“Are you serious?” Watch as Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole suddenly walks out of press conference


  1. Four more years of Singh and useless O’Toole doing nothing to stop the titanic from sinking who would have guessed.

    1. @Michael Moroz inflation is approaching 6 percent fool and investment in Canada is dead. Maybe move out of mommy’s basement and into the real world.

    2. I’m beginning to think every Canadian has no idea how our Parliament is suppose to work. You would need all parties to stand against the Liberals, before they can stop the Liberals. Your all pointing your fingers at the Conservatives. Be upset with the NDP, and your ff Quebec party. Those two are the ones always going against the Conservatives to put a stop to the Liberals.

  2. Love how they whine and complain about him, but when trudeau gives nothing but non answers, they say nothing

  3. Can I become Prime Minister?

    I mean I don’t got a job but I do know political stuff, and since our Prime Minister was a drama teacher doesn’t that make me qualified? And I also mean it is not like Canada would collapse under me LOL

    1. Were you also raised and personally mentored by Canada’s 3rd longest-serving prime minister? Or was your grandfather a premier too? Conservatives often poke fun at that brief job 20 years ago but overlook the practical experience gained from being part of a family with a long political history.

      That being said, there’s value to be had from ordinary, educated men and women who want to build a political career. Ottawa has lacked fresh perspectives for a long time.

    2. Well actually it’s better to get appointed into a position. Big salary without being in the public eye just need to be friends with the right corrupt politician

  4. I love are you serious at the end its kinda raps up every interview with every politician in the history of the world

  5. The standing government wants to rule from their homes (perhaps indefinitely), THAT should be the focus as its a broader overarching issue.

  6. Great answer, the problem with Parliament is a Prime Minister who wants to be everywhere but in Parliament.

  7. None of these so called leaders have the guts to make Trudeau a countable. The “We” situation will just go under another rug!!

    1. He got his pay off I wonder if they ever gave are cash back he was greasing them with for his kick backs puke bought a 9 million dollar boat this summer not bad on a 200.000 celery

  8. Canadian reporter “ are you serious?” “You can’t walk out of a 20 min press conference”
    Biden watching canadian news : 🙄

    1. @George Jetson It’s his Press conference? He can stop taking questions any time he wants? Consider walking out on press conferences versus proroguing Parliament during a pandemic punctuated with a scandal? Which is more professional?

  9. You can’t blame the guy for walking away. At least he’s doing the honest thing, unlike most politicians, and deciding not to continue to give non-answers to questions.

  10. I’m sure the dislikes to that “Are you serious” are 100 times what the likes are. If only they applied their mock outrage to the party that is actually impacting Canada negatively. 23,035 views and 298 likes pretty much sums that up, click bait.

  11. I’m glad he walked out on you pathetic “let’s look for sensational stories reporters”. How about reporting the REAL news for a change?

  12. Justin is lazy and entitled and ironically “zooming” in, will slow down needed change. Anyone who has worked in an office knows just how much business is conducting in the hallways and common areas outside of a meeting. Probably half of the decisions and plans we make are made outside of an official meeting.

  13. Saw this just when I think there’s more coming he runs away
    What a little girl
    Glad I didn’t vote for tool boy

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