Ambrose: Green Party should ‘reflect’ on how they treated Annamie Paul

Former interim leader of the Conservatives Rona Ambrose says the Green Party should 'reflect on how they treated' Annamie Paul.

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  1. If the Israeli-Palenstinian stance is such a significant part of your envrionmentalist party’s platform, maybe figure that out during your leadership election rather than after the fact?

    1. @SKoch 999 Are you referring Jekyll island OR Green party childish understanding of environmental issues , incomplete solutions and relation to manufacturing ( life style )

    2. The Israeli-Palestine problem only became an issue because Annamie Paul decided to stay quiet while her own staff member issued death threats to a Green MP over twitter opinions. Said MP then defected to the Liberal Party in which case Annamie then did her best to deflect, dodge any blame and put herself out to be the real victim.

      A true leader would’ve at least fired that staff member because of those death threats and would’ve communicated to the MP her support after such a threat was issued.

      edit: Not death threats – “work to defeat you”. Misremembered the quote, my bad.

    3. @Paul Z “We will work to defeat you” is a death threat now?

      (Sidenote, I’m also neither complimenting nor condemning how Paul responded in the situation but again……if the whole party had originally been in lockstep about how important this was or wasn’t to begin with, there wouldn’t have been a problem).

  2. Maybe Ambrose should reflect on how Canadains can’t even stitch our own underwear anymore. On the profiteers offshore tax dollars they owe but have the money to fend off collections.

  3. The Conservative Party has kicked out two groups — Bernier’s group, and the social conservatives — since Harper retired. The Conservatives don’t do it for such trivial reasons — what difference does a position on the middle-east have to do with Green priorities? — but they are harsh and nasty to the supporters being kickd out.

    1. @Murreth She’s not running to be Prime Minister. She’d love to have gotten three or four seats. She’s running to get a platform.

  4. Respect for all citizens. Hatred and words of sexual violence is unacceptable. As all political parties focus on climate action our policy needs to become transitioning to 100% renewably powered everything.

    1. @TheRealPVC lol the pp party plastered my city with billboards, lawn signs and other nunsance and still couldn’t even beat the NDP here

    2. @Chamath Rathnayakr and? It happens they garnered 800,000 votes the movement is young wait for the next election we will garner seats.

  5. Green plays corporate style buzzword and tax scheme climatism™, not real environmentalism. If they were true political ecologists and championed human rights (civil liberties), they would have huge cross section of support.

  6. When we can clean up foreign interests in Canadian politics and then maybe we can eliminate divisive tactics which have destroyed our great nation .

  7. don’t care for the Green Party, but I thought Paul was an interesting personality at the debate. Perhaps she’ll find a home in one of the other parties

    1. She and PP knew they wouldn’t cut it. So they let the D’Toole, a Harpie minion, take the fall. And did he ever. Just like the Con Albatross, Drew P Scheer.

  8. It is due to their treatment of Annamie that the Greens *LOST* my vote; would have voted again for them, but they proved they were just a bunch of ‘wanna-be stepping-stones’ not actually caring about the job they were running for.

  9. In addressing Annamie Paul’s disregard for democratically-determined GPC policy (and the vicious attack on that policy and Green MPs by the aide that Ms Paul then protected from consequences for as long as she could), Rona Ambrose is talking of matters that she clearly does not understand. As Ms Ambrose comes from a party that doesn’t really do internal democracy, this is not an enormous surprise – but why did you give her the chance to express her ignorance?

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