After Trump Bluster, Biden Ends War Drawing Praise From Liberal Icon Michael Moore

While Donald Trump followed the tack of many politicians — pledging to change U.S. war policy without actually doing it — President Biden ended the U.S. war and presence in Afghanistan. In his first interview since the end of the war, filmmaker Michael Moore, a longtime critic of hawkish U.S. foreign policy, discusses the war, why it lasted for two decades, and why Biden deserves tremendous credit. "I have been completely surprised and feeling that we are all blessed to have Joe Biden in the White House in these last months," said Moore, who noted he voted and supported Sanders over Biden in the primary; and when Melber asked Moore about the negative reception he got for his anti-war speech during the 2003 Oscars, Moore said "This was the fifth night of the Iraq War – the Oscars. How could I not say something?" and he noted his planned movie contract was also torn up in what he believes was retaliation. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @James Caporale and Trump then when it came to processing the visas for the people to leave Afghanistan he put one person in charge so that less people could come because it took so long to process!! He sabotaged the whole thing intentionally!!!

  1. Terrible execution but a final conclusion to a horrible drawn out war non the less.. Hopefully money can be diverted to fix your bridges and paying your teachers now. Imagine a high speed rail systems similar to Tokyo-Osaka between New York/Boston or Huston and Austin…or kids that are actually taught critical thinking skills to help with the ever increasing amount of disinformation. There is…hope?

    1. @Fred Frond yes building homes for dems new voters n supporting them. Don’t forget Pelosi Tube Station and Schummer Bridge. U are welcome.

    2. @Marie-Flo Reddy silly response…please think how much better our lives would be and how much happier if we did spend less on military and more on our own citizen’s needs. Good roads, safe, reliable, clean drinking water, world leading internet speed, etc…

    3. @The Paradox Destroyer And a single payer universal healthcare system free at the point of need. Much of the G20 nations manage it, why can’t the US? Oh that’s because you have to have $100m fighter planes that can’t fly in the rain. War is a racket and defense contractors are thieves.

  2. “I call upon Mike Moore, The Greatest Doc Filmmaker of All Time, to Stop the Terror War, Now Watch this Drive…”

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 So you imagine trying to keep our little invasion going while we’re fighting a relentless global pandemic?
      They didn’t want our “Freedom”. A simple statement well supported by the total evaporation of the government we imposed on them.
      You fool.

    2. @john Sprague ?????? What are your credentials? What makes you such an authority on these things?
      So far, everything I’ve read from vets and military men is positive for Biden. I have no idea – certainly not my field of expertise – so excuse me if I believe our military over your average Joe Blowhard.

    3. @Ruan Niemann Why am I disgusting? I had nothing to do with the policy. And all your feigned outrage at my imagined position on the kurds is… well, just you fantasizing about what you think my position was or who I am.

    4. @Sandra Stone “everything I’ve read from vets and military men is positive for Biden” Where are you getting this reporting from? MSNBC?

  3. My family has forgot wars for generations. It’s all I have ever know all my life. Good men friends family grandfather’s, etc..For me this is the first time to have no war. I am 70 years old. Wars always
    Thank you President Biden.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply no Trump did by making this back room agreement with the Taliban and then invited them to the White House after what they did to us on 9/11! And then he released 5,000 of their most influential leaders and fighters! Biden had the courage to end it not just talk about it! He didn’t bumble anything Trump did!!!
      Your precious Trump after making all of those arrangements and agreements with the enemy then goes and takes everyone in charge of pressing visas to get the people out of Afghanistan that helped us, down to one person so that less people can come to our country! Joe Biden did as much as he could with what was going on! But it sounds to me like you’d rather the war to continue like your Trump did!!! Because his real plan was for all of the backfire like it did and us having to stay in Afghanistan so that private contractors could continue making millions off of dead soldiers!

    1. @M Cordova sorry but I had to edit this one. M Cordova, I’m not sure if your question referred to my original comment or my response to ‘guyintheco…’. If it’s the former, then no and see below. If it’s the latter then yes.

      Original… funny you should ask. Or maybe you shouldn’t have.
      It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

    2. @john smith I received nice tax breaks while Trump was in office. I also got a nice fat bonus when he signed in his tax plan. I paid less in gas and groceries during Presidency as well. Life was good until the Plandemic and a bunch of idiots helped Biden steal the election.

    3. @Guyinthecommentsection Thanks for demonstrating your cognitive deficiencies. A LITTLE knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

  4. We need to nation build this country, ensure democracy and stop the American Taliban before we have the credibility to intervene abroad.

  5. The terrorists are in your own back yard now Mr Bush. Their leader is an ex president, just like you. What’s to be done now?

    1. @Eric Zommer odd that you are in fear of or otherwise terrorized by an overweight senior citizen.
      To be clear, when you say trump and republicans etc are terrorists, do you mean terrorist in the same sense as like ISIS, bin laden, 911, etc.

    2. Wow… You need to get out of your parents basement get a freaking job opening your eyes and see what’s really going on in this world way way too much fake news.

  6. Mike Moore will be remembered as the the greatest film maker and truth teller in modern American history. “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is — W. Churchill”.

  7. yep at that time there was backlash against anyone who spoke against war. Michael Moore, Dixie Chicks come to mind. I’m sure there were others.

    1. @SoNotDown Sad, but true. They always need to appeal to their sponsors and most people wanted revenge after 9/11.

  8. A lot of folks are talking about how chaotic the evacuation was. I assume they are right as I was not there. I do belive, however, that if there had not been the urgency of the moment few countries and few states in America would had accepted so many refugees.

  9. If there’s one conspiracy theory I’m actually on board with, it was the one from this movie. The evidence is compelling and they seem to have done a great deal of research to bring about their points.

    1. I question what really happened at the Pentagon on 9/11. I never realized how stupid the masses could be by believing things that are ludacris until 9/11 and then trumps big lie.

    2. @Pat Pulley Biden lied to you every day for the last month and you’re worried about trump? What is wrong with you?

      Jan 6 # dead = 1 protester
      Summer of love riots dead = dozens of cops and civilians
      Afghan casualties in 2020 = 0
      Afghan casualties during retreat = 13

      Pull your head out of your MSNBC

  10. It’s good to be reminded that ‘cancel culture’ on steroids occurred in the aughts, brutally canceling anyone who dared speak against the wars. Remember people burning (not Dixie anymore ) Chicks albums? The unbelievable hate directed against gold star mom (can’t remember her name) who set up crosses symbolizing fallen service members and someone mowed it down with his truck? The right wing excels at cancel culture!

    1. Sure. All the death threats from right wing nut jobs against school boards and election officials are not canceling. The black principal fired for posting a picture on Facebook with his white wife wasn’t canceled. The constant threats against teachers who dare teach about racism, sexism, evolution, etc. now we have lawsuit threats against anyone who ‘helps’ a woman get an abortion they’ll be suing baristas and Uber drivers into oblivion if they dared associate with a woman on her way to get an abortion. Not canceling, though!

  11. Thank goodness for people like Michael Moore, they at least tried to get people to understand what was really happening. You can’t say the signs were not there, all this could have been foreseen. All those Republicans now screaming at Biden need to really look into a mirror and question themselves and their motives for past decisions made.

    1. Looking at biden all people see is a senile old fool abandoning americans, checking his watch at their funerals and wondering when he can go back to bed.

  12. Crazy that while we were just 5 days into war and out military in harms way, Hollywood and we as a country were holding the oscars show to give awards to Hollywood elite.

  13. May God bless you Michael.
    I hated the war’s beginning,as the invasion of Iraq.
    These wars only lead to more deaths..Shameful!

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