American Unity Following 9/11 Attack Seems Like An Impossibility 20 Years Later

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian and host of Fireside History with Michael Beschloss, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the attacks on September 11, 2001 unified Americans in a way that seems impossible 20 years later. 
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  1. If this is how GOP responds to Biden withdrawing from Afg, what would they have done to him if 9/11 had happened on his watch instead of Bush’s? No president had fewer deaths in Afg war than Biden but they’ll crucify him over it anyway. I don’t remember asking Bush to resign over 9/11 and that was lightyears worse.

    1. @Steve Stifler
      Prisoner exchange…to seal the deal that no US soldiers were killed in the withdrawal.

      Biden allowed our ally to be defeated.

      Apples and oranges

    2. @Steve Stifler second so what if I like to troll all of the illiberal and regressive people that inhabit those spaces?? Maybe they need to hear that their ideas suck……I’m not a “conservative” though I would consider myself more classic liberal/libertarian

  2. 🇺🇸💖9.11 American’s Remembering the Loss of Our Beloved People💖🇺🇸
    American’s Continuing to Protect Our Democracy from GQP Fascists..

    1. I’m remembering the defeat of the Ottoman Turks today at the Battle of Vienna which is the reason why the Terrorists chose this day.

    2. and never forget that obama and the current administration are still importing the same people who did this. what could go wrong?

  3. He’s absolutely right! Instead of the former president showing some class and conceding for the good of 🤝 as former Vice-President Gore did, he placed his ego and need for self preservation before the welfare of our country. The former President has not conceded to this very day. “Believe it or not!” 🤯 there are those who believe he won the election and it was stolen from him. He continues to fundraise off of them. We’re never going to get rid of his malignant influence 😡, unfortunately. We must or there will be no healing for America.

    1. @Traitor Joe’s do tell, how would you go about that? Make it a one party system ? Deport Democrats? Jail them? Please, I’m dying to hear your solution

    2. @Joseph Cupparo I would use fire and firing squads. No reason to tiptoe around it, eradication of a most permanent nature is the best way moving forward.

    3. @Mark Cicero See you just did it again. For one day have some freaking decency. I am not a Biden fan but, Today is not about Biden or Trump, or Bush. It’s about those who died that day, there is no justification to make it about anything else. Period.

    4. @Maryella Rose Well see that’s where you are wrong again. I’m not as concerned with the past, as I am the future. I once heard a wise man say, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Another words concentrate on the here and now, and get things do while you can. There is plenty of justification for relentlessly attacking Mr Potatohead, and nothing in this world is going to stop me from peeling him, and slicing and dicing him to pieces.

    5. Hey @Traitor Joe’s on your eradication of the left suggestion. Where do you think you fit in the new one party state?
      I think you could be dissapointed with your role as Bootlicker!

    1. @Red Spiral Ray If your an example of what education does for a person, I’ll pass. I find it interesting that you claim to be educated, but have no idea who Marcus Tullius Cicero was.

    2. @Mark Cicero , NO!!! IT WOULD BE CALLED “REPUBLICANS TRYING TO RIG ALL OF THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS SO THAT THEY WILL WIN”!!!!!! They don’t know how to have a “Fair Election”. They are using voter suppression and Every Other Obstacle they can pull out of their hats to ensure a Win for Them!!!

    3. @Red Spiral Ray You shouldn’t feel embarrassed by your lack of interest in the world around you. Most ignorant people have no use for knowledge.

    4. @Dreama K. Flanagan I don’t think I’d concern myself with any of that if I were you. I’d just gather up my water bottle, and my picture ID, and find myself a way down to the polls if I were you.

  4. We can never have true unity as long as Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda network exists. We can’t have true unity without law & order, and we can never have law & order without accountability. We can never have true unity without equality and compassion. We can never have true unity when some amongst us are selfish and entitled.We can never have true unity without the truth, because only the truth will make us free.

    1. @Woody
      Fact: On January 6, Capitol Hill Police Officers engaged in hand to hand combat for 4 hours with a horde of Trump’s domesticTerrorists who were intent on bringing down our democracy.

      “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,”

      ‘He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding.”

      “Some say the riots were caused by antifa,” There’s absolutely no evidence of that, and conservatives should be the first to say so.”

      “These facts require immediate action from President Trump — accept his share of responsibility, quell the brewing unrest and ensure that President-Elect Biden is able to successfully begin his term.”

      “Let’s be clear, Joe Biden will be sworn in as president of the United States in one week because he won the election.”

      — Kevin McCarthy
      January 13, 2021

      I have a feeling that if the “January 13th McCarthy” ever meets “today’s McCarthy” they are going to have a serious falling out.🤣

      “January 6th was a disgrace.
      American citizensAttacked their own government. They used T€RRorism to try to stop a specific piece of democratic business they did not like.”
      “Fellow Americans beatAnd BL00.d.i.e.d our own police. They stormed the Senate floor. They built a gallows and chanted about mvrdering TheVP.”

      “The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their President.

      “They did this because they had been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on Earth — because he was angry he’d lost an election.
      AMob was assaulting the Capitol in his name. These criminals were carrying his banners, hanging his flags, and screaming their loyalty to him.

      “There is no question that PresidentTrump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day.”

      –Mitch McConnell, February 13, 2021

    2. @David J I read all of your comments but that one, but I’m not going to read a comment that’s a mile long, and starts out with brainwashed nonsense like, “The Capitol Hill police engaged in hand to hand combat with a horde of Trump’s domestic terrorists.” That’s silly BS. Don’t you have any original thoughts of your own. I can watch Rachel Maddow if I want to hear nonsense like that. I’d rather read history or literature than regurgitated talking points filtered through you. Like I said I can get all that directly from Rachel Maddow, and Don Lemon myself, I don’t need you to tell me what they think.

  5. We will never have true unity until we realize and acknowledge that “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.”

    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

    1. @Parnel Pospahala Sigh, of course I already knew all of that, what I hoped and wanted to believe is that on this one day, we would all pause to give these folks the respect they deserve. I now know we will not, our people at this point would rather spend the day in political bickering and trading insults. 20 years ago we held each, race didn’t matter, party didn’t matter, we just wanted to help. We don’t have that now.

    2. @Hannah Thomas it dont matter if it’s something a bussiness chooses…9ne point where people think they are the ones with the upper hand to the way a bussiness operates…they aren’t point and example is the Wal-Mart over 20 check out lines at one time…15 closed permanently and went to self Check out…people don’t wanna be vaccinated or even do what’s needed to get covid in check a bussiness will just do and go a differant route like wall mart did in my area…

    3. @Scientific Methodologist after watching thousands of people die unnecessarily due to misinformation about the vaccines and foot dragging by those who don’t want to get it, I think Biden had the more appropriate response.

    4. @N 827, Democrats Cheating??? GTFO of here!!! Who is doing their damnedest to Suppress Voting Rights??? It sure as heck isn’t the Democrats!!!! It is “Republican” Governor’s putting into law a bunch of stupid restrictions on Voting!! In turn making it much harder for Minority and the Elderly to Vote!!! Why don’t you do a little research?! How about that??

  6. Junior screwed the pooch when he insisted on invading Afghanistan and other countries, thus destroying any sympathy we had in the World.

    1. Ronald Reagan said the middle east has been fighting for 5,000 years we don’t understand it and shouldn’t try to

    2. @Jason Martin I love that Americans have to spend so much in military because they have no choice. It helps foster other problems like failing infrastructure, non-existent free healthcare and lack of education. Good for you America.

  7. I do not believe his statement that the country would not come together. I believe that if a crisis occurred under a Republican president that the Democrats would show support for a time. I do not believe Republicans would support a Democratic president under any circumstances.

    1. Did Democrats support Trump in the beginning of the Covid crisis or did they fight him every single second of every single day?

    2. @Matt they fought 45 for some time… 45s Appointees meddled in CDCS health reports and used the CDC letter heads to pass off their findings and lies. Meddled in infectious diseases and mortality weekly reports along with the mortality rates. Phone calls and emails are proof of that and the investigation is going on. When that phone call was released of 45 admittedly that covid was dangerous & drug his heels… USA was in trouble.

    3. @Joseph Cupparo When Trump tried to shut down flights from China the Democrats called him Xenophobic. They never called any other World leader Xenophobic as they shut down their borders. If you don’t see it, you don’t see it.

    4. @Woody no, I never heard that. I work 60 hours a week. Must of missed that. But if all the Democrats did was call him a name, who cares,

  8. Imagine if Al Gore had thrown a temper tantrump from November 2000 on and never conceded. The GOP would be hanging that over the Democrats’ heads to this day.

    1. @Thomas Roberts The Muslims DID cheer, there are multiple witnesses, including police officers.

      Let me know if I can educate you about anything else, but this was your last freebie; I’ll have to start charging a fee.

    2. @Matt you have major problems with the truth… typical Trumper… are you watching the boxing match tonight so you can see Fat Donald lie some more 🤣

    3. @Thomas Roberts oh I’ve noticed! It’s democrats who can’t let Trump out of their head for one day and it’s Republicans who are the same with Joe Biden. For God’s sake give it a break!

    4. @Thomas Roberts I hear you, today has seriously been stunning for me. I thought there would be tributes and RIPs and there were some, but mostly it was this awful hateful stuff, when 20 years ago nobody cared what your party was. I think taking a break sounds great for me too.

  9. “Summer has come and passed
    The innocent can never last
    Wake me up when September ends

    Like my father’s come to pass
    Twenty years has gone so fast
    Wake me up when September ends…”
    -Green Day

  10. It’s a wonder that the clowns that called Jan 6th was “just a tour group”, are not calling 9/11 “just a plane accident”… Blessings to 9/11 families & extended families 🙏🇺🇸🙏

  11. 0:46 Good to see Joe’s mentor was there still. Remember to repent when you washed up and want to try and save your party.

  12. 9/11/01 shocked the world and united the American people round a then-unpopular president. 9/11/21 – people remember all over the world. Queen Elizabeth ordered the US National Anthem played today. Ex-President Trump will comment on a boxing match.

  13. There’ll be a desperate attempt to recreate a catastrophe like this to force the Americans go to war somewhere again . US can’t let their internal problems deny their position as the biggest bully in the world …..

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