Ariana Grande offers ‘openness’ in revealing health update on TikTok | ENTERTAIN THIS!

Ariana Grande took to her TikTok page and opened up about her health, apparently addressing those who were commenting on her figure.

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Ariana Grande is opening up about her health after fans scrutinized changes in her physical appearance.

In a TikTok video posted Tuesday, Grande addressed concerns about her weight in an apparent response to social media users who recently noted the singer’s thinner figure.

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  1. When you put yourself out there, having to hear ppl’s opinions – good and bad, is just part of the territory . No, ppl shouldn’t be mean, but there will always be bullies &/or unaware ppl out there. Focus on your own health & wellness inside & out. Know yourself, love yourself, & worry less about what others think.

    God bless 🦋

  2. Looking like a cancer patient and then saying its not ok to say anything. Maybe some could have worried for you although I don’t know why.

  3. Stopping body shaming and comments on looks will absolutely help this generation and the next, I’m glad she’s spreading the message ❤

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