Aerial video shows destruction in Philadelphia area after tornado rips through

Philadelphia experienced heavy flooding as remnants of Ida passed through. Aerials footage shows the destruction left by a tornado that ripped through the area.


  1. I was born in Philadelphia. More specifically on the west side.l fondly remember carefree days hanging out with friends and shooting some hoops. One day these 2 guys with bad intentions started causing mischief in the area where we lived. Needless to say I got into an altercation with one of them . It frightened my mom so much she sent me to live with her sister and her sisters husband in Belair California.

  2. The most heartbreaking thing is that this is only going to grow worse. We are all going to be affected by Global Warming.

    1. What’s really heartbreaking is that most Republicans don’t believe in global warming mostly because it affects their bottom line the money coming from Big Oil to our government mostly Republicans and two congressmen take large donations from Big Oil and no Biden is not one of them

    2. @Alfredo Ramirez global warming has been around a lot longer than covid started way back when before you a thought in your mama’s bad dreams

    3. @Daniel Dos Santos LOL! Either has Dominion or Smartmatic. But, Rudy is disbarred and seven other Trump attorneys are facing disbarment in the next few months. Not looking good for Trump.

    4. @Daniel Dos Santos LOL!!!! What are you talking about? You brought up lawsuits. Are you seriously so stupid to think Twitter can’t ban anyone they wish, without notice, for any reason? I brought up consequence for actual fraud. What Twitter did is consequence.
      Dominion and Sartmatic both suffered loss due to actual damages due to false allegations that directly affected their bottom line. Unlike O’Keeffe, who won’t lose a single follower because he is an “opinion” infotainment hack with a right wing base. You do not have a right to be on twitter or youtube or any social media platform.

    1. it can happen, if u want to believe it’s BS, try living through one like i did it ain’t fun!🤔🙄🤨took 10mins to go through my house, lost everything including my childhood things

    2. @Cazza Oh, I wasn’t doubting the data. Not at all. I was just stunned by it. I’m so sorry you lost your important mementos. But I just read some very harrowing stories about people in NY, NJ and PA who did not make it out alive. Such tragedies. Again my condolences.

    3. Most of three counties upriver were getting 7 to 10 inches of rain in a very wide track. Low grassy areas between apartment buildings far from the river or any stream turned into white water rapids. Literally fast flowing water courses that would pass for borderline rivers themselves channeling hundreds of gallons a minute and more where water never ran before.

    1. @Screamin A Smith “So much for” right wing anti-science talking points. Guess we won’t hear any of those until the first snowfall of the season.

  3. For those who don’t believe that it once rained for 40 days and 40 nights during Noah’s time….well…believe it. I ain’t never seen so much water in Brooklyn NY last night .

  4. Many years ago we were not concerned with hurricanes once their remnants got 200 miles or so inland. Since hurricane Ike in 2008, which regained hurricane strength as it entered the Ohio valley, those living far from the sea are experiencing the full force of these storms. Some are even wreaking havoc in western Europe after backtracking across the Atlantic.

  5. Tornadoes unfortunately can occur also anywhere and people there aren’t used too them. Too make it worse with all of the flooding it looks crazy got to pray for them. Be safe.

    1. Sure tornados can happen anywhere but S.E. PA just had its first two EF3 tornados, ever, less than a month apart. How often can you experience once in a lifetime weather extremes before you except things are different? Welcome to the new normal.

  6. I bet those folks have good insurance in the first area. I hope the second areas people have good insurance. Jesus.🙏

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