1. American Patriot fired a Missile at the Georgia Guidestones, already demolition comeplete and cleaned up.

  2. You don’t just roll a pro-NATO/pro-EU country right up to Putin’s front porch steps and expect nothing to happen. Likewise, we would have had WWIII in 1962 had Soviet nukes been installed in Cuba, *OUR* next door neighbor.

    1. That’s one argument from pro,putin ppl I can understand. However, at the beginning of this war Zelensky offered neutral status for Ukraine, Putin didn’t seem interested, so apparently it’s not just about Nato…

    2. @Andy Lord they don’t need to know anything. Their task is to copy paste messages without trying to use their own mind.

  3. At about 5 am, Ukrainian soldiers landed on Snake island from a motor boat and took pictures with the ukrainian flag

    Aircraft immediately launched a missile attack on the island, as a result, some of the personnel were killed, the rest fled


    Ukro official confirmed the hit

  4. Putin’s ongoing criminal arrogance and reckless mindless cruelty is outrageous! There’s got to be a seat reserved for this evil man at the Hague to face war crimes.

  5. Such Russian evil and so sad. Time to go on the offense perhaps. Slava Ukraine! 🇺🇦

    1. @Ana Serrano How many more billions do you think that would cost the US & the West for ‘Ukraine’ to do that, ana?

    1. @Bob Davis How enlightened you must be Bob, nobody is gonna pull the wool over your eyes. Nobody can put a fast one over you because youre too smart for that. Youve figured it all out. My guess is that you believe that Ukraine had biolabs and were developing anthrax and smallpox, both already developed and available so theres no need to have biolabs. All you need to do is think it through, Bob. Think my friend, and hopefully youll do fine.

  6. Cover the Dutch Farmers up next They purchased a Sherman tank to go up against their Police

    1. @Jordan Yates 😂🍾👏🏾🥂🤣 Brotha Man 🎩 U Funny As Hell!! 😂🍻🙆🏾🍷🤣

    2. @dusty rhodes Can you show a video where Putin said he would defeat Ukraine in 2 days? Or are you just a liar?🤔

  7. When are you going to cover the massive unprecedented protests happening in the Netherlands? The police just opened fire on them today.

  8. OMG! Past right over the poor guard being killed! One second mention! HE SPARED ONLY ONE SECOND TO MENTION GUARD BEING KILLED! That poor person’s family lost a loved one and that was not important enough.
    Yes, all the bombings are horrible, but there were no students there; no teachers there. That building can be replaced. The human life lost can never be brought back. He delegated THAT loss to an almost non mention.

  9. Hey cnn, how’s that “hasbara project” working out for your ratings ?!?!?!? Hahahahaaaa !

  10. Putin comes back from the afterlife and goes to a bar in Moscow. He is very curious to know if Russia is still a great Empire. He keeps asking questions to the barman.
    “So, is Crimea still ours?”
    The barman answers: “Yes, Mr. President.”
    “And Donbass belongs to us?”
    “Yes, Mr. President.”
    “So, Russia is the most powerful state in the world?”
    “Yes, Mr. President.”
    “That is very good. How much do I owe you?
    “10 Dollars! Euro, British Pound and Swiss Franc is accepted as well, Mr. President”

  11. This really is a turning point in modern history. President Putin has absolutely underestimated the will of free nations to stay free and not to follow neither his orders nor opinions on politics. That is good news!

  12. “Every day without destroying a hospital, university or supermarket is a day wasted.” – Putin

  13. This is so wrong! russia must be held responsible for these atrocities against humanity. Where are the weapons that Germany and France promised? Lots of photo ops, but few deliveries. The world is watching, and forming opinions for the long term.

  14. I thought Russia was running out of weapons, ammo, hardware, etc. I thought Putin was dying, like of a different disease each two weeks. I thought Ukraine was winning EASY thanks to the heroism of The Ghost of Kiev and Ben Stiller. Who could imagine that “evacuation” actually means surrender, “strategic withdrawal” means running for the hills dropping weapons, leaving wounded and equipment after total rout? How are they going to call Ukraine’s unconditional surrender? May be strategic evacuation across the polish border.

  15. Zelensky: we need more long-range missiles
    Putin: heading your way

    Ukraine is losing the war. The problem is that the comedian and his gang are getting more and more unhinged by the day. He reminds Hitler in 1945 with his deranged fantasies about wonder weapons.

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