where only software exist, slick. We are talking about the reality that hardware exist in. Which determines your software reality lol

    1. @Pelle Storck if you are going to be one sided at least don’t look as ignorant.. let’s not forget about the military members lost in Afghanistan because of bidens idiotic evacuation plan. What about the the deaths in ghettos across the world? Increase crime rate yano? Smh

    2. @happy fisherman You do realize that the reason it’s crashing is because Musk, a conservative right-wing troglodyte, took over the company, right? Wait, of course you don’t. You’ve been divorced from reality since 2020.

    3. @Targg The Wise that’s ironic because they are being fired by a fascist. Imagine if all his workers, everyone just walked out on him, and everyoneafter that refused to work for him. He would be nothing.

    1. Is anyone REALLY surprised by this news. Its clear that Elon Musk must have gotten a degree in. Business management from Trump University. Now if only he would buy Fox News & run it into the ground as well. 🤣

  5. What would happen to the world if Twitter went extinct,nothing as no one needs it anyways and we all got along fine before any social media existed.In fact maybe better because people actually talked to each other then.I have never used Twitter and never will.

    1. Trump wouldn’t have happened without twitter. I hope it burns to the ground. Facebook and the rest next. Less zombies is a good thing.

    2. Twitter is widely used by governments, companies and politicians because it has an air of authority. I can get ALOT more recent and unique info scrolling through Twitter than anywhere else. Literally we read or watch news pieces or memes and even documentaries showing tweets. Everyday! It is a fixture. I hardly even use my Twitter account and some of my news comes from Twitter through a third party like your nightly news broadcast.

    3. @Christine Messaros Sure, nobody ‘needs’ that car – but EVs are the future, so probably the planet needs them. Just not Elon’s motors.

  6. Looks like we all misinterpreted Musk carrying a sink through the door when he took over Twitter.
    It wasn‘t about „let this sink in“. It was symbolic for „I‘ll sink this company“.

    1. This reminds me of something Paul Allen did. His Mercer Island compound was having design problems and the insurance company was baulking at paying for the repairs. He purchased that insurance company and fired all of the troublemakers. I’m pretty sure his repair bill not paid.

    1. @Horacio Spinelli I’m just going by what actual Twitter employees and former Twitter employees are posting online. The phrase “back end developers” is not a phrase I’ve seen used within the industry much.

    2. @emort6 when it’s a private company who starts losing advertisers. Free speech has nothing to do with a private company trying to make money. This isn’t rocket science it’s business 101

  7. I don’t use Twitter, so it doesn’t matter to me. But I never I thought the see the day where this particular app crashes and burns. Incredible

    1. “I never I thought the see the day where this particular app crashes and burns.”

      You never used twitter indeed. It was actually much more toxic with the comment nazis and censorship.

  8. Hmmm… I thought the first rule of talking over a large business in a segment of the economy where you have zero experience is to avoid making changes for 6 to 12 months while you learn how the business works. When you fire most of the business’ executives and senior managers right away and cut the jobs of all the other employees by 30% or so, you lose the corporate memory and years of experience, and you start a stampede of employees taking vacation time to look of a different job. And you end up making stupid business mistakes that those with more experience in that business know not to make.

    1. @Alpha Nerd You’re right, and only 7500 employees at peak last year. Tesla by contrast has around 100,000 employees.

    2. I own a Tesla Y. Unpopular opinion: The car is cheaply made, you have no idea, the quality is not there. I know I’m paying for the technology. If Elon allows DT to come back to Tweeter, I’m selling my Tesla. I’m just waiting… I never drank the cool aid because you succeed in one company or field , you are good at every thing…

  9. Kinda makes you wonder how stable his other companies are and how happy his employees are. Guess I’d be pissed if something I financed was already worth 1/4 what I paid.

    1. Yah last December at SpaceX it was, “All hands on deck” … I wonder how willing those employees will be to sacrifice weekends etc to an owner that just blew 44 billion?

  10. I can assure you that 90% of those employees still at Twitter have their resumes out looking for new employment. I am just amazed at how badly Musk is handling this situation.

    1. Remember his greatest challenge is human connectivity, you are an atom feeding his brain disorder. Autism is a neurological disorder.

    2. I’m surprised that you seen to think baby mush is smart enough to clean he vomit he has made. The man is not some wonder boy, he is a great deal like trump in the fact that he has either been given large amounts of money from his father or the fact that he hasn’t created a damn thing in his life. He bought Tesla and he is running it badly.
      He is a baby man just like trump with a massive mean ego.
      He is going down in flames and it’s a beautiful sight to watch.

  11. “Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequences!” – Elon Musk (2 weeks ago)

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